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Does Anger Ever Get The Best Of You? Here's Help!

A reader recently asked me for some advice in controlling the anger that just wells up, causes an outburst, and is difficult to control. We are human, and anger is experienced by us all. If anger is getting in the way of you being able to live the life you wish to lead with your loved ones, here are seven easy ways to reconnect with your Divine I AM Presence within.

Remember, Love Is The Solution For Everything. It starts right here, right now, with a great big HUG from me to you.

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The Vision From Today's Cobra Meditation

I describe the energy and the vortex I witnessed by remote viewing during the Cobra meditation. What I saw, in the reaction of the people targeted by the Light on the ground, such as soldiers, was matched by some of my readers who also shared. If you are interested, please see here for more:

Mahalo nui loa. Namaste. Peace.

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It's Time For A Pep Talk

Happiness Awaits!


Many Lightworkers right now are experiencing hardship, difficulty, health problems, and delay.

There are strange dreams. The loved ones who 'communicate' with us on the other side might seem 'distant' or 'hard to perceive'.
All is not lost!

There are two pieces of advice for us from Blessed Mother:

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A Message From Our Lady -- February 16, 2014

A Message From Our Lady: February 16, 2014


Good Morning!
It is a brand new day. Everything will start from this moment. Everything that I have said to you in the past shall take on an uncanny new appearance, for everything shall be uncovered with the Light.

Everywhere you look, everything around you, everything you see with your own two eyes (she points to hers) shall take on a beautiful blessing!

For you shall see, and you shall know in fact with the heart and its emotion that it gives you while you are seeing, that everything is blessed! everything is blessed! everything is blessed!

(she points to herself) Even me. I am Blessed to be here with you to speak and share this message with you.

You may ask yourself, 'If everything is blessed, what about the 'dark parts' that hurt and are not pleasant? For I do not like them or enjoy them at all, not one bit!'

But you see, with my eyes, I see shadows add much definition and what more clearer way to point to the Light than the behaviors of 'ones who are like this?'

They are going to be exposing themselves, the 'little buggers', and it will be so obvious to everyone 'what are their tricks'!

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In Case Of Emergency--Financial Re-Set--Open Here

OMG! What To Do When Your Bank and Credit Cards Won't Work


Is the banking industry stable? Is the economy robust? Is the housing market always able to predict accurately?
In a word, the answer is 'no'.
The reason behind this answer is 'corruption'. There is dirty-back-room dealing on top of shady on top of lies and you name it--anything goes in the world of business when it comes to money.
And the crookedness goes way back and way deep into the system.
The very computers of the fiat banking system, the 'world bank' if you will, are designed to enhance the business success of those same corrupt few who built the empire in the first place.

So what does this mean to you?

When left to its own devices, darkness always falls apart on itself; the global financial economy is going to implode.


I don't know. But just like the housing bubble in Southern California, I recall watching it for weeks and months, thinking to myself, 'how can people BUY these houses at these exorbitant rates? Where do they get the money? This doesn't seem right...'

And then 'poof'! The housing market, and the loans that were behind it, fell apart.

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Let's Share--What To Expect Right Now On Facing The Ascension Process

Together We Ascend--BUT--Put Your Own Oxygen On First!


Today we are going to talk about Ascension.

It's WORK.
The last three days for me have the gnarly. In surf-talk, gnarly can mean 'really challenging' but hopefully if you hang in there, it's for the best. Gnarly means 'I almost had to get out of the water I was so thrashed by the surf but I hung in there and it was cool.'
Are you ready?


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