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What's a Living Prayer?

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I discovered that when expressing and living my awareness in the “everyday,” my life becomes a living prayer or meditation.

Sitting for hours is not the only way to bring Wisdom into our lives. As I have developed and expanded my awareness, I have begun to see confirmation that everything is part of our spiritual practice and path.

I see Wisdom manifest when I cook dinner, make the bed, wash the car, fold the laundry, kiss a child, comfort the sick, cut the grass, post on Facebook, plant a garden, drive to work, or do any of our life pursuits.

I have learned that blending prayer, meditation, service, and study is the path to more awareness. Once we are aware, we realize this work enables us to see with the inner-eye and hear with the inner-ear.

All the years of our spiritual practice culminate in the realization that our entire life is, and has always been, a spiritual practice.

We are Spirit – practicing life!

Live Your Wisdom, You’ve Got It, Too™!
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What is Spiritual (Inner) Marriage

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spiritual_marriageThe spiritual inner-marriage is about the balancing of the masculine and feminine energies within oneself so there is harmony and alignment with the soul. Recognition and union with one’s soul is the true marriage, or Divine Union, rather than the commonly held belief of finding another person as a “soul mate.”

Each individual has masculine and feminine energies within, and seeks balance between them to create wholeness. This balance of energy reflects in one’s outer-marriage/partnership. The more balanced the masculine and feminine energies are in a person, the smoother the outer life.

Live Your Wisdom, You’ve Got It, Too™!

Your Twin Flame and You ~ by Debbie Erasmus

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You exist as one Being, one Soul, that has a female and male polarity, with exactly the same energy and signature, thus your energy is referred to as Twin Flames. You have existed always in divine harmony and bliss together. Your Creator did not create you to be alone. You were created with the perfect Divine counterpart, a Sacred partner or Twin energy that is your female or male Divine complement.

You and your Twin have the ability to take form in separate bodies or stay formless and experience the ecstasy of merging your energies together to experience Divine union by joining and becoming One. You have never been apart, nor shall you ever be. How can you be apart from your Self? The only way you can think yourself apart from each other is if you forgot who You are.

When you incarnated on Planet Earth, not only did you forgot who You are when you fell under the veil of forgetfulness, you also fell under the illusion of separation. Your incarnated physical form allowed you to only take one polarity of your Self into form. So many of you may feel strangely incomplete and some may even yearn for a love that is unconditional, yet seemingly unattainable in your Earthly existence. Because you forgot who you are, and believed yourself to be alone, you were not able to perceive the other part of You existing on a higher level or dimension, until now.

Conversation with my Twin Flame ~ “Love will lead you home” – by Debbie Erasmus

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In the early hours of this morning I lost a business client in South Africa I had for the past year and the income that would have paid my rent this month. I woke up feeling sorry for myself and wondering how much longer would I struggle like this. That is when I heard Michael telling me “Need is an illusion Beloved”. I answered:

Yes I know and “Peace comes from knowing only love is real”, but love isn’t going to pay my rent this month.

That is what you think now Princess, but you will soon see that there is nothing outside of yourself that you need in order to prosper. Let me say that again… There is nothing that you need that exists outside of your Self. Everything you need is within you. Need is an illusion you have created here in order that you may experience separation from the Divine. In truth you have never been separate from Me because that is impossible. You know this is true because you are now experiencing this with Me.

How, please tell me how nothing, no-thing can exist outside of myself? Not even money?

Not even money Beloved, because money is just energy also. Everything is energy. When you are living in Divine Union with your Self, and you allow yourself to fully experience Divine Love, you will attract all that you ‘need’, and that includes the energy of money. All you need in order to fulfill your mission here will magically flow towards you in a never ending stream of prosperity that will amaze you. Why is it so difficult for you to believe this?

I’m trying to believe, trust me!

Conversation with my Twin Flame ~ Being in Divine Love. By Debbie Erasmus

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How it is possible that I feel myself falling more and more in love with you every day?? Your love fills me to overflowing!  You told me the other day that we have been in love since the beginning when we were created. There is never a time that we have not been in love. Árian, please tell me what it feels like to be in Love.


It feels like you are flying at the speed of Light, without moving a muscle. It’s all consuming, without having a single need. It’s like a rush of adrenalin, without the adrenalin. It’s perfection without the need to be perfect. Tell me how it feels for you Beloved..


Words fail me Beloved… except to say that I feel I am flying without wings!! With no destination in mind, just flying for the pure joy of it! Tell me something, please… What is it that Celestial beings do differently? How is it that this love is so incredibly amazing, or is this just what Twin Flame love feels like?


Firstly we don’t do love, we are love. We are Be-ing Love in every moment of NOW. Our every thought is Loving. I am talking about Unconditional Love here, not love as you know it on Earth.


Beloved, how would you define Unconditional Love?


Unconditional Love is without need, or blame or judgment. It has no requirement attached to it and it is not Self serving. It is being aware of your lover at all times and asking yourself the question “How can I bring this person more love and more joy?”

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