False Prophets Stand Forth into the LIGHT!

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Inner Beauty by my brother D.W. Olsen

This writing is intended for many audiences. It is deeply personal and touches on subjects that may be uncomfortable for those not ready to face the complete truth of what is happening to people all around us right now. The account addresses subjects relative to human dignity, religion, mental and physical care, independent living, the homeless, treatment by the RCMP, 911 agencies, government agencies and so much more. This blog is a work in progress and the story continues to evolve. I will make edits as the story unfolds and the respectful authorities step up and respond to this situation. This is simply one account but represents a microcosm of the macro story happening around the world. It is intended to show base levels of truth and without judgement on all of the highly-intendedl lightworkers who are working in positions relative to the care, safety and well-being of people in care, the parenting of our children, and the love and respect for all of humanity, Mother Earth, and all light beings around us. Use discernment as the account is personal and written from an experiential view. Emotions are high.


I have just returned home to Alberta after spending one month with my father who remains a patient at Nanaimo General Hospital. We went to a place where institutions and departments control what people eat, how much money they spend and even what beliefs they should have. There are homes being run by governments through public trustees who take people's houses and pension funds and in return they starve them through impure water and foods. And do know what they do sometimes when these people get real sick, they send them to the hospital with a "permanent" plan. Do you know that after one month at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital, my father came out of colon surgery completely cleared of his tumors - so his surgeon said to me over the phone. But then suddenly everyone got jittery, phone calls came from his ex-wife "E". Fiery words about shame and God's punishment entered the building when she became involved. You see, "E"-vangelists' words and actions are everything about what love and light IS NOT! E = church abhors love, shuns the light of a pure daughter giving to her father in the deepest of love, despite the trespasses of the past! You are revealed for all the world to see. Truth is here to stay!


We were getting excited because we could feel his freedom - he was eating some raw organic fruit and vegetables we brought, and his colour was returning (Who there throws out the organic food we left him each night? And what about the missing food trays - consistently!!!) Why was he rushed for an emergency surgery the other day when we were gone only for a few hours??? Why did someone put a permanent blue-colored tube into his right arm? His chart disappeared - no one answered our questions - and after he was visited by some of E's Evangelist people, his demeanor changed. His eyes grew dark and his love seemed to become still. He asked for his keys and bank card back. In that one moment I could see him leaving the light, Do you want to know something really wild? The morning of the mystery operation, He told me about a dream he had where they put a permanent grey tube into him and moved him onto the ground floor to die. He released us, and is still there under the care of the hospital. They want to do more tests.


I don't know where E is, but I am wondering about decades of mysteries and what her intentions are with my father and a tin can that was not brought to our attention until near the end of our journey. This story continues to be public. This represents a microcosm for the bigger world-wide macro story about corruption that is being played out in board rooms and dark caves around the world. There are a lot of unanswered questions right now. Why did his ex-wife become confrontational when she learned my middle name is Christine, the same name as her daughter? Why did my father all these years keep that secret from her? WHY IS THEIR CHURCH LANGUAGE OF SHAME AND FEAR When the truth of love and light is so simple and pure.


To the other younger child Christine who I know has deep wounds from both of them ... to all the little girls who were hurt by big, scared people, manipulated into fear by false prophets who hide under the guise of masked religions grounded on shame and pain, we love you. You are free! No longer can darkness hide behind their mysterious curtains of control and power. The yelllow brick road has come and Dorothy home. In LOVE AND PEACE AND LIGHT! WE LOVE ALL OF YOU RIGHT NOW! Thank you.


Archangel over Nanaimo Serenity Lodge

Angels in the Snow by Resident Glynn

This archangel appeared over Nanaimo Serenity Lodge the night before I was chased and threatened by their maintenance man L. Twice, I called 911, because he was outside my door and I could feel his rage and violence propelling, and twice the same operator told me should would not even listen until my voice was quiet. Finally, I said don't concern yourself and she said "too late, they are on their way" (Listen to the tapes - they will be compelling!)  When two RCMP officers showed up, Constable Z took charge. Never have I felt so disrespected and manipulated in my life. Z kept telling me to look into his eyes - when I did he said he didn't like the sarcasm he saw. No matter what I did he told me it was wrong. I said I just need to get my clothes out of my Dad's room and find a safe place for the night. During this time, three times they allowed the maintenance man L to physically get close to me. And they allowed him to hear their suggestions of what hotel I should go to. I said to Z, "can we speak about this quietly as he is right there listening?" And the answer again was that I was crazy and not under threat. The very people who are supposed to protect us, DID NOT PROTECT! THE RCMP PUT ME IN PHYSICAL DANGER AND ON PURPOSE! They were afraid of my light, because they continue to dwell in the dark. They do not wish anyone to know about the mistreatment of Mr. Robert Benson  who was beaten up last December at the top of the hill. The care-takers do not want it public that when I arrived at the Lodge, I found Mr. Benson bleeding from the head. Eight days later, after we had fixed his head wound, the girl who cares for him - the drug girl (you bet there are photos of criminal evidence) noticed he had a mark on his head. EIGTH DAYS LATER! The people "WHO CARE" do not want it public why my father lost 60 pounds while living under their care. The management of the lodge has not once called. In fact, they have now evicted Mr. Benson. The public trustee whose care my father is under, has not once called or asked or responded to any of my calls. You see, there's a bigger story here. And if anyone else is already onto this and has gathered some Gamble courage to follow the money, then let's break this case wide open. More information via this earlier blog: http://soundofheart.org/galacticfreepress/content/where-darkness-can-no-longer-hide-0


for heroes rising

We met  many broken and abused and loving people during this Love and Light Westcoast Tour 2012, and their strength and capacity for endurance despite the horrific things being done to them will never leave me. There is a gifted man named Grant - and this is a gift so once again gratitude and grace - who lives in the mountain hills in Nanaimo, B.C. When we met him his face was black and blue and swollen, but he came running to us instantly to share his story about wishes and bears. He said the grizzly bears come and eat from his hands. He asked for nothing and gave everything. To the RCMP,  I ask, why did you take this man when he is trying to leave town on his bicycle and deliver him to the very spot where you knew he would be beaten again? You STOP doing this right now! Find your courage and your light - remember who you are and why you made a promise to protect - return to us brave heroes! I love every single person we met along this journey - every artisan, and homeless lady, every soul who is dropped off, drugged up, stolen from - YOU ARE THE BRAVEST OF THE BRAVE! You are the heroes fallen and rising. I am so humbled by your grace and capacity for survival in the midst of criminal activity being done by the very people we pay to protect and care for us.

thank you to all the beautiful orbs and elementals

I've finished writing the hard part of this blog, and do you know that despite everything, what I am left with is pure love and forgiveness. There are many around the world with gifts tucked away safely in their souls. We all look different - some of us having nothing and ride a bike surrounded in bags of stuff, and some of us have more than we ever need - but the time is coming now where we are ONE. Soon we will all live in abundance and care for one another and our children collectively. We will grow gardens and listen to bear stories and riddles and laugh hard at seemingly nothing but everything.  I am feeing rays of pure gratitude and love pour through me and light up the quiet of this nest. I keep remembering the peace and calm of the doe with emerald eyes who begins this blog. She lives in such love and peace that she can look directly into your heart with trust and know you will love her back. We have so much to do now, and so much light to welcome in. We are building new truth curriculums to teach our children how to love Mother Earth, one another and all beings around us. We are here to THRIVE

thank you to the artisans we met and all lightworkers around the world!


thank you to Nanaimo Travel Lodge for your warm respite


thank you to the animals, birds and cloud ships for seeing us home 


thank you MotherFatherGod and the new Transitionary Government Council for being right above us during the Love & Light WestCoast Tour 2012