Large number of cosmetic skin-lightening products contaminated with mercury

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Naturalnews, By: L.J. Devon, 01/23/2014

There's a dangerous practice going around regarding the manufacture of skin-lightening, "beauty care" cosmetics. Many skin-lightening products, anti-aging lotions, and acne creams contain unprecedented levels of mercury. This mercury is rubbed directly into the skin, where it is readily absorbed into the body. Mercury levels are reportedly so high in some skin products around the world that the FDA has issued a public statement warning consumers not to use skin creams, beauty products and lotions that might contain mercury.


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Associated Press caught 'restructuring' old EPA news to mislead readers; mainstream media blindly plays along

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(NaturalNews) Four days ago, the Associated Press reported that coal-fired power plants are dumping enormous quantities of pollutants into U.S. waterways. According to the Associated Press, the EPA says that coal-fired power plants are dumping nearly 2 million pounds of aluminum, 79,000 pounds of arsenic, 64,000 pounds of lead and even 2,820 pound of mercury each year into U.S. waterways. This original story by the AP (dated January 18, 2014) was published, word-for-word, across the Denver Post, ABC News, the Washington Post, the San Jose Mercury News and even Salon.com. There's only one problem with all this reporting: nobody bothered to check their sources.


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Study: Vaccine adjuvant aluminum hydroxide causes neurological disease

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Natural News, By: J.D. Heyes, 01/22/2014

The percentage of veterans of that conflict who ultimately suffered from GWS was astounding: More than one-third, or approximately 250,000 of the 697,000 vets who served in the first Gulf War campaign, are afflicted, according to the National Academy of Sciences. In 2009, a study published in the Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry posited that that the substance aluminum hydroxide could be the primary GWS culprit, as documented at Science.NaturalNews.com:


Gulf War Syndrome is a multi-system disorder afflicting many veterans of Western armies in the 1990-1991 Gulf War. A number of those afflicted may show neurological deficits including various cognitive dysfunctions and motor neuron disease, the latter expression virtually indistinguishable from classical Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) except for the age of onset. This ALS "cluster" represents the second such ALS cluster described in the literature to date. Possible causes of GWS include several of the Adjuvants in the Anthrax vaccine and others. The most likely culprit appears to be Aluminum hydroxide.


Meet the Rockefeller Group: The Real Estate Company At the Eye of NJ's Political Storm

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Alternet, By: Alex Kane, 01/21/2014

Photo Credit: AFP

The Christie administration allegedly pressured Hoboken's mayor over a development project Rockefeller was pushing. The company at the center of a growing controversy in Hoboken, New Jersey that is fueling Governor Chris Christie’s woes is a major political player that spreads around campaign cash.   Talking Points Memo’s Hunter Walker details how the Rockefeller Group spends money on both parties, though most of the cash goes to Republicans.

The politically connected real estate group has spent more than $70,000 on both parties, including $2,500 to Christie. Of their 21 donations, 16 went to Republicans for a total of $40,500. $37,000 went to Democrats.  Rockefeller employees also dole out cash, with Christie receiving money from two executives.



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