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Enough!!! It is enough. Please, let there be no more suffering!

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Dear Readers,

Divine Love is the ultimate healer, and will mend all broken hearts. That much I know for sure. Divine Love is the glue that holds everything together,  the fabric of the universe is held together through the Love of the Divine.  I know also that through forgiveness, we set ourselves and others free to feel the Love of the Divine work its magic in and through our hearts. A hardened heart cannot feel Divine Love.

In the words of the Prophet Isaiah "They shall beat their swords into plowshares...". I Google'd the phrase this morning and to my surprise found there is a wall with these exact words inscribed upon it across the road from the United Nations building in New York, in the United States of America. 

I believe that these words apply not only to nations but to ourselves as individuals also. When we stop the killing among ourselves we will find peace as nations and in our World. I pray that day comes soon...

Let there be no more need to point fingers, and no more need of judgement either, for it is in our understanding already that whatsoever we do unto ourselves, we do to each other, and vice versa. For remember,  there is no other in the eyes of God, we are all One.

You have everything you need!

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I once asked Jesus to help me overcome the difficulties I was experiencing at that time and He said to me “I have given you everything you need.” I was then guided to reading The Christ Letters but my human consciousness prevented me from studying them and absorbing their invaluable meaning into my life at that time. I took the proverbial ‘long road’ unfortunately and caused myself further suffering which I may have  been able to avoid had I just read His letters!

Recently I was reminded to read His Letters, and indeed, we have been given everything we need!

Why do we allow our human consciousness to keep us in our shadows? Is it because we’re afraid to take responsibility for ourselves? Is it because we’re afraid of knowing what else is out there that we cannot see or comprehend? Perhaps it’s a little of both. Perhaps, if we will allow ourselves to just sit with an open mind and let ourselves just BE in a place of serenity, the answers will become clear. It is all simple really. It is our human consciousness that complicates our lives for sure and causes us untold pain and suffering.

The fact is we are ALWAYS connected to our DIVINE SOURCE – THE LIGHT within us is EVER PRESENT. IT does not come and go, IT stays with us through thick and thin. Why not just believe? Why not just have faith and trust that we are connected to this INFINITE SOURCE OF PERFECT LOVE that is our supply of ALL THINGS – whether it BE health, wealth, joy, happiness? As Jesus says, it is all our thoughts and feelings which are CONTRARY to this DIVINE and PERFECT LOVE that prevents THE LIGHT from working within us and which causes our lack and our sickness.

Mercury Retrograde is the perfect time to RE-invent yourself aNEW!

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Please don’t buy into the fear consciousness about Mercury Retrograde. Mercury in retrograde offers the perfect opportunity to take stock of where you are headed on your life’s Journey, and to RE-invent yourself aNEW as a purposeful human being on a mission to serve humanity here on planet Earth.

Read more on ‘The Myth of Mercury Retrograde’ in an article written by Mark Husson on Heal Your Life, where he says:

“In truth Mercury Retrogrades allows us to tune in more closely to our intuition, heighten our senses and gain a larger overview of our lives.” He goes on to say “Change those old beliefs that keep us in fear.”

I wholeheartedly agree!

This is a BIG week as you know and the heightened energy is bringing more Love into your Being. This energy is helping you to let go of all that is no longer serving you and bridging the gap between your lower and higher consciousness.

Therefore this is the perfect time to become attuned to Reiki, and so I’m offering Reiki attunements now for a limited time at a special price ($75) to help those Light workers who would like to establish themselves as energy healers.

If you have always wanted to be a healer but been afraid to take the next step, then now is your chance to get started. The attunement process is a highly spiritual experience and will serve to heighten your senses and lift your vibration. There is nothing to fear, as you will be guided by your Higher Consciousness and intuition as you work with this energy.

There are 3 levels to Reiki:

Guidance From The Angels ~ Let Go of Your Fears

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Your Guidance from the Angelic Realm for today:

Let us help you let go of your fears. When you have fear energy within you, you’re attracting to yourself more fear energy which only serves to make the situation worse. Let us help you overcome your fears. It is natural to feel fear, it is your ego’s way of keeping you safe. But we want to guide you today that you have nothing to fear! You are safe! You will see that when you place your trust and your faith in the Divine, you become strong enough to let go of the fears and then you will know that the strength and courage to do anything lies within you.

Stay in your Heart Beloved and connect with the Divine part of You that wishes your life to be abundant in every way. Remember you are always loved and supported Dear One, but never as much as you are now. Never before have you held within you so much Light!

You are literally being held in the arms of Divine Love.

~ Guidance From The Angelic Realm No. 42

Have an awesome day Earth Angels!

We Love You!


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The lunar energy from the powerful Blue Moon releases a Mother Lode of negative energy.

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This past week the lunar energy from the powerful Blue Moon has been bringing up what I call “the mother lode” of negative energy for release. While this full moon has been one of the strongest ever, the next and final Blood Moon on the 28th September promises to do a whole lot more. But more about that later.

Michael just wants to interject here and add his interpretation to my term “the mother lode”. It seems the dictionary defines this term as this:

Mother lode is a principal vein or zone of veins of gold or silver ore. The term is also used metaphorically to refer to the origin of something valuable or in great abundance.”

He is wanting me to share with you that by ridding yourself of this mother lode of negative energy you are opening yourself up to an even greater abundance, that of being closer to your Principal Greatness and Source of Being. He wants me to say that when you are closer and more connected with your Source of Being YOU ARE ABUNDANT because you are in the flow of ALL THAT IS –THE FLOW OF CREATION. He is telling me that with each huge release of negative energy you bring more of your True Self into the Light and therefore you shine forth as PURE GOLD.

Thank you Michael! (Smile)

It is easy to become despondent when releasing and all it takes is one person to stick a thorn in our proverbial flesh for us to plunge once more into our lower consciousness. Sadly this happened to me yesterday. But the blessing that came out of this experience was that I am now fully aware of when I am plunging and I can quickly ‘save myself’. I am noticing now that I become much weaker when navigating the realms of my lower consciousness, and it’s not a nice feeling.

Energy Healing Transmission

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Artist ~ Josephine Wall (http://www.josephinewall.co.uk)

I’ve recorded my first energy healing transmission as guided by my Highest Consciousness, my Beloved Archangel Michael. The recording has been light encoded with Reiki energy which will continue to be felt each time the recording is listened to. In fact, the energy will only become stronger. It will never dissipate.

Reiki is Divine Love, it is the universal flow of Everything that is Love, so what the transmission does is help you let go and release all that is not love within you. Basically, all that is not love is negative energy because all positive energy has its origins in love, which comes from the Soul.

Our objective as an ascending Being is to be love once more – to return to a higher state of consciousness means to return to a higher vibration, and the higher we go, the more love were able to hold. Love is light, light is love. Love is all there is!

So this wonderfully powerful transmission will help you to let go of the ego and all of the negative energy associated with the ego – guilt, blame, sadness, pain, disease, fear, feelings of  unworthiness etc., and bring you into alignment with your Soul Self so that you can experience more love, peace, gratitude, health, harmony, joy and bliss, and all that goes with those higher vibrational energies. This includes abundance in every way. When you are living more in your heart i.e. in love, you begin to experience an abundant life!

Love and Compassion

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I received the most perfect message in the early hours of this morning but I was too tired to write it down. So I’m asking Michael now to please help me recall the message.

It has to do with Love and Compassion and how ALL change – EVERYTHING – starts with YOU. We’ve spoken about this many times, but it is still not fully understood by many.

When something terrible happens, like the recent murder of Cecil the magnificent Lion, people become enraged and push against it, signing petitions and sending hate energy to the person/s responsible.

We are ALL ONE! We are ALL an embodiment, an expression, of Divine Love – the Universal Life Energy that is the CREATIVE FORCE in all of the Cosmos and Creation.

We are ALL interconnected, and actually WE ARE ALL SOUL MATES!

There is nothing – NO THING – that we are not connected to in this way. ALL LIVING THINGS fall into the matrix of Divine Love that exists within us – THIS IS WHO WE ARE!

Therefore when we push against something outside of us, we are pushing against ourselves! Can you get that?? And when we push against ourselves, we are pushing against love.

LOVE IS THE MOST POWERFUL FORCE IN THE UNIVERSE! It is the most powerful force in all of Creation.

Don’t underestimate the power of love and also – do not underestimate the power of your negative energy!

Love will always win, and love will always reign supreme, but when you push against something, you’re only delaying the healing process!!

Love heals and love changes everything. EVERYTHING!!

Let me ask you this? Can you love the person who shot Cecil? Can you love him unconditionally? If not, then you do not love yourself.

The Solstice and Twin Flame Alignments

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Happy Solstice Everyone! Any alignment is a powerful event, but what makes this alignment even more powerful than any other before today is the fact that Twins are more in alignment now than ever before!

The Twin Flame energy is now becoming a real and very tangible energy now on Earth. Now we are literally a beacon of light that is receiving and transmitting high frequency light codes to Planet Earth. You are now the gateways and portals through which energy flows!

I will write more about this in the days to come, but for now I am just going to wish you a HAPPY ALIGNMENT today!

Enjoy the energy and spend as much time as possible in meditation with your Beloved counterpart.

YOU are extremely powerful as your Twin Flame is now ignited to another new level completely. Use your powerful energy to CREATE Beloveds!

Your Love is POWERFUL when you are in complete alignment.

Express this Love within and without today! By expressing this Love you MAGNIFY the effect and become even more powerful when you attract more Love back into yourself. THIS IS CONSCIOUS CREATION!

There is nothing – NO THING – that Love cannot give you!

I wish you a MAGICAL SOLSTICE and PERFECT New Day!

Love love love!


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Ascension Update ~ You are now entering the 2nd phase of your Transition

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Michael I would like to ask if I am right in thinking that this year is going to be the pivotal year as far as our transition goes?

Yes it is Beloved. Absolutely. You are now entering the 2nd phase of your transition.

What does that mean?

The second phase is where you will learn to navigate time and space. You will learn at will how to move through time gates and time lines/spirals. You will learn how to maintain and move through the different levels or dimensions of consciousness that you’ve been integrating. In this 2nd phase you will transcend your ego entirely, and you will merge with me fully.

So this was to be a 3 year deal from the start?

Pretty much Beloved. But remember that you are always growing and expanding in consciousness. At no point are you ever standing still or stagnant.

How it is possible that we are anchoring 9th dimensional energy when I can barely maintain being in the 5th?

Easy My One! You are now able to hold the higher frequency. You will learn how to maintain frequency with your increased perception and awareness. It is one of the attributes that comes with the 2nd phase of transition. Everything is possible with practice. Once you have transcended ego you will find it all a lot easier.

I am concerned that I have lost interest in everything outside of myself. How will I be able to continue living in this world feeling as I do?

This is normal Beloved. You will adapt easily. Give yourself time. You have been through a difficult time lately. The mundane 3rd dimensional stuff you’ve been dealing with of late will soon pass. I will help you to maintain equilibrium. We are partners remember? There is so much to look forward to, you will see. Many, many possibilities await you!


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