Mythology's Guide to Ascension

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The Voice - A Mythological Guide to Mankind's Ascension

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A Message from The Voice

My fellow travelers,

Once in a while you are awakened to new insights that shake up your status quo.  You get so rattled your whole world goes topsy-turvy.

Is this a bad thing?  No, not at all!  Is it a good thing?  By all means, yes!  How else can you get a good night’s sleep unless you are tired?  How else can you wake up to new realities unless your old world view is shattered?

Positive disintegration is what this is, a chance at a new start.  A world view changes as you are ready to receive the new.  It unfolds through you.  All life does this.

It’s your reality after all that needs awakening, not mine!  Ascension is clear.  From where I stand I can see you there trying your hardest.  But you are stumbling all over the place.  There’s no truth anymore to the old world order.  It has to die.  That’s how a new age  is born.  The old goes first, because it doesn’t work anymore.  It fails to meet your needs.

It’s beyond you to comprehend this fully, but it’s true nevertheless.  Old world orders disappear all the time.  Your world history holds many examples of this.

In this book, we are examining such prospects.  We are viewing change from a unique point of view, as something happening in fantasy land, but it is actually happening to you as we speak.

You are living this dream as I have described it.  You are witnessing for yourselves the power of change.  Old world orders come and go, as you please, but certain constants remain the same.

I am that constant in your lives, aren’t I?  I am the one who persists after each world order collapses and disappears.  Here’s a chance to do that again.  The predictable leaves you wanting.  The uncertain leaves you scared.  Yet going to uncertainty is where you go all the time.  Again, history repeats itself.  You keep moving forward regardless of what’s around you.

Sure, there’s a lot of resistance to this process.  There always is.  Those who imbue the old world order with a truth they believe is unchallengeable are those who suffer the most.  Because they are tied to the old, they fear the future.

The future, however, matters too.  It wants to be born anew.  It wants to thrive.  It wants others to notice that it is available too.  Where? Right in front of you, as new possibilities, potentials and reasons to move ahead.

Can you imagine not doing so?  I can’t.  This is truth to Me.  It exists because I believe in it as I’ve believed before.  Have you not heard this mantra?  “Go forward and be brave!”

Well, here it is again.  Time to get going, you see.  Time to unfold the new and move up to the 5th dimension of consciousness.  Leave  3rd dimensional density consciousness behind, it is done for now.  Time to march toward these newer possibilities.

That’s how it feels from up here. I want this to happen.  I need this to happen.  You are My source and My inspiration.  I am ready for you to come home again.

Return to Me and show Me what you’ve learned.  I’ll be glad for that purpose of yours, as I always am.  We put it together, you and I, remember?  Yes we did!  Now you are here waiting for Me to come forward, when I am waiting for you to open.  It’s up to you now, you see.  It is you who must open to Me, because I live inside of you and unfold through you, and your conscious choosing is necessary for me to arise.

I live in you and you are awakening.  It’s a good thing this purpose of ours.  A real good thing!  Let’s get cracking and get this show on the road.  It’s time for this New Age to begin!
The Voice