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When More is Not Enough - Maurice Turmel PhD

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When More Is Not Enough

Maurice Turmel PhD


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It seems like world events are now coming together to spell the end of the corrupt global banking system. With the recent worldwide crash of major stock markets, from Asia to the West, the predictions of impending collapse of the current financial system are heating up. Yes, these market declines are often called “corrections” but the online pundits, not aligned with the controlled media, are predicting rough times as the current system teeters on the verge of collapse. Max Keiser for example refers to this dying economic model as a giant Ponzi scheme.


The BRICS nations have been steadily pulling away from this criminally controlled Western entity that has literally brought the world to its economic knees. The model of 'more is never enough' is showing its cracks and collapse seems tangibly close at hand. Now is the time for a global humanitarian resurrection and a new model based on fairness and equitable sharing of world resources, something the casino handlers of the current system resist at every turn.


EU Finished? Turks flee Europe for delights at home

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Published on Aug 13, 2012 by RussiaToday

For over two decades Turkey's been seeking EU membership, a goal that has recently lost much of its appeal thanks to the ongoing Euro crisis. Financial gloom has caused some Turks - long term EU residents - to head home in search of better jobs and opportunities.


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