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Archangel Michael ~ Become Attuned to the frequency of Divine Love

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Archangel Michael is one of the highest ranking archangels in the Universe and is known throughout Planet Earth primarily as a protector, but this is not his only duty. He is often depicted brandishing a sword which makes him very sad because he abhors violence and would prefer not to be portrayed holding a weapon. Michael is probably one of the best loved angels known to us today because of the comfort he brings to so many and for all the lives he has touched with his presence. He is passionate about Planet Earth and is dedicated to helping humanity transcend duality.


He is offering the Trinity of Blessings attunement to help increase our vibration to the frequency of Divine Love. With Love comes Peace and Joy. One cannot exist without the other. This attunement unlocks the awareness of these energies available within you. He is extending his hand to all who wish to manifest into their reality the desires they hold within their hearts. This attunement is meant to help individuals co-create a world of Peace beginning with the Love and Joy that is found within.


There is no distinction regarding your religious beliefs, so the attunement is completely non-denominational and embraces all faiths and beliefs. It doesn’t matter whether you are Buddhist, Catholic, Wiccan, Jewish, Native American….. All are welcome to work with these energies!


Archangel Michael is dedicated to promoting the blessings of Love, Joy and Peace within each person and therefore the world. To embrace these blessings is to embrace Universal abundance and prosperity through the sharing of these blessings of Love, Joy and Peace.


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