False Prophets Stand Forth into the LIGHT!

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Inner Beauty by my brother D.W. Olsen

This writing is intended for many audiences. It is deeply personal and touches on subjects that may be uncomfortable for those not ready to face the complete truth of what is happening to people all around us right now. The account addresses subjects relative to human dignity, religion, mental and physical care, independent living, the homeless, treatment by the RCMP, 911 agencies, government agencies and so much more. This blog is a work in progress and the story continues to evolve. I will make edits as the story unfolds and the respectful authorities step up and respond to this situation. This is simply one account but represents a microcosm of the macro story happening around the world. It is intended to show base levels of truth and without judgement on all of the highly-intendedl lightworkers who are working in positions relative to the care, safety and well-being of people in care, the parenting of our children, and the love and respect for all of humanity, Mother Earth, and all light beings around us. Use discernment as the account is personal and written from an experiential view. Emotions are high.


Welcome to the Greatest Love & Light Show on Earth!

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Earth Allie on location! Thank you motherfathergod for transforming our broken rebel from 3d evidence-only photography to third-eye truth imagining. The WOW of this tour continues. I love you so much. I love you Gaia ... I feel your breath with every inhale ~ thank you for the tree hair-brush this morning. I love you Brian strong-as-Steele! thank you for your patience and the garden you and Daniel are growing. We are are all ONE ! 

Let's begin with gratitude to all of the fast-food restaurants who right now are making changes to their menus and service in ways that advance the light. We've been sharing truth messages about genetically modified foods, fats and their connection to McDonald's and other fast-food restaurants. But I'm sitting here doing this work with the sounds of a team of staff laughing and playing jokes on one another, multi-tasking and greeting customers with big smiles. Someone can walk in off the street and with only a loonie buy a fruit smoothie, read a free newspaper and even get free Internet should they have the technology. Here is a place where a weary earth ally can come sit and work live via video with others members of the transitionary government council and meet guests of the Galactic Free Press. What a wonderful, uplifting and warm place to be on a rainy day and with only a buck. Thank you to all restaurants who are moving into the light. Thank you to my friend Heather for firing up this discussion. Follow your yellow brick road and celebrate those golden arches that come your way!


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