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Yeshua: You Have Reached Yet Another Marker In Your Development ~ Channeled by Fran Zepeda ~ July 5, 2013

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Hello my dear beloveds. I gaze upon your magnificence, your increasing brilliance of light and sparkling divinity. I am in awe of your power and your resiliency and your commitment. It is to be commended and admired for this was not an easy road you chose to embark on.

But in the truth of that is also the startling revelation that within you is everything that you need to allow this mission to come to fruition. For in the struggle comes strength and an opportunity to gather and tap more strength and resources.

It is the secret of creation, to be able to tap that power within, to meld with Source and allow for Light and Love to prevail in everything you focus on. It is in allowing for that God Spark within you to grow and morph at will. And to allow your essence to grow and prosper in the moment of Now.

For you are discovering that your essence comes into fruition not by trying but by allowing. To revel in your capacity to glow and spread your Love Light to all around you is a privilege and a right you have and are discovering with each passing day.

Roses in the Snow

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Roses in the Snow by Glynn

Serenity Resident

When I was young, Not yet old enough to realize

I would ask my Mom, Just what is rarest prize

She'd wink then reply: You must wait until the fallen snow

And then as you walk, Look for the roses that bloom below


Last night I was awakened by a brilliant hue.

Not the sky but the heavens were shakened by this cerulean blue

Across this path of nocturnal shade was you in the corner of the room

Bathed in a light that will never fade was my cherished blossom in full bloom

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