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Intraoperative Reiki: A Case Report

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Impression: Intraoperative Reiki is a powerful tool. It helps to establish rapport. It helps to address the underlying conditions, both on an energetic level and a deeper soul level, that result in the manifestation of physical disease. It is non-toxic, safe, and does not need to be documented or charted or even discussed with the patient at the time it is given. People come to us for healing, in the hospital. It would be remiss to leave something clearly in need of treatment, untreated, when we have the ability to treat it at the same time that other work is being done. Anesthesiologists and CRNA's are the perfect providers for this purpose because we are at the head of the bed in surgery, and our anesthesia weakens the aura in the first place. Why not take the opportunity to shore it up and strengthen the aura at the time patients are most vulnerable?

This treatment itself took about seven minutes. Talking in pre-op and the lobby took about ten minutes total. For seventeen minutes, that is about one unit of anesthesia billable time, which is not much 'work' but yields much benefit for humankind! Intraoperative reiki, like all reiki, strengthens and heals the energetic system of the healer while it is given to the client. It is a total win-win for all parties involved.


Full case study is at this link:


Hospital Food on Target for Ascension

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One of the hallmarks of energy healing is to create balance and harmony in the vibration. Anyone who has worked in a hospital, and who is serious about having a healthy lifestyle, is not going to eat at the hospital cafeteria. A vegan plastic surgeon I adore went into the CEO's office to request perhaps a local school could grow food for us to eat in the hospital? It would be a community program for health. The idea didn't fly in the boardroom. However, administration has removed the ice cream freezer and the deep fat fryer from the facility, as well as standard snack chips. Here is what Mayor Bloomberg has on the agenda for New York City: I applaud this movement on behalf of patient, visitor, and employee health. When I was admitted for surgery this past June, I found nothing that would sit well with me. It was too sugary, with high fructose corn syrup, and too much salt. Here is more: I also assessed the obesity problem of actual workers in health care due to the nature of the work, and the lack of time and opportunity to make healthier choices: Food is essential to our well-being in so many ways. If you desire to have the highest Vibration possible going into Ascension, avoid meat, avoid cruelty, eat organic and fresh, locally grown every day! It is my hope that thie above articles shall encourage you that no matter what has happened to you with your health care experiences in the past, change is taking place for the better. You have a new bright future to look forward to. And one day, when the light boxes come along, everyone will have full return to perfect health to enjoy forever!

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