We are Stardust, We are Golden

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Remember where you came from, before this body. You have existed and will always exist, in other forms beyond this lifetime as an eternal being. This is a mere blip in the history of time, in the history of the universe. You have always been loved and supported. You brought your heart flame to this planet in this beautiful body that you inhabit.

Remember that the universe is sentient and alive. Remember that this is an ascension process in which looks messy and chaotic and even violent, yet it is a time in which great shift is happening. Everyday more light is anchored from your being which enters the earth. Light that you receive goes on the surface of earth as an exchange to all beings. Pray for peace and cultivate your own inner peace, the still place in the center. Be with people who make you feel peaceful too.

The light you are is a gift. Your memories of home, your skills, all that you remember is a gift to the collective. Keep the memories of where you came from, the before time, alive in your heart but not as a story or as data. Keep them alive as a feeling. Discover that feeling inside you and transmit that feeling to remind your friends, perhaps those who are in resonance of Lemuria, of the star planets of Sirius, Pleiades, Andromeda and other planets of origin or remembrance. Remind them of magic. Remind your friends in resonance of the feeling of joy that the dolphins bring. remind them of the higher dimensional feeling, the fifth dimensional feeling that you have inside when you are connected to source. Go there, open your crown and receive in vision, and let it illumine your being.


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Inspired by Archangel Uriel, World Teacher 

Received by Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network

As many of you know this beautiful planet Earth was ‘seeded’ by twelve different star systems bringing the highest qualities of each star system into our Earthly plane. We are a grand experiment of learning to love: The Lover-versity of the Universe. Our planet, at present is within the final 2,000 year cycle (beginning 2012) to ascend into a higher state of vibration, thus consciousness. It is our divine destiny to evolve into “We Consciousness” in order to create a new world paradigm of equality, harmony and balance. This is a personal process of inside out, not outside in. No matter how the outside world may appear in upheaval and chaos (clearing and cleansing) , this ascension process is taking place for those of us who choose it through our freedom of choice and will by healing the relationship with self; self-reflecting all there is.

The Sirian Blue Star Guides, Ancient Mysteries, Prophecy & Your Path - LONG VERSION

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This is an informational video on the Sirian Blue Star Guides, celestial helpers of deep love, wisdom, compassion and loyalty. They are responsible for CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS and the Unity template taking place.

They are here to assist in very loving, life-affirming ways in very specific to each one of us. They tell us they hold secret technologies that we are ready to use again after such a long period of darkness and they help us unravel the secrets of our soul, turning on our Merkabas, opening our hearts and activating our Manifesting Machinery.

In Prime Creator’s realm every being has an equal right to live – SaLuSa through Isabel Henn November 20, 2012

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As has been said many times, the re-elected President Obama is a man of the light. His election could be made with great success despite some incidents and irregularities by the opponent. It will not be long and he can carry out his true mission: to lead humanity to freedom and to build together with them a new society on 5D Earth.


As a Sirian he has prepared himself for this on my mothership during many years before his incarnation. He has all the knowledge and skills for this rather demanding task. In his re-election, the light has won a great success. It has paved the way for Disclosure, the conversion of the world’s governments and a new unified currency. After Disclosure, an event which is to be expected shortly, programs will be broadcast by your media, to share the truth about the dark forces, your history and religions. Some of the programs will serve humanity to prepare furthermore for Ascension and to educate and teach people who just woke up.


We are neither snakes nor lizards – Lady Ifegena from the Dragon Realm through EnnKa October 08, 2012

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My beloved friend EnnKa asked me today to tell more about us Dragons. She is a bit curious because she can’t remember me and it is surely interesting enough for mankind to take this as topic for a message.


We Dragons are age-old Beings from a higher Dimension. Some of us are numerous thousands of years old. They are very wise and highly respected. There aren’t very much only a few thousand of our kind. Because we are now immortal there is no neccessity to reproduce steadily. It is reserved for Prime Creator to decide when an egg will be laid and who is allowed to lay that egg and what color it will have. The color of the egg specifies the color of the hatched young Dragon. The egg of my daughter Epirose is golden, therefore she will be also golden.


Dragons have many colors from green, over blue to red, brown, black, yellow, violet and very very seldom golden. We aren’t multi-colored but single-colored, at most our claws and part of our scales have varied hues.


In size there are different variations from small nearly dwarfish Dragons through middle sizes to big Dragons like me. Common to all Dragons is the ability to fly. Some are not so good but others excellent. We have four feet with sharp claws like those of raptors, which we can move separately. We aren’t toxic, but can breathe fire when we are full-grown.


Please don’t mistake us for reptilians. We are neither snakes nor lizards. Our body temperature is warm and our scaly skin is dry and warm too. Our wings are soft and sensitive. If we are not cautious, we can hurt ourselves.


upcoming sirian Alignment

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We are about NINE days out from the next Sirian alignment.


Just a heads up according to a Galactic 28 day 13 month calendar.I dont believe in coincidences.




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Is Patricia Cori in the group?


She makes some interesting points I did NOT know about.I knew they had possible relations to my past(had been around them before).


I wish they would rethink this non-intervention directive. I understand it must have been imposed for a good enough reason a loong long time ago. I have nothing against Light support or 'Light support'  or support in ways and manners of Light.(sometimes english language isnt clearly defined english anymore...)


There are some I believe that i need to reach out to here and I wish at very least your support would include visitation or shipboard briefing us Starseeds. I think many of us need not only the confirmation, but the interaction as well. It would be nice to understand your point of view, and understand that I also share it, being from out your way in the past.


While Im on this topic, we are talking Magic here anyways...what is the feeling torwards a seance with Federation Lightworkers(Sirian,Pleadian,etc..)? I think there could be much to be gained here if done correctly. I know some of the Starseeds practice ceremonial magic and CAN do this correctly. However, we are talking living entities here, mostly, and some of you have bodies elsewhere. I would value the input on this.


As per the 3strand DNA, I can confirm this both from my previous life, but also from living here. Mrs.Cori is correct from a scientific standpoint. I understand some say 12, mayhaps at one point there were 12, and some may have 12, but from the Sirians point of view it is 3.


So maybe some clarification on this at some point in the future. I need to finish watching this video. A lot of good info from the channelers or Starseeds or mediums, whether here or on youtube.




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