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 AstoEyes Evolutionary Astrology - Cathy Lindsey

This Aquarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is a very intense one with the energy of passion, competition, aggression, and action…..and is considered one of the most important astrological events of the season. It is the second and most potent of three Eclipses. The first one was a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer on July 12th, and the third one is a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo on August 11th. We won’t have a similar set of triple eclipses until 2020. This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is the longest eclipse of its kind during this century…with a totality lasting one hour, 42 minutes and 47 seconds! Lunar Eclipses are like a Full Moon on steroids. They can bring in many deep changes….in many areas of our lives….from which there is no turning back. This Aquarius Full Moon is also called a Blood Moon because of its red hue. This happens as the sunlight shines through the edges of the Earth’s atmosphere during a total Lunar Eclipse.


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AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology – Cathy Lindsey

This Leo Full Moon Lunar Eclipse starts the Eclipse season for 2017.  We will have a Solar New Moon Eclipse on February 26th and then 2 more Eclipses in August!  These Eclipses along with the current energies that have been intensifying over the last several months will activate changes in both ourselves and the collective.  These energies feel a little urgent and a bit chaotic. During these turbulent times… people are a little on edge, anxieties are flaring, and most of us feel like we are totally exhausted….even when we have had plenty of sleep.  Our bodies are trying to incorporate all these unusual energies… times bringing in the feeling of being over whelmed.   Notice how these energies are playing out in “real life”…our own life…the political “life” and the World “life”.  The gift of this Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Leo is that the energy of Leo is about coming from our Hearts,  having fun, enjoying  yourself, being creative, laughing, playing, honoring the child within……. regardless of the changes  that are happening  around you.    These energies are revolutionary and transformative!    We are still in the “Shift”… times of great change…and everyone can feel it!  These changes and Transformations are helping us and all humanity to evolve. 


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AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology – Cathy Lindsey

This Full Libra Moon/Lunar Eclipse is a powerful one!   For those of you who can see the stars in the sky at this Full Moon Eclipse….notice the planet sitting with the Moon….it is Jupiter!   I think that is a powerful statement from the Universe….Jupiter is about higher learning, religions and philosophy’s….it is also about expansion, Optimism and Joy!  It also has to do with International travel and laws.  The Libra Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse is ruled by Venus (planet of Love) making it also about relationships of all kinds and love!  The Universe seems to be saying that during these turbulent times we are currently in……the focus internationally needs to be about…  Love and Peace! 


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AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology – Cathy Lindsey

This Full Libra Moon/Lunar Eclipse is a powerful one… is also called the Blood Moon!  Why Blood Moon? The main reason is that during the Eclipse the moon actually turns a reddish color. The other reason is that it falls on the deeply religious Jewish Holiday of Passover.   Ancient people had sacred mysteries around blood…blood happens at birth and sometimes at death.  It also is often looked at as a cleansing….which we are cleansing the “old” to make way for the “new” at this current time.  This Full Libra Moon/Lunar Eclipse Blood Moon is also the third out of 4 total Lunar Eclipses in a row….which is called a Lunar Tetrad….the last Lunar Tetrad was in 2003-04 and the next will be in 2032-33.   These tetrads are powerful and continue to accent the major energies of each Eclipse. 

Full Moons are when the tides are high, and feelings are flowing.   Full Moons are a time of releasing.  It is a time of releasing the old that is no longer working for us. During this Libra Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse we will be surrounded by intense releases of  “old” energy….. that is no longer vibrating where we are now vibrating. This Libra Full Moon/Eclipse is also about balance…..finding balance in your life and releasing everything that is taking you out of balance.   Relationships of all kinds can take us out of balance…but also work, scheduling, illness’s, social activities, etc. can take us out of balance.  Balance is one of the major energies of this shift….we need to bring things into balance so we can continue to rise into the higher energies……the ascension energies.


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"Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

Friday, October 18th

Starts 3 PM PDT / 6 PM EDT / 22 UTC 

Join Slooh's Paul Cox to watch real-time images of the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse. We'll be watching the images for the entire duration of the eclipse, and we'll explain what creates the various types of lunar and solar eclipses.

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Minor Lunar Eclipse on Friday: How to See It

Desert Gypsy's picture - 10/18/13, Joe Rao


For nearly four hours on Friday, at least some part of the southern portion of the moon will be within Earth's pale penumbra, our planet's faint outer shadow. Penumbral lunar eclipses are rather subtle events that are usually difficult to detect unless at least 70 percent of the moon’s diameter shaded.

So the penumbra may be marginally detectable over the moon’s southernmost limb for just a short period centered on the time of the deepest phase/greatest eclipse (7:50 p.m. EDT, or 2350 GMT, Friday). At that moment, the penumbra will cover 76.5 percent of the lunar disk.

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Meeting of the Minds ~ Ashtar Command

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Ashtar Command on the new Light Frequency and how we connect to the Galactic forces in response.

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5 Sky Events This Week: Partial Lunar Eclipse, Halley’s Shooting Stars

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By: Andrew Fazekas, 10/15/2013

This image of Halley's comet was taken back in 1986, when it swung by Earth in its 76 year orbit. This week bits of the famous comet will be falling into Earth's atmosphere as shooting stars. Credit: NASA/ESA/Max-Planck-Institute for Solar System Research

Mars and Regulus. Looking high east at dawn on Wednesday, October 16, check out Mars as it pairs up with Regulus, the lead star of the constellation Leo the lion.  The contrast in color between the orange-hued planet and the sparkling white, 79-light-year distant star is particularly striking with the naked eye or binoculars. What makes it so eye-catching is that the pair will appear to be separated by less than two degrees—equal to only four full moons side by side.


Regulus points to ISON.  Skywatchers with backyard telescopes can easily hunt down the much-talked about comet ISON in the pre-dawn skies of October 16 as it passes only two degrees north of the brilliant star Regulus.


Lunar Eclipse Later This Month

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Accuweather, 5/16/13 - Mark Paquette


An eclipse of the moon will occur later this month, on May 25. This eclipse will be a penumbral eclipse visible across much of the Americas and Africa. According to, a penumbral eclipse is defined as "This is the least interesting type of eclipse, because the moon is in Earth's faint outer (penumbral) shadow. Unless you're a seasoned skywatcher, you likely won't notice the effect."

So, later this month, it will not be an outstanding show, but if you know what to look for, it will be interesting. Here is a map of where it may be visible:


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