INSTRUCTIONS FOR SELF- ACTIVATION NOW Thymus Gland, Connecting to Higher Intelligence and More

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Thymus Gland, Releasing Fear, Cutting Cords & Taking Back Your Power, plus Connecting to Higher Intelligence, Restoring Your Original Divine Blueprint as well as Taking Up Arms, including the Five Most Needed Things for Ascension 

channeled by Deb Wright of Sananda's Eagles (publicly)


How am I not Myself?

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If I had to pick a theme of my introspection lately it's pretty much been "How am I not myself?" and that's what I'm going to write about today. I've never fit in much. I've typically been shy, quiet and introverted although that's changed A LOT over the past few years. It's changed the most since I've been able to connect with other like-minded people.


Today, in a meeting at work someone made a comment and said that she thought I would be pretty good at sucking up. At the time, I sort of smiled and shrugged it off while inside of me I wasn't quite sure how to feel. Should I feel offended? Is it a bad thing that people look at me like that? Do a majority of my peers see me that way? I suppose, though, I already have the answer to the last question.


I worked at a ice cream shop in high school (my favorite job hands down. and not just because of endless ice cream. I wish I could be a soda jerk forever...) Anyway, one my coworkers was a cute boy who ended up telling me one day that I tried too hard. Not the same comment, but similar. And you know what, he was right. I did try too hard. I didn't feel like I fit in and therefore I couldn't accept my true nature. I didn't want to be the weird girl so I made every effort possible to try and fit in with the cool crowd. I knew I was different. I thought that it was wrong so I shunned that part of me.


I remember going to the store when I was little and just wondering why everything cost money. I didn't get it! Why couldn't everyone just take what they needed and leave the extra for others? Yes, I was a socialist in my preschool years. Of course that was all buried once I got to school and got "programmed". (IT DIDN'T WORK! I AM AWAKE!)


Abandonment - Our Key Psychological Trauma

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Our Key Psychological Trauma - Feeling Separated from Source

Maurice Turmel PhD



I came to this earth a long time ago to learn about matter and to immerse myself in this grand experiment called Earth Life in the 3rd dimension.  I was asked by my guides if I was prepared to do this and of course, I said Yes.


Lately I’ve been feeling shaken to my very core.  The root of my psychological distress has been identified as “abandonment”, separation from the Source of my life.  I know this to be true because I can feel it right down to my bones.


I never realized how important this was until recently when I relived the whole affair through feelings of abandonment vis a vis my parents in this lifetime.  That image of the moment it occurred burns clearly in my psyche.  I was 4 years old, out on the street in front of our apartment building.  A bully had come up to me and threatened me.  I turned around and looked up at our second story apartment window and saw my parents staring down at me, as if to see “what is he going to do?”


Conscious Evolution - Preparing for Ascension 2012: Chapter 14 - Coming Home

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What is it about touch that delivers us to Love? We know when we’re being softly touched that it indeed feels good.  A warm caress, a gentle stroke, they serve to awaken us to that Divine presence. It is this Divine presence which inhabits us all and to which we are awakening.


We believe that we are different from the Divine.  Knowing that our lives are interconnected with the Divine and with each other, we begin to open ourselves to receiving without question or justification.  To be touched by another not only feels good, but unlocks the door to our deservedness and our inner self.


 When did we come to that juncture in our lives where we stopped receiving, as if to say “I don’t really need that anymore”?  We all need physical contact.  We are visceral.  We feel.  We respond to a welcome touch with surrender.  We recoil when blows are struck.  We surrender when caresses make their way across our body.


It is sad to hear an adult say “I don’t need it” when touch becomes unavailable.  We are concerned with appearances here, not wanting to appear needy.  In receipt of touch we fear appearing weak, especially to ourselves.

Obama's Victory is a Victory for the Light

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Obama's re-election is a clear win for the Light. All our channeling resources here at the Galactic Free Press have said so, and if you're like me this morning, you Feel It in your bones and Know It to be True.


There is no doubt in my mind that the Shift has taken place, that we've crossed over the hump. 1) Obama gets re-elected in one of the most hotly contested races in American and World History; 2) two states pass propositions to legalize Marijuana; 3) another state joins the chorus of recognizing gays and legalizes same sex marriage; 4) a proposition opposing a new bridge between Canada and Michigan gets defeated clearing the way for better trade between our (I'm a Canadian) nations.


What this all means to me is A Sound Defeat for the Dark, for the Republican Agenda which is dark through and through, for the attempted controllers of the world, like bridge owners in Michigan, like the Fox News Network and its litany of lies, like the flip flopping ADD Mitt Romney and his cadre of supporters, like Carl Rove and his army of manipulators who have to crawl back under their rocks somewhere, like the anti-marijuana paranoids, the gay paranoids, the "rape is OK whackos" who want you to believe that "it's God's will", like the Bush family who sent in their Army of manipulators, intimidators and cheaters to try and steal another election and FAILED!!!,  like all these Fat Old White Guys who've been running things for so long they can't imagine life without their usual measure of control.


DEAD IN THE WATER!  That's where they are.  America has spoken and Her Voice was echoed around the world with a Tsunami of Support from every corner. NO MORE!  NO MORE!  NO MORE cowtowing to the Dark! 




Conscious Evolution - Preparing for Ascension 2012: Chapter 12 - The Voice

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Sometimes when we are feeling lost and alone, we don’t know which way to turn to renew a friendship.  That close friend we had so long ago seems lost to us now.  They have faded away like so many things from our earlier life.


Are we to believe that we can no longer sustain such relationships?  Are we to let go of all those sources of comfort that once enjoined us and caused us great pride.


Our affections for others are what keep us alive. Our connections to each other invite us to live again, to breathe in, and to satisfy those cravings for friendship we once carried and then set aside for what appeared to be important matters..


 It is untrue that we have to let go of such connections as time marches on.  It is true however, that we have a greater need for each other as the years speed by.


Conscious Evolution - Preparing for Ascension 2012: Chapter 11 - The Circle

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You Are Enough!



What is it that prompts us to want to appear grander than we are?  Is it to save face, or some other non important goal that prompts us to pursue this?  Are the contortions required to change oneself, quite dramatically at times, really worth it?  Is it not sad that, while having been blessed with such a humble and yet glorious beginning, we then go out and change it to something less, just to please others?


Would God change into something to impress others? Highly unlikely!  So why do we do it?  God is already impressed with who we are.  After all, we are God’s creation.


God says to us, “Know this, and know this for certain – You Are Enough!” It is unnecessary to change what you are for another’s sake.  There is no legitimate reason to do so.  For those who feel they are not enough, God wants us to get to know our true self, our inner core, our complete Being, and to learn how great we already are.  Most of us have only caught a glimpse of our totality.  There remains much to be uncovered.


Conscious Evolution - Preparing for Ascension 2012: Chapter 10 - The Road to Discovery

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Paying Attention


Attention! Attention! Attention!  This is what is wrong with this place.  We don’t pay enough attention to our external circumstances.  Yes, the inner life is vastly more real.  But the outer life informs that reality.  We look in mirrors when we look out there.  There is no compromise on this point. One informs the other.


When you get up in the morning do you dress yourself with eyes closed?  Of course not.  You look at what you’re doing.  You choose colors according to your mood and your personal sense of style. You look forward to the day and prepare to present yourself in the best possible light.  Plaids do not go with polka dots.


So how is it that we continue to forget and choose to block out certain experiences?  Are we not blinding ourselves to some essential reality?  Of course we are.  This is a survival mechanism.  We’ve been doing it since the dawn of time.  Children do it all the time.  Blocking out unpleasantness is a common strategy until we realize we are re-creating and meeting the same issue and situation over and over again.



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by J’Tariah EnRa El of the Starship Phoenix  
Dedicated to *M* because you know "who you are."

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