The higher feed’s

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The higher feed’s (Field’s)

What this composes has in effect’s a gradual "assumption" to individuals whom will gradually make the most of what their experiences of the higher grids can bring about while they choose to give freely (Create) from what they may have learned within their individualities, their pathway’s within exertion of the higher mappings (the flow’s) "this concession is apparatus" remaking exempts in the controversial energies* while explanatory the concept’s may abolish the governing factors of the lower consensus within after choices of event’s are conceived in the intellectual recap’s down below.

The aforementioned aspect’s (within) creation by which the higher gradual implementation’s may become known to individuals having a higher grid experience* can conceive of these creations in accordance to law’s which super imposes the greater aspects of the intellectual bond’s within (trines) in Signs* which abolishes the aspects of memorabilia the consensus of the higher graded aspects of ourselves in a query.

The momentum gathered from answering these questions are conceivable "(aspects of the higher implementation’s)" while gradually having caused clearance to enable the higher expansive (flow’s) to give freely exempts "in signs".

Exemption: fabrication’s "(will cause the aspects of this flow to be giving)" in accord’s to higher intellect’s* gradation point’s trough the fields, if we denote fractals of the expansion’s, caused within moments of the "reuptakes" which inquirers on the deviation’s formal to interdependence’s in querying modes, stasis.


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The current president, and the being's also running for president, are in on the new world order agenda together “in secret” behind closed door's. They're all given specific information in regards to how to go about getting specific responses from the being's on this planet. They discuss how to go about this, in great detail, hence the term “ the great work”. They know precisely in the public eye, which groups they need to say they support, and which one's they do not, and behind closed door's that isn't shared through all media outlet's is the fact that all of them, are being the truth, but are not fully disclosing the truth in regards to what their actually going for. Being the truth but not always telling the truth.


There is the constant threat amongst the population for speaking out against these facts. Why? Obey their rule of thumb. Do not question authority, go along with the in crowd, and keep your mouth shut. This is the same way they treat each other, behind closed door's. They know what's going on, where all the energy is taking us, and yet continue to persist in not speaking a word through all outlets on the planet, to assist humanity in their enlightenment directly through spoken word. Instead they use their knowledge to conspire against humanity, and know exactly like I said before, how to go about getting what they desire from the public, who defend them with all that they are. Why? They identify with the fear and pain of the programmed ego mind's resistance towards the love they are.


Seen unseen seen unseen seen.....

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At home, you have a responsibility to yourself, to take care of all that takes care of your living space.

Clean/organize all dish(es), bathroom(s),shower,all floors,counter tops, sinks, cabinets, fridge(s),clothing,shelves,desks,trash,

All assesories, including all technological items,furniture, bed(under and around), cosmetics,closet(s),all area's outside the living space.This includes the lawn, the driveway, the backyard, the garage, the vehicle of transportation(s). To organize all of this, top to bottom, not

OCD style – that's insanity. Just keep it all in its proper place when it needs to be put back, keep it all organized and clean, not overly sterile like youre boy in a bubble, that again is insanity.

Cooking food = clean hands, clean dishes and silverware. The food itself whether its organic or fast food or a mixture of the two doesn't matter, so don't go all insane in your attempt to find the purest healthiest food on the planet and keep the pattern going, that would be insane.

Water = yes drink the best water you can get your hands on, but if you cannot, drink away. Drinking too much water = insane, same with food, and all over activities.

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