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so the unconscious impulsive desire to have sex with
someone because you desire intimacy is the ego.
desiring to pursue a mate because youre lonely
and again desire to be close to someone is
stemming from not only fear but feelings of
isolation and seperation which stem from
youre identification with the egomind.

if youre going to truly be intimate with
someone you first have to be completely
intimate with the love that you are first
and foremost before youre ever going to be
able to be intimate with your partner and
everyone else in reality and back unto
yourself as well.

the feelings of the inability to geniunely
love stem again not only from fear of the self
through identification with the ego from being
nurtured to be this way but also stems from
the other aspect of the identification with
the ego and its thoughtforms and its need to
believe in its own thoughts regarding the
experience. so you have the thought that you
have the geniune inability to love others
equalls as much as you love yourself or vice
versa or anywhere in between with anyone that
you can only love certain beings a certain amount
and you feel that you are unable to go beyond that
or you feel that youre unable to geniunely experience
eternal love or infinite love with yourself and the all.

this again is identification with the ego and its fear
of you being the love you are and the fact that were
nurtured to identify with it from birth so that when
the time is ripe were plucked from not being conscious
of this fact to being conscious of this fact.
the whole experience of dealing with a lack of love
stems again from the egos fear of the love you are
and you identifying with its believe systems in its
thoughtforms that say you experience a lack of love
and do not know how to truly love yourself in the here
now. so essentially you strive to love yourself through

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