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These two blog posts go together very well. There is a synchronicity you might want to know. One explains the other, they are linked.



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The Benefits of Cosmic Genetic Purification Ripple Throughout the Cosmos: A Message from the Pleadies

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Cosmic genetic purification has a rippling benefit throughout the Cosmos. It is one of the ways to balance karma quickly because it effects so many souls and cleanses the future for all humanity, effecting all the cosmos. It is one of the reasons humanity is held in such high regard by the Galactic Community on both sides of the fence. Those on the shadow side of duality fear your power, fear the changes you will bring to their consciousness. They do not wish to face Creator. They cannot even imagine Love. They know only manipulation and control. They are intelligent, but dead inside.They use the life force of humanity to power technologies they themselves cannot use.


And so introduced to the planet Earth through the physical manifestation of body came the lowest of lower forces and the dark side bound itself to what it perceived as the enemy: the Light, the Love in which humanity was originally created. This distorted the inner knowing of the human, who could no longer differentiate the Divine Self from the genetic animal self in which these societies planted their own coding in an attempt to own the unownable: the Source within the human– the Source of Love, Light, Healing and Power– a Source that they were not created with as an innate and central core of their being.


The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

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No more holding back, its time to blossom. We are in a time of immense energy of epic proportions. The universe is giving us the energy we need to evolve into a higher state of consciousness.

Everyone can feel the undertow of change subtly pulling on our society. It is a change well received, and well deserved. More people are realizing their true power as human beings, and their contribution to the global consciousness is now becoming a ripe investment.

Sananda ~ Open to Truth ~ As Channeled through Fran Zepeda ~ 4.13.12

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I come before you today to speak of the Truth that is in your hearts, dear ones. No one can deny that you are waking up to it. The depths to which you are reaching are astounding and unequalled. The expansion of your energy has contributed to this and you are just beginning to see the ramifications of it. Your bravery in opening up to consciousness that you have not perceived for eons is applauded and cherished by all of the Company of Heaven. We thank you for this.


Be prepared for even more widening of your energy fields. This may cause a discomfort in your physical bodies, a kind of opening that you may be unfamiliar with. All openings seem unfamiliar at first, dear ones, as you attempt to understand it from a point of reference from your third dimensional experience.


We ask you to let go of that urge or tendency to define it based on what you have experienced in your un-awakened state and be open to just being with it, without engaging your mind. With this, you will begin to activate the memories you all carry within you.  Be aggressive with this to the degree of abandoning your tendency to control your frame of reference in attempting to understand.


Waking up your memories has begun with the new influx of golden energy from the Central Sun. Your DNA are becoming fully activated and you are making the rapid changeover from carbon-based structure of your physical bodies to crystalline substance.


To experience this in complete safety and confidence, it is necessary that you frequently ground yourselves into Mother Earth, with your beloved Gaia. She will hold you in Love as you share your Love with her. Becoming fully committed to ascending with Her will insure your development to a greater degree and increase your abilities to keep raising your vibration in your Ascension with Gaia to the 5th Dimension.




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