New 19-year cycle beginning? (Scorpio solar eclipse, Uranus-Pluto square, blood moon tetrad, 12/16/13)

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are we at the end & beginning of a new 19-year cycle?

the eclipse early this morning hearkens back to the powerful scorpio solar eclipse of nov. 3, 1994. the changes in world events and technological advancement of the past 19 years may be wrapping up & advancing a stage. do you remember what was going on for you in 1994? does this resonate?

both eclipses and the hebrew calendar and other ancient calendars follow this 19-year lunar cycle: [link to]

note: others have suggested that this 19-year cycle begins or ends at other various points, such as 1990-2009, etc.

[link to]

the power of this eclipse, suggesting a new 19-year cycle beginning at the eve of 2014, includes the following factors:

1) it's in scorpio, a very potent sign;

2) both in 1994 & 2013 there are many other planets clustered around the sun and moon as well in scorpio, creating a *bang* effect;

3) it comes on the heels of the 4th pluto-uranus square and just before the heliocentric square (Nov 23) that defines our progress since the 1960's and the relationship between that shift and the current shift;

4) there are four upcoming eclipses on the full moon festivals of passover and tabernacles in 2014 & 2015;

5) the mayan calendar end date of 12/21/12 or 12/16/13 and this eclipse as a gateway

Pam Younghans ~ NorthPoint Astrology Journal 28 October

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Highlighted Aspects this Week

MON: Pluto sextile Chiron; TUE: Saturn conjunct Mercury; WED: Sun conjunct North Node, Chiron opposite Mars; THU: Pluto trine Mars, Uranus quincunx Mars; FRI: Pluto square Uranus, Mars sextile Mercury, Chiron trine Sun, Uranus quincunx Sun, Pluto sextile Sun, Sun conjunct Mercury, Pluto sextile Mercury, Uranus quincunx Mercury, Chiron trine Mercury; SAT: Mercury conjunct North Node; SUN: Sun sextile Mars, Solar Eclipse/New Moon 4:49am PST, Saturn semisquare Venus

THE PRESSURE is on — just in case you’ve been wondering. This week we have two Main Attractions: the fourth Pluto-Uranus square (Friday) and a Solar Eclipse / New Moon (Sunday). Either of these planetary events by themselves would indicate a turning point or a transition time — to have them within three days of each other is a bit like trying to jump rope and run a hurdles course at the same time.

On top of that, our physical sun has roared to life this week, spouting two X-class (the highest magnitude) flares and at least nine M-class (second highest magnitude) flares over the past three days. Solar flares send waves of electromagnetic radiation into space. If they are Earth-directed (as several were this week), we humans must receive that electromagnetic energy and integrate it.

15th July 2013: Uranus Retrograde by Sarah Varcas

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Universal Voyager by Brian Varcas

Image: Universal Voyager by Brian Varcas 

An Inner Voyage for Outer Change

by Sarah Varcas



This coming week is one of great significance as the Grand Trine in Water that’s been building for the past month and a half reaches exactitude mid-week (16th/17th) just as Uranus begins a five month retrograde journey back through Aries. I shall be writing more about the Grand Trine tomorrow, but today I want to draw attention to the coming six week period which promises to be a time of deeper anchoring for the energies of the new Aquarian Age.

BRAVO, Risa's Esoteric Astrology, BRAVO! .....and HEAVEN HIGH, VEGA OF LYRA! ★

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BRAVO, Risa's Esoteric Astrology, BRAVO!

“falling like rain”.....“tantalizing”.....“radiant”.....“points of icy light”


Lyrids/ Lyrids meteor party/ Vega Star / Lyra Constelation / Lir Takımyıldızı/ Alpha Lyra


Predicting Health with Vedic Astrology

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Vedic Astrology is ancient and has tremendous potentials to forecast probabilities that serve as a guiding map in one’s life. A birth chart is drawn based on one’s time and date of birth. Astrologers will be able to give a clear picture of what your birth star is; which planet rules your thoughts and makes you the person who you are right now. It also gives an idea of how your life will be in future pertaining to various areas of life namely health, relationships, finance, career, education and much more. An astrological reading by a knowledgeable Vedic Astrologer will give you a direction, an analysis and a new insight to help you transform your life for gaining more prosperity.

Western masses and people all over the world come forward to use the Vedic Astrology services for its uniqueness; thanks to the ever growing technology because of which astrological readings can now be availed on the internet, over phone calls and even through the latest smart phones.

The key lies in knowing what the planets indicate for you and how it can be altered for the better. If something is very strong in a chart then people think that it can’t be changed so they don’t have a choice but to undergo it, even if it’s hard to digest. Vedic Astrology analyzes the comparative strengths of astrological factors, thereby giving us a chance to alter the strong influence of something, reducing its ill-effects and end up facing fewer consequences.

Health Astro

A Closer Look At Consciousness

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In previous posts we have established our mind plays a huge role in determining how our “reality” is played out. Lets go a little into the process. Why, for example, can I hold thoughts and intentions (vibrations) to be rich and have the perfect job, and it doesn’t happen right away? Why are there some people like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, etc. that seem to already have that wealth consciousness? All three were school dropouts, in the case of Richard Branson high school dropout, yet they still were able to become some of the most rich and successful people in the world. Why not me?


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