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At home, you have a responsibility to yourself, to take care of all that takes care of your living space.

Clean/organize all dish(es), bathroom(s),shower,all floors,counter tops, sinks, cabinets, fridge(s),clothing,shelves,desks,trash,

All assesories, including all technological items,furniture, bed(under and around), cosmetics,closet(s),all area's outside the living space.This includes the lawn, the driveway, the backyard, the garage, the vehicle of transportation(s). To organize all of this, top to bottom, not

OCD style – that's insanity. Just keep it all in its proper place when it needs to be put back, keep it all organized and clean, not overly sterile like youre boy in a bubble, that again is insanity.

Cooking food = clean hands, clean dishes and silverware. The food itself whether its organic or fast food or a mixture of the two doesn't matter, so don't go all insane in your attempt to find the purest healthiest food on the planet and keep the pattern going, that would be insane.

Water = yes drink the best water you can get your hands on, but if you cannot, drink away. Drinking too much water = insane, same with food, and all over activities.

Keeping your deck,patio's,porches, organized when they arent in use by you or company. If you have animals, clean up after them but also be sure to discipline them as they grow, if you do not, they will be harder to maintain , so you will have to go to lengths such as longer discipline times (cages muzzles, no food no water) regulated activities around the clock. Just like any prison,jail,maximum security prison centers,house arrest's,probation(s),sober housing living arrangement's,half way house's,elderly housing's,community living place's, your parents or grandparents place(s). Any place that you are sent to , because you lack discipline, or any place that you live in and are shown the way due to the consequences of the actions of others and your own and you being motivated to change your ways because you feel the need to. If you do not feel the need for self discipline, good luck on that path, you will have a hard life lesson to learn from that stubbornness.

  1. When it comes to your family members, which all are family , even if you have the thought that they aren't , they are. Loving them as yourself, is the way. As you are learning, loving them with that same awareness is the way. The way you are in the home in which you reside in, is the way of being everywhere else on the planet. Joking when its appropriate,being sincere when it's needed, talking when its necessary, reading when necessary, asking questions when necessary, helping out where it's needed, eating when its necessary, all behaviors that revolve around self respect, not just of yourself, but of other's simultaneously. Self discipline also = self respect. Stepping out of line for the most part isn't necessary at all. Just because someone else is , does not mean you have to either, being a part of the in crowd never helped anyone. You want to help make a difference ? Be the love you are, not a carbon copy of everyone else. If you are going to stray from the common line's in society, stray when you can see that no one else can see that that is how you are behaving, if not, face the consequences of your actions. If you're going to speak out in public , speak out in a way that points at the collective's insanity, as simple as you possibly can unless you're going to have a conversation about the collective insanity, speak of it as precisely as you possibly can, and if you slip up, immediately correct yourself as soon as you possibly can and if you want to go the extra mile, even point that out, and then point out more of the collective insanity in regards to your experience. This simple action puts them in their place and you in yours in a snap. They may appear to be ignoring you at first, but upon closer inspection you will see that you got through.

  2. The academic system is going to be not what it has been for a very long time. What I am speaking of is the fact that there is no nurturance of the human potential being spoken of directly in the academic system. There's also no nurturance about nature, animals, and the universe, our place in it, and so on. No talk about how we can naturally calculate , how we learn, grow and expand ourselves. No talk about true equality in the workplace, no talk about the difference between cooperation and competition, no talk about the spiritual and how it correlates with the physical. No talk about the reality of all of what I just spoke of, and no talk about the truth about sexuality, and all of that which is included and how sexual energies function and are naturally a part of the experience. No talk about the reality of how the ego mind is completely insane, just talk about how we need the mind to function as a society, and how being intellectual is the right way to be and experience life, so when you discover the difference between the ego mind (its conditioned state) and your heart ( your true natural state) you're shunned. No talk about how asking questions about all that is spoken of is natural, and necessary, instead your shunned for it. No talk about why there have been beings throughout human history who have gone against the grain of society on this planet, they're simply called ecentric's, weirdo's, crazy, made, lunatics, insane, myths, deluded, mentally ill, lost, lack discipline, autistic,bipolar,manic depressive, a.d.d, a.d.h.d, schizophrenic, multiple personality, have alzhiemer's,demented, not grounded, severely disturbed,need help,disabled. All of that because of the fact that no truth about the fact of how the brain works, how diseases function, how the body hologram works, how the soul functions, how thought forms are fed and not fed, how spirit is with life, and how were nurtured by love,spirit,god,creation,all life, how to live when were given the spark of intelligence to question all of what is, and discover for ourselves, how reality functions and how its all exists in one unified field. ( that field isn't a theory , its the truth.) All of not talking about that, is what enables all of that which goes against that grain, to even exist in the first place, so I say, behold the Illuminati's great work. There's also no talk about how they've covertly made those who currently aren't aware of whats going on, into civilian police officers, upholding the corruption and unbridled greed and tyrannical behavior's on this planet. How they've stragetically nurtured beings into total complacency, how they've stragetically engineered mass delusion upon society, yet it continually shows right now that it's not going to work, which makes it a lot harder on the rest of us who are awake and aware of whats going on, to even be who we are and really live the life our hearts desire to live. There's no talk about how all of this has even made it harder on the parents of children to truly nurture them in living a completely ethical,intelligent,truly loving and intimate way with all of creation.

There's also no talk about how selective our consciousness is in it's awareness, and how we have no control over the selective nature of our consciousness, and how from this natural selective activity, that we experience a form of ignorance and due to the natural selectivity that our consciousness has contained within it we suffer naturally suffer from this experience. There's no talk about this plays into our overall experience during our experience in the body hologram. There is talk about how we are expected of, dictated towards, and demanded of on this planet. There is talk about how its survival of the fittest, dog eat dog, best man/woman loses, and the other gains. Talk about how if you don't succeed in cooperating with the competitive nature of “reality” you'll end up homeless or even worse, dead. Reality isn't competitive, its the nurturance we've received from the elder's in society or not received from them, or anyone for that matter, that shows us the delusion that reality is competitive and that it's always going to be this way, when even that's a delusion. There is talk about how to go against the grain of the society of today, is wrong, delusional, insane, and just stupid.




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I don't know about anyone else, but I'm exhausted keeping up with the "mundane" chores. There is only me in my household, and as a Lightworker who has been working on this path for @ 25years, I'm just about ready to throw the towel in.

The energy shifts are contant and keeping up with my HUman self & my Spiritual growth/work can be a bit more to handle at this time. I'm writing this to extend my views to the readers, as I'm sure that there are those of you who have walked this path with me and are also finding it a bit challenging now for we are going into uncharted waters. Humanity/Gaia and all that we've known is now shedding the old. I look forward to the time when we are UNITED in the Oneness where there is balance & freedom.

Happy Dayz


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You'll be nurtured to get over it being mundane and desiring to throw in the towel and move on. Even when you "move on" you'll still end up serving, there is no place in creation where you will find that you are not serving. I love housework and all responsibilities that I have , simply because I love serving, it helps me discipline myself, and it helps others via example , also assists me in working through my stuff, the continuance of learning about the difference between myself, and the ego. So bring on all the mundane, my higher self isn't bothered by the mundane tasks,what would the middle ground  or the polar opposite of the mundane tasks ( the exciting) be without the mundane? sit with that for a while,


Takes the mundane for you to even go looking elsewhere for that which isnt mundane, but in the long run you're going to end up back facing the situation you're in here now. Any internal "problems" you have with reality, life itself, will follow you whereever you go, no matter where you go, and how long you consistently travel for, you will continually be addressed in facing it, and the more you continue to willfully ignoring it, the harder your life lesson is going to be , and itll come in variations too, but it always adds up to the same equation, this is what you've been willfully ignoring , time to face it, and deal with the consequences.


the entire desire to " throw in the towel, and go on a search for a more exciting life free from the mundane tasks of daily housework" is the spiritual ego, its the controlling mechanism contained with the ego's belief system of having control of reality, and its also centered in conflict with the love we all are ( yourself included) and with the fact that it cannot ultimately control reality, and is completely insane, when the soul is not. it needs you to buy into it's fear so it can attempt to make you feel like a victim or villian in life, power over, instead of power with, in this, there is delusion of control, and of you being like this forever.  Again there is no throwing in of the towel, yes you can move on from psychological trauma, by being with it as it is, and this trauma in turn being healed, but just because you have have moved on, doesn't mean others have. So how good is you throwing in the towel to move on when others themselves havent? because you desiring that and inevitably you sharing that its okay to do that with other's  , is again the spiritual ego ,desisring to play follow the leader, and that kind of energy isnt supported on the new earth, which where all this energy is taking us, so you're going to have to get over that too by going through your body hologram, to integrate your soul. Any attempt to keep all life positive is spiritual ego, and so is the desire to keep it all negative. Stare down your psyche and face all of your internal psychological situations, inevitably youre' going to forget tidbits of this, through selective awareness.




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Thank you hilarion for your long winded reply, but nothing that you have shared is of any assistance as I AM that I AM. I'm feeling that you are about 1/2 my age and not sitting there with the flu at this moment ( a wonderful cleansing I AM going through ) which allows a person to have a ramble now and again.

Dear Heart, I have been of SERVICE all my life, and have made my commitments/vows to our Heavenly Hosts that my assistance for ALL mankind & Gaia will never falter till every man/woman/child has Ascended.

Putting it out there, that a moment in time is needed for ones self, is not throwing the baby out with the bath water.

In Divine Peace, Harmony, Balance & Love

You're missing the point and

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You're missing the point and I'm nnot about to have a comment by comment conversation.

You refuse to question what it is I spoke about, instead you just reacted to all the words, coming to me from your internal dialogue, thus missing the point. half my age with the flu or not, you're an intellectual, anyone on the planet can claim the " i am that i am" presence, but seeing as how you're complaining about being tired of service, just shows that you aren't walking it. get over yourself, have fun, peace.