Message from the Archangels of Mercy ~ Faith, Hope, Love and Charity

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Dear Readers,

Last night as I lay in my bed, the almost full moon peeked through my open windows and shone her brilliantly clear bright light into my bedroom. I’m already feeling the effects of her loving Light and the effect of the upcoming eclipse. Whilst the brilliant lunar energy brings into our awareness all that misappropriated energy which is ready to be embraced with Love Light and Gratitude, the alignment of the Eclipse brings us into a greater awareness of our connection to Source, and into greater alignment with our Christed Hearts.

What an immense blessing this is for us right now as we approach the new month of February! I have a simple affirmation I wish to share with you that I know will help you to receive this energy with ease and grace:

“I open to receive in joy and gratitude, and with much love, the beautiful crystalline frequencies of Light!”

That’s it! It’s important to be OPEN and in JOY. Just the utterance of these words create a shift within your energy field and you will find yourself smiling and relaxing. The energy is powerful and if you are resisting for any reason, you will feel tense and discomfort in your neck, and shoulders, and most likely experience an aching head! Keep your diet light this next week, the energy needs to flow, and also drink lots of water. Water is not only cleansing, its conductive nature helps the new incoming Light frequencies to take effect, be integrated.

The 7 Steps of Gratitude

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Are you feeling it-those wild waves of energy that are crashing into and pulling back from the planet like mini tsunamis? This movement has been continuous lately, as we’re currently in the throws of some tremendously powerful upgrades.  These can look and feel like paradise one day, and then shock us to our very core the next.  All of this up and down and back and forth can really wreak havoc on our sensitive physical and etheric bodies, and also can take a quite a toll on our state of mind.  As I’ve been  dealing with this myself, I have found  that by far the most effective and spiritually enriching way of surviving the shift is to focus on, and remain in a state of gratitude.  Gratitude is highly infectious, and the act of giving thanks has a pure and honest, pay-it-forward kind of effect.  The energy of gratitude flows quite naturally and it easily expands, affecting everyone and everything we come into contact with. I wanted to share with you a simple set of 7 steps, which I devised and use as a meditation  tool.

Welcome IN Your NEW Upgraded Power! You are BEcoming responsible Co-Creators!

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The above image courtesy of Time and Date is more or less how we experienced the Solar Eclipse yesterday in the Southern tip of Africa. It was non-the-less an exciting moment for us and we are grateful for the shared experience and the energy it created for our evolution upon this Sacred Earth.

Our Message:

With the latest influx of the powerful Light codes now in the process of being integrated, courtesy of the Solar Eclipse and New Moon energies felt recently, we are presently BEing upgraded to an even greater (and more powerful) level, where we are consciously aware of, and feeling, our ever expanding Lightbody and Kundalini energy growing stronger and stronger within our field of energy.

We are now BEcoming responsible Co-Creators as we learn (or rather remember) how to use our energy more wisely and responsibly.

We are becoming aware that the attributes of Love, Trust, Faith, Compassion, Grace and Gratitude held within ourselves require conscious expression in order to create powerful change. What use is love if held within the walls of a closed heart? How can the energy of gratitude best be expressed if not through heartfelt expression and purposeful thanksgiving at every opportune moment?

These attributes are not requiring to be expressed in order to please anyone, or to please our Creator. These are powerful energies and they create a huge cosmic flow of positive energy that reverberates throughout this entire Universe.

These energies have the power to create powerful positive change within our own lives and the world we see around us.

Loving your Authentic Self: Know Yourself as Your Core Essence

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We are seeded from the stars...

In the Beginning was Light and Sound

When we came into existence for non-existence, we were like stars being birthed, in that we arose from the void  birthed as light and sound coming arranged in beautiful divine order, harmony; before form existed. Then the light and sound that we are became physical. 

Subtle Body and the Physical Body

We are made of subtle (unseen energy) which is an expression of this core essence, our tone. This core essence exists as our divine blueprint, our unique tone, or you could say our soul. Each person is a tone and connected to the stars. We are made of light and sound as a unique configuration of subtle energy that has materialized to the human being as a tone. Tone is the swirling of light and sound as expressions of energy. Tone sound and light and waveforms sourced from star energy is streamed into the physicality of this existence, this incarnation for ourselves. 


Energy update – It is imperative now that you begin to see yourself in a Whole New Light.

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Dear One, it is imperative that you begin to see yourself in a whole New Light. A good mantra for you at this time would be:

Shhhhh…..Be still and know that I AM God.

Say this silently to yourself to calm your busy mind. There is much happening within you, many physical changes of which you are not aware.

The Solar Eclipse brought in a lot of energy and your body is still in the process of integrating this energy. The energy is being felt even stronger now in the wake of the first eclipse, and as you prepare yourself for the Equinox on the 19/20th and the Lunar eclipse on the 23rd, the energy is beginning to have an even stronger effect on your physical body. Know that the integration of this energy will take at least 2 to 3 months.

It is vitally important that you keep your space clear of low frequency energy and pollutants/contaminants (poisons/chemicals/toxins/impurities). By “your space” we mean not just the environment in which you live, but also your physical body. Pollutants are low frequency toxic energy. Your body is always responding to energy and detoxing itself of low frequency energy. Remember also that your body is a metaphor for the Body of the Whole Planet. What you do to yourself, you do to and for the Planet, therefore be mindful of your thoughts, words and actions. Everything has an energetic imprint and effect. Ensure that your thoughts/words/actions are in alignment.

Energy Healing Transmission

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Artist ~ Josephine Wall (

I’ve recorded my first energy healing transmission as guided by my Highest Consciousness, my Beloved Archangel Michael. The recording has been light encoded with Reiki energy which will continue to be felt each time the recording is listened to. In fact, the energy will only become stronger. It will never dissipate.

Reiki is Divine Love, it is the universal flow of Everything that is Love, so what the transmission does is help you let go and release all that is not love within you. Basically, all that is not love is negative energy because all positive energy has its origins in love, which comes from the Soul.

Our objective as an ascending Being is to be love once more – to return to a higher state of consciousness means to return to a higher vibration, and the higher we go, the more love were able to hold. Love is light, light is love. Love is all there is!

So this wonderfully powerful transmission will help you to let go of the ego and all of the negative energy associated with the ego – guilt, blame, sadness, pain, disease, fear, feelings of  unworthiness etc., and bring you into alignment with your Soul Self so that you can experience more love, peace, gratitude, health, harmony, joy and bliss, and all that goes with those higher vibrational energies. This includes abundance in every way. When you are living more in your heart i.e. in love, you begin to experience an abundant life!

5 Steps to Practice Gratitude in Action

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Gratitude is "in" these days. And for good reason. It's a joyful, high frequency emotion that can attract more wonderful things to be grateful about. 

We're told to use gratitude journals or daily rituals to increase our levels of gratitude. And these can certainly help. But they also relegate gratitude to a specific corner of our life that has little to do with the rest of us. And that, by its very nature, limits its impact on us.

In order to really reap the benefits of gratitude, we can increase our awareness and use of it in real time. This means putting our attention on the things that we're grateful for, as they occur. Here are some tools to play with over the course of your day.

We are all ONE in Supreme Consciousness, and we are moving into this higher state of Be-ing right now!

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I mentioned the other day that some Lightworkers are being moved to create projects that support a new way of Be-ing. This is one such project started by friends of mine in Bulgaria >

I decided to share their project with you today as guided to bring the message across that we are all One in Supreme Consciousness and we are moving into this higher state of Be-ing right now! What we do for one, we do for another. We are all inter-linked through what can be  likened to the Wi-Fi which you use to connect to the world wide web or Internet. Wi-Fi is a wireless connection that exists only on Planet Earth, but your Spiritual Wi-Fi connects you to EVERYTHING, to All That Is and ever shall BE.

Beloveds, we are asking that you be aware of this, and begin to think of yourselves as greater parts of a Unified Consciousness.  We are reaching a state of Be-ing where it is going to be impossible to ignore the plight and suffering of others. More and more of you are going to feel moved to reach out and help others, even if it is only with a small monthly donation to some worthy cause. It doesn’t matter where you decide to give, because we are all family. In a higher state of being and consciousness there are NO BORDERS.

Dear Little Soul, Kirsty

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As you go through this life you will face many challenges. Some of them will be big, some of them will be not-so-big. The one thing to remember is they are simply there to strengthen your resolve and make you embrace your magnificence.

You, dear child, have so much love to give.

You were born of love, and your heart beats strongly with the energy of love.

Your heart is HUGE and open and it has immense power. Because of that, sometimes you may be afraid of it.


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