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Important Message~ Welcome to The New Grid and The Real Evolution

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Greetings Love Beings, 2013~ This Is the Year Truth Becomes Apparent.

The Whole of Humanity has been ignited in these New Earth Energies which began December 21st, 2012. All Must Now if they have not already get onto the path Home Into the Light. There are no more choices left now except Home into the Light. Mother Earth=Heart is Now Existing In 5D Frequencies and so will All on her. The New Earth Truly Has Been Born.



Conscious Evolution - Preparing for Ascension 2012: Author's Introduction

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Hi there, Dr Moe here.  We've been asked by the GFP to "Help" in any way we can as we accelerate towards the finish line of our Ascension project. I've been writing on the subjects of Ascension and Personal Growth since the early 90s, waiting for the right time to begin sharing.  "Now Is the Time" according to my Guidance, so here is the Introduction to my book "Conscious Evolution - Preparing for Ascension 2012"


Contemplating Change


It seems beyond all understanding at times, what it is we have to learn about ourselves.  Complex creatures we are, running around this world like chickens with our heads cut off.  Are we sure this is what we want to do?  Are we certain we want to construct our lives in such a fashion as to waste energy every time we turn around?  There must be a better way.  Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

It’s not that we actually know any better, at least not until we see a different way presented to us.  Then we’re confronted with the possibility that life could be different.  We could perhaps slow down a pace or two.  We could pick up on one another’s thoughts and see how life looks from that perspective.  We could liquidate our morality for a day and adopt another’s, like a new pair of shoes, and see if they fit.


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