Harvard students vote to ban bottled water

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Natural News, By: PF Louis, 12/15/2013

Though this story is based on a Harvard student body decision, as of early 2012, over 90 colleges and universities of varying sizes and types throughout the USA have banned or restricted bottled water sales as demanded from student-led referendums and lobbied directives. The motives are mostly ecological.


But there are also health issues directly related to using those plastic bottles and of course tap water. The offered solution is creating stations on campus that can effectively filter and process out those chemicals where students and faculty may refill glass or metal containers or even reusable plastic containers. Those stations, which purify water with charcoal filtration and reverse osmosis, have become ubiquitous in health food stores and even standard supermarkets.


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Nanocrystals Used to Grow Intricate "Garden" In Harvard Lab

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Natureworldnews, By: James A. Foley, 05/18/2013


These false-color SEM images reveal microscopic flower structures created by manipulating a chemical gradient to control crystalline self-assembly.


In a tiny garden in Boston petals fan out on tiny flower stems. Curved and delicate, row and rows of complex flower shapes form a feast for the eyes, spiraling like the tubes of a French horn and twisting round like finely blown glass.


Except the scene is not exactly in a garden; it's in a laboratory. And it's not exactly flowers; it's crystals being grown into flower-like shapes. And you can't exactly see it unless you have an electron microscope, because the garden is only microns in size, the nanoscopic crystal "garden" was grown at a Harvard lab. The nanogarden shows great promise for scientists trying to better understand how complex shapes like those seen in flowers evolved in nature.


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