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HS Message - The Gloriously Radiant Exhalation of Portal Energies

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by April Bender

I am pleased to share that you've been brilliantly successful in both your "inhalation" and "integration" phases of this Colossal Equinox Portal!

You've successfully "inhaled" from that inner seat/throne of empowerment (solar plexus chakra), all that IS, in totality, YOU - the information, codes, memory, or quantum data of your multidimensional Selves, your Soul/Star Families, those worlds/realms in which they reside, and a fair amount of the "local" Akashic, to completely fill your newly refined/expanded vessel or "soul/spirit body."

You've also just recently finished sufficient integration/coalescence of such energetic informational pathways/streams within your vessel, to now launch the Co-Creative/Expression phase or "synchronized collective exhalation." Already you and all other Warriors of Light, to one degree or another, are releasing into the ethers/elements, Gaia's ley-grid, and/or overall Web of Life, the beautifully blended energies/information now contained within Self (vessel) from your dramatic in-breath.

This will begin as a "slow" almost "oozing" release out of YOUR field but will gain momentum and a quality of magnetization the more it finds OTHER streams/nodes of resonance with/to it. An exchange and/or melding of information then takes place once these streams or pathways connect/intersect and a "node" or new point of linkage is then created.

This process further replicates throughout the Web of Life/Collective Mind until ALL NEWLY EXHALED streams/nodes have been connected or are in COMMUNION. At which point, the Web or Collective Mind blinks open its Eye, becoming conscious or fully AWARE of it-SELF. I've spoken of this previously as the "ignition/activation" phase and it is upon reaching this final phase of collective "activation" and/or "self-awareness," that there is an opportunity for Contact or The Event to take place.

The Acceleration of Human Consciousness-Dec 2013 with Master Einstein

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Due to the influx of energies within Gaia which started on the 23rd of November with the Uranus Pluto Square configuration and the Comet ISON, we have been asked to share two special messages from Spirit on this subject.  It is being shared in two parts.

(1) Lord Bear of the Great Bear System shared the Galactic perspective,; (2) this message from Master Albert Einstein of the Unified Whole assists lightworkers to understand what their role is by holding this light frequency and helping the rest of humanity to accept the changes that some individuals may be facing.

We are honored and blessed to be able to share the perspective of both the Mastery level and the Galactic energies.  To see the Galactic message from Lord of the Great Bear, please click the link, The Galactic Surge of Light within Gaia,

It is my pleasure to be with you in this moment.  We bring forth the energies of the 144th dimension in this writing.  Please breathe deeply, call upon your Higher Essence to fully be with you so that you work with the information from your Higher Mind and not the Lower Self.

Thank you, I Am Master Einstein.

the great secret

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                      a world of wonder
hostility and mistrust are gone everyone  is calm and understanding.
the time of soldier  is over they see there old enemy as alie.
peace is no longer a word but our actual condition humanity is awakened.
man realize something previously unsen there is no race  all come from the same unity.
only consciousness exist.
humanity as wakeup from their human hypnosis.
the time of platitude is  gone people are so nobel.
masquarades for selfish  ambition are of the past.
they see thing as they realy are a manifestation of the divine.
its a brand new   world of wonder and happiness.
the conquest is now inward outward conquest is over.
the world is now ours.
life is freed from strain and anxiety and hurry.
the cosmic patience of god reflet the new nature of ours.
man as walk out of his strange hypnoze the greatest nightmare is gone wich we use to take for reality earth as become paradise.
people are now spiritualy awake disappointed with pride fame wealth and social success.


                      the great secret
what is the cause of human problem on earth.
this question most be on your mind for a while if you read this.
all proplem start in the human mind that is not master.
if a tel you that a long time ago mankind was like a lage party.
this can be likened again if you find truth within your self.
humanity is lost searching for a new home site not realising the only place to look is within  oneself.

Goddess of Harmony daily invocation to the 13 Goddesses to be free of struggle

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Beloved Goddess of Charity, Goddess of Peace, Goddess of Purity, Goddess of Liberty, Goddess of Harmony, Goddess of Justice, Goddess of Victory, Goddess of Hope, Goddess of Faith, Goddess of Love, Goddess of Light , Goddess of Unity (Rose) and the Goddess of Music. We open our hearts, receive and ever rejoice as the Great Goddesses pour forth Their Divine Attributes to Humanity at this time.


I am a light worker ~ Part 10 ~ All of this needs you

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We are a unified collective.  Our hearts beat as One.  This we have always known, deep within; it explains compassion. 


You have come here to create.  Every impulse you have that supports life enhances the experience for each of us.  With truly a ripple effect, your words, thoughts and actions touch us all. 


The element of linear time impacts only the moment when the effects are felt or witnessed, not the fact that they do.  They always do.  Yet understand that self hatred results in global warfare as surely as self love becomes joy.  If you take away just one idea from these words, let it be this; it is critical that you love yourself.


Our world starts and ends with you.  The secret kept from you and me and most everyone else is that the most powerful person you know is the one looking back at you from your bathroom mirror.  This shift, these end times, hinge on our hearts.


With revelation after revelation, as awareness slowly gives way to shock, it is an old ineffective pattern that keeps us stuck in horror and upset.  We are gradually becoming conscious of the depth of the control and corruption that has been our life.  Things are not as we’ve imagined.  What can we do?


We can love.  This is our deepest truth.  The negative outcomes of this corruption have manifested in every self-directed judgment and criticism.  Your strength and power have been hidden beneath layers of “not good enough”.  You are more than good enough.  You are chosen.


What does it mean to be picked for this part?  You are best suited for your role, right now.  Of all the possibilities, the perfect individual to interact with everyone and everything in your life – is you.  You are not the understudy.  You are the One.


I am a light worker ~ Part 8 ~ How to light the way

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We are in the “end times”.  Business as usual no longer applies.  What has always been polarized just won’t survive.  We are moving into oneness.  It’s time to let go of whatever side you’ve been fiercely grasping onto, and allow yourself to drift into the center.  This strong tide is pulling on us equally; we’ll all get there eventually.  Every one of us is love.  We are each divine.  We may disagree and part company, yet we are never separate.  We are one.


As one we are finishing a chapter, and we are writing the ending.  Here’s what I see – from absolute darkness a miniscule light emerges, then another, then a few more.  In that darkness the brightest light is perceived.  You are that light.  Soon, it will be all that can be seen.


The source of your light is love.  This love is not reserved for a special few.  This love is splashed all over and dripping off of everyone.  There is gratitude and courtesy, kindness and compassion, listening and assertion, waiting and positive action.  This love looks like a smile.  It could be a holding back when internal frustration erupts. 


We are light workers.  We work for the light.  It is time to surrender to the love that you are and let go.  You have spent too much energy hiding, defending and protecting.  All that you must do is acknowledge your love.


I am a Light Worker ~ Part 7 ~ Listen, Consider, Observe, Act

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Listen for the answer.  Look for the idea.  Pay attention.  All around you, your answers lie.  There is no mystery without its solution, no problem unsolvable.  You are here to experience life and that is just what you are doing.  Every moment you are faced with this question of emergence.  The answer is given in your response – will you react and retreat in fear? – will you respond and act with love?  Always the choice is yours to make.


Most of us have retreated internally, hidden in worry and preoccupation while life swirls around us with exit doors wide open.  Today I hear the gulls cry, calling me to places far from this suburban deck.  I see the boats and buoys; hear the waves slap against the hull.  I grew up on the water.  Our memories are associative and although today’s gulls cry above a little nearby lake, for me they call from the ocean. 


We learn gradually, repetition eventually becomes truth.  Awake now, we can consciously choose what it is we wish to repeat.  New information is streaming forth in a flood, along with a new vocabulary (LIBOR). 


We are light workers.  It is up to us to bring light to the new without judgment.  Refrain from dismissing what is initially uncomfortable.  Look at everything.  This change will bring the unexpected.


There is a joke that goes something like this.  A man near death prayed for a miracle.  His faith kicked in and he expected to be saved.  While he was waiting, he turned away procedures, medicine and doctors, claiming they weren’t necessary because God was going to heal him.  He died.  When he got up to Heaven and finally spoke to God, he asked what happened.  God said “I sent you the finest medical procedures, medicines and doctors and you refused every one of them! What were you thinking?”


It's time to turn on the light

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There is something that is true about weight loss, acting and fifth dimensional, eternally youthful light beings.  It is that an actual, believable transformation must begin on the inside. 


All of us are prone to “magical thinking”.  We believe that if we put on the cape we can fly, if we lose 20 pounds we will be happier, younger and surrounded by lovers, if we look the part we become the part, and if we somehow end up in another “dimension” that all of our current challenges will vanish.


Real magic happens when you believe you can fly.  No one has to tell you the truth of who you are.  You know this.  It is the power of this illusion that invokes recurring forgetfulness.


One of my children, at about 9 years of age, wrote a comic strip.  In the first panel was a boy in a cape, announcing his super flying powers.  In the next panel he climbs the roof and jumps off.  In the third panel he shouts “See!  I’m flying!”  It is the next panel where doubt crosses his face and he says, while flying, “I’m flying!  I can’t believe it!”  In the final panel, he slowly crashes to earth.


This is how we live our lives.  Over and over we wish for change and even as it occurs, we doubt it.  Actual change occurs gradually and starts within.  I am sort of a Queen of Magic.  My friends say I have rose colored glasses.  I see the best possible scenario most every time.  This may be because I’ve had so many chances; this lifetime has been a remedial class for self improvement.  I’m getting better at it.  It’s always going to be great in my heart.


We are in a sea of waiting, floating along on rafts of hope.  We need to jump in and swim in the direction of whatever beach works for us.  This drifting is not getting us anywhere.


Time for a New Game

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I woke up today with several thoughts: “You know what to do.” “Your body knows what to do.” “You are already doing it.”  We are feeling the shift not solely in anticipation, but also because of realization.  It is happening now.


There are so many unanswered questions and yet the one that tops the list is “What is going to happen to me?”  This is followed quickly by, “Will I choose the best path?” “What are my choices?” “Does it depend on anyone else or is this choice mine to make?”


Your life is defined by you alone.  This is as true today as it was yesterday.  We all sense things are changing, yes.  This explains why you are reading this blog and I have written it.  Yet there are universal truths, some of which we may have forgotten.  The Law of Attraction is real.  What you believe you create.


You create.  This will always remain truth.  As we are a collective, we do sway each other, yes.  This is part of the plan.  Yet in the final analysis, your life choices are always yours to make.  The result of this moment, this day, and this time is up to only you.


You have been choosing right along.  Trust.  Remain calm.  In every moment you are presented two options – love and fear.  Choose love.  It is what you are.


I would bet a shiny new dime that love is already your primary choice, so no worries are necessary.  When the “Event” happens, whatever it brings, you will be in the right place with every tool necessary.  You will know what to do.  You will choose perfectly.  You are doing so right now.


The voice of One

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It is hot here, beastly hot.  The thermometer has held steady at 100 plus degrees for days now, with no relief in sight.  Our sun seems to be making a statement.  It occurs for me that our sun is the force for all life here.  We depend on and are at the mercy of this star.  We are beginning to harness its energy with solar cells and panels.  Take a look at the image of the sun on this blog.  It is dated July 2nd, and you can’t help but notice someone or something “parked” there who must be much further along with solar power than we are. This puts things in perspective.


Whatever this time may be, by whatever name you call it or whose prophecy you listen to – it is happening to all of us; as One.  There can be no escaping the fact that we are all under one sun.  Its rays land on every one of us without bias. 


Everyone gets sunshine; ornamentals and weeds alike.  We are One.  There are some of us who have moved out into the open and they are taking a beating.  They have come to help us grow.  They go by many names; truth tellers, whistleblowers, freelance journalists, Resistance Movement members, David Wilcock, David Icke, Benjamin Fulford, Bill Brockbrader, Cobra, Drake – to name a few.  These brave members of our human family are providing us with an immeasurable service.  They are helping to open our eyes.  Yes, they are biased; as humans, they can’t help but be.  So are you and I.  The difference is they are sharing what they know, bias included, so we can make an informed choice about our life and our world.



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