Mythology's Guide to Ascension

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The Voice - A Mythological Guide to Mankind's Ascension

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A Message from The Voice

My fellow travelers,

Once in a while you are awakened to new insights that shake up your status quo.  You get so rattled your whole world goes topsy-turvy.

Is this a bad thing?  No, not at all!  Is it a good thing?  By all means, yes!  How else can you get a good night’s sleep unless you are tired?  How else can you wake up to new realities unless your old world view is shattered?

Positive disintegration is what this is, a chance at a new start.  A world view changes as you are ready to receive the new.  It unfolds through you.  All life does this.

It’s your reality after all that needs awakening, not mine!  Ascension is clear.  From where I stand I can see you there trying your hardest.  But you are stumbling all over the place.  There’s no truth anymore to the old world order.  It has to die.  That’s how a new age  is born.  The old goes first, because it doesn’t work anymore.  It fails to meet your needs.

It’s beyond you to comprehend this fully, but it’s true nevertheless.  Old world orders disappear all the time.  Your world history holds many examples of this.

In this book, we are examining such prospects.  We are viewing change from a unique point of view, as something happening in fantasy land, but it is actually happening to you as we speak.

You are living this dream as I have described it.  You are witnessing for yourselves the power of change.  Old world orders come and go, as you please, but certain constants remain the same.

Dr Moe Rants Again . . .

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This rant was inspired by a recent post from Will Harader who gave us the real story behind Lucifer and Michael and the myth of the Prodigal Son/Daughter which I have always understood to be A Return to God's Arms after venturing around the Earth in search of experiences and learnings related to a more comprehensive understanding of God's Oneness which includes us All.


RE: Will Harader Post - THE TRUE STORY ABOUT Michael & Lucifer

This piece resonates well with what I feel intuitively and what I've come to believe and understand through my explorations of Mythology, Psychology and Spirituality. We've been telling each other these stories for eons. Religion and other special interests co-opted these stories, and re-fabricated them to meet their own ends of controlling others and manipulating mankind so they could enslave them and feed their own insecurities with the illusion of power and addiction to greed. Mind control! Still goes on today. Hollywood is the West's mind control machine and the actors there all know it. The head of this worldwide snake is the Vatican; we all know that now. And this “head” is about to be lobbed off by the rising truth in our emerging individual consciousnesses.

The back door of our rising consciousness is the Heart. We've learned about that particular key now and we’re using it as Heaven originally intended. We look to our Hearts where "Home" truly is (Heaven if you prefer) and we can see for ourselves the absurdity of the present mess mankind is in - all the artificially induced false flag events and their support through lies, lies, and yes, more lies as the official story is desperately promulgated through the lame-stream media.

Conscious Evolution - Preparing for Ascension 2012: Chapter 1 - The Hero Myth

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Some messages are cryptic and some are not. But all are issued from the one same source, God the Creator.


When we are alone, contemplating our navel, we risk succumbing to outside interferences.  In the Ethereal Realms there are entities that worry about us because what we do, or not do, affects their future as well. You see, they already know that all the creatures of the Universe are interrelated.  What happens to one group affects all the others.


Forget for a moment that they are disappointed with us for proceeding so slowly.  Are not the sense of Self and Right to Be worth pursuing on their own merits? We don’t need a cosmic or personal calamity to be reminded of this.  For our own sakes, let’s evolve.  Let’s find that place inside where we are centered.  Let’s find that core of our being and express it gloriously.


Who knows when these entities from other worlds might show up?  Don’t we want to welcome them with our very best – all aglow and filled with love – so that they can feel at home here too?


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