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Angels in the Convalescent Home

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As I was visiting with Grandmother at the dining table, and she was commenting on how beautiful the table setting was, I saw an angel bowing its head in the way angels do when they are moved by a kindness.

Seeing the angel made me recall that angels, once invited, can maintain a vortex of Light over an institution. I took the love energy that was spiraling with joy from my grandmother's and my delight to being together, and I bent it out and into the center of the dining room.

I concentrated on it for a few minutes. Then I felt the energy 'relax' as it was sign that the angels had 'taken over' the Vortex and I could 'let go'.

I looked and encircling the fifteen round tables, with the residents wearing their terry cloth bibs, slumping in their wheel chairs, and even being assisted by the servers to eat, were eighteen tall angels with even taller wings. They wore ivory-beige, had wings, and were as tall as the Christmas Tree in the large room. I noticed pillars of white light going through their heads and bodies into the earth and up to the sky. Each pillar was about ten inches in diameter.

One of them nodded at me, waved a brief hello of acknowledgement, and then they went away.

You might want to ask the angels to assist and be present whenever you are in a large institution. Many of them, such as airports and shopping malls, are built on sites that are actual Ley Lines of Gaia, ancient rivers of electromagnetic power that are her Life Source. They were built that way on purpose by people who are described in Cobra's Little Red Pill, the Dark Hats, Illuminati, and the Cabal.
Angels can release it, but only if you invite them by use of your Free Will.

To Gaia, these institutions on her Ley lines feels like a tourniquet that has been left on her arm for too long (like when they draw blood tests). Will you help release the energy ties that restrict the flow of Life Forces through Her?


A Closer Look At Consciousness

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In previous posts we have established our mind plays a huge role in determining how our “reality” is played out. Lets go a little into the process. Why, for example, can I hold thoughts and intentions (vibrations) to be rich and have the perfect job, and it doesn’t happen right away? Why are there some people like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, etc. that seem to already have that wealth consciousness? All three were school dropouts, in the case of Richard Branson high school dropout, yet they still were able to become some of the most rich and successful people in the world. Why not me?

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