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New Earth Frequency Update ~ A Moment in Time

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Planetary Level ~ Meleriessee

It’s been awhile since we have put out an update.  My personal role within the Planetary level is going to change.  I am being guided to share a small portion to create a foundation from the Unified Whole, and will be writing other material to speak about the shifting of consciousness that is occurring.  This is a direct result of the increased energies since we experienced Wesak in late May as there are always new directions to follow.

The Wesak energies for the planet and the entire spiritual hierarchy is bringing us closer together.  Wesak is always a powerful time as we arise to a new level of consciousness as we are working through the initiations.  This year it is happening on a global and cosmic level beyond proportions that may be challenging to understand within the physical mind.  We are still in the integration of the energies as we move towards the Festival of Humanity on the full moon occurring June 23rd, 2013.  We are learning to ground the energies of the Wesak which represented the Three-Fold Flame being activated within GAIA.  The Festival of Humanity is a celebration of our light together as we now take what we have learned and share it with others.  (If you would like to join us for a powerful ceremony on June 24th, please see our website, http://walkingterrachrista.com/tele-calls/.  This call is open to all individuals and should be very powerful.)

Beginnings & Endings ~ A Message from Spirit

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I’m getting lots of messages from Spirit about beginnings and endings. In my life, this takes the form of my transition between jobs. I was worrying about it lately, wondering if I would be able to handle it. I thought about how comfortable I was here. It’s what I know. But, that’s where we can get stuck. We need to push our boundaries.

As I was driving around listening to happy music on my lunch break today I was stopped at a stop sign behind a light green volkswagon beetle. The back lights had a plastic flower overlay on them. Like this, but the color of the car and the covers were a light, jade green. (For the heart chakra I am now realizing.)

It made me smile. I gave thanks to Spirit for putting a smile on my face, then I remembered to look at the license plate.

Sky-watchers' Guide: Lunar Eclipse Thursday

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National Geographic News, By: Andrew Fazekas, 04/24/2013


A partial lunar eclipse, seen from Loudwater, Bucks, United Kingdom.


The full moon will get a tiny bite taken out of it on Thursday as it undergoes one of the shallowest and shortest partial eclipses of this century. Here's what you need to know about the rare lunar event.


A lunar eclipse occurs when the sun, Earth, and moon align. During total lunar eclipses, the entire moon is engulfed in Earth's darkest shadow. But during partial eclipses, the moon never completely goes dark or turns red—only a portion of its disk appears to go dim.


For more on this story visit www.nationalgeographic.com

Only a Dream?

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I am starting to manifest things. Yesterday I manifested a catfish dinner, pineapple, and a japanese modern 'bento style' lunch box. It didn't pop up out of thin air, but through the course of the day these objects came to me through this pattern:

1) I think of it, like, 'I really would like to have X'

2) in the course of the day, it 'pops up' into my consciousness, for example,

 I walk into Curry House Restaurant for first time, with friends who are regulars, and the Special of The Day, on a poster, is catfish and curry and rice

3) I recognize 'this is for me' and I give thanks for it, order it, and enjoy.


Here is a story from yesterday morning about the powerful ability to manifest, demonstrated after a vision-like or portending-type dream:




Our love

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I felt mother's presense just now, so strong. I gazed on a beautiful photo someone posted  on FB, & wrote that how lovely our mother's were, our moon's faces, that reflect the sunlight to us from gaia's surface,, & I thought of Venus, she may be smaller, but many i night I spent looking at the moon, venus & being on Gaia, connecting them together in my mind as power coming to help us. I just realized, this is what i felt coming, the Venus transit, with our trusting, loving female deities within.. How wonderful I can channel them so strongly for so long, & finally see the fruit of our work arriving.. These are days to be joyful, I am in that sense.. the mudane... like a shell cracking today... I can't wait to see the cosmic chick inside it!




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