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AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology – Cathy Lindsey


Happy Cancer New Moon/Solar Eclipse!! Happy 4th of July in a couple days!! In the chart of the United States of America…the Sun is in Cancer…..and this powerful Cancer New Moon is sitting right on the United States Cancer Sun activating it! Making this a powerful time to make intentions and manifest for Peace and an honoring of everyone throughout the World!! Using the Cancer energies of…. Love, Nurturing, Caring and Protection. For ourselves, humanity, the Earth the World and the United States itself! What a powerful statement from the Universe on this (2 days away) anniversary of the birth of the United States!

These intense, chaotic energies that can bring in the feeling of being overwhelmed and exhausted at times…have been building for several weeks and has intensified since the Full Sagittarius Moon on June 17th and will continue through the month of July plus. We puts us at a turning point! Being aware of this is the beauty of Astrology. When you can understand about the energies that are affecting everyone in the World…it gives you the ability to work with them to your highest good. It gives you the ability to navigate them better. It is not a time to go into anxiety….but a time to be aware and navigate….with the help of your guidance.

Earth Energy Report: Solar Eclipse - Crank up the Acceleration

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EARTH ENERGY REPORT - Solar Eclipse - Crank Up the Acceleration

[Author note: About 5 days ago, in the wee hours of the night/morning, I heard the distinctive voice of the Pleaidians as I have come to know well; they nudged me at 2 am my time to tell me to get ready as there was a massive turn of events about to occur. Very general message at that moment, no particular context, however I was given a global picture in it with a separation between the inner and outer arenas. If one were to see a picture of the earth, with one side of it cut or sliced away, you could see an inner core  and the surface all at the same time. In this vision, I could see a lot of activity, life forms that make their home in the Inner Earth, living 'underground' you could say. While this was something I had been aware of for a while, it was the first time, I was shown a visual snippet of what inner Earth looked like. And what was transpiring on the outer Earth was not even remotely close in how it was operating. And that the great battle currently happening on the outer was to eventually process out and balance inner with outer. I believe there was a movie once called Battlefield Earth. And this was the picture and words the I was given. This is truly now that - the outer is the battle field, and the inner is waiting patiently for it to come to a close.]



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Cathy Lindsey - AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology 

We start the month of March out with a very powerful Solar Eclipse/New Super Moon in Pisces! It happens at 7:55 CDT.  Even though it is a total Solar Eclipse…we will not be able to see it here in the US. However…even if you can’t see it…you still get the benefits of it.  This is the most intense Solar Eclipse of 2016.  Not only is the Sun and Moon sitting with each other in Pisces, but we also  have Mercury, Neptune, Ceres, Chiron, and the South Node….all in Pisces….. all sitting with this Super New Moon Solar Eclipse!  We also have Saturn (the father figure, the CEO, restrictions, Karma), in Sagittarius squaring (Friction) the Pisces New Super Moon Solar Eclipse!  Pluto and Uranus in the ongoing Cardinal Square are only 1 degree apart and are the back drop of this Solar Eclipse/Super New Moon…giving us the revolutionary and evolutionary energies of radical change.   With all this Piscean energy of high spirituality, direct connection to Source and channeled creativity.….it is a wonderful time for dreaming, manifesting and creating!  Remember…lets envision needed change……. Let’s envision Peace! 


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AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology

Cathy Lindsey


This is a very powerful Solar Eclipse that is happening on a Scorpio New Moon!   Eclipses are extra powerful New Moons and can trigger major endings and/or powerful beginnings in your life and throughout the world. This Solar Eclipse/Scorpio New Moon is highlighting 3 planets, our personnel planets…..Venus, Mercury and Mars….along with the Nodes.   The Sun and Moon (the New Moon), are in Scorpio.  Scorpio energy is about deep transformation, Earth Spirituality, sex, death, natural shamanism, others money, passion, intensity, highly intuitive, the Soul mate, our shadow, medium ship, hospice, looking deep into our unconscious and our Soul…..and anything that feels a little uncomfortable!  If it isn’t uncomfortable……it isn’t Scorpio! 

A lot of Scorpio energies are being magnified during this Scorpio New Moon/Solar Eclipse!  Be aware of the gray side of Scorpio which is…. lies, secrets, judgments, out of bounds Ego, control, manipulation, betrayals, jealousy.. etc.   If you feel yourself in these areas, recognize it…and make a conscious effort to move out of it and forward into the higher energies of Scorpio.  The “gift” of Astrology is being able to recognize the energies, move away… so you can navigate to a higher level.   This Scorpio Solar Eclipse/New Moon will also activate things on a sexual level.  The energies are very passionate and intense….everything from casual sex, to sacred sexuality, the merging of the physical with the Soul. 

New Earth Frequency Update ~ Oct 21 2014

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The New Moon & Partial Solar Eclipse of Oct 23, 2014 represents a period of REGENERATION

Greetings and Blessings to All,

We are the Unified Whole Command within the 144th dimension of Oneness as the Great Divine Director, Master Thoth, and Master Einstein along with the many Christed Beings of Light.

The energetic exchange of the Universal Consciousness is being felt in many levels of existence.  We are sure you have been experiencing it within your feelings, thoughts, dream-states while walking upon the Earth.  Since the Autumn Equinox there have been extensive light energies that have ensued upon the planet with the Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon moving towards the partial Solar Eclipse and New Moon.

The portals of light that have been actualized within GAIA are here to help every individual to receive more of their higher essence within the avenues of their physicality.  In the midst of these elements it is causing more debris to be removed from the Etheric level of the Earth along with each human being.  So as a result, it causes a feeling of uncertainty within each individual unless they fully understand that those thoughts and feelings do not belong to them any longer.

Some may say, “What do you mean they don’t belong to me?  I live upon this earth; I have emotions and I am affected by what is happening within the world.”  This is so very true but since the earth is going through her acceleration, the light infractions coming into the core of Gaia’s being are affecting more Light to be acknowledged than the Darkness.  But in order for the Light to be realized, the Darkness must be removed.  So what happens is a period of regeneration, the old leaves in order for the new to be realized.

Metatronic Numerology Daily Frequency Report: 4/29/14 ~ Quadruple Master Number Frequency Day~Dissemination of the Solar Eclipse Frequencies~

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Today is a 22 Frequency day with an 11 Sub-frequency influence and 33 and 44 Minor frequency influences, and a 333 Passive Potential.

Today we also experienced the first Solar Eclipse of the year 2014.

Even without the Solar Eclipse, today is a very interesting and intensely powerful frequency day. Today we have four Master Number Frequencies in play and a Multi-dimensional Passive Potential. To the best of my memory, (and my computer’s memory-I keep every daily report) we have not every seen a day such as this since I began doing these reports, and are not likely to see on again very soon.

Knowing what I know about the frequencies of the Solar Eclipse we just experienced I am not really all that surprised though. It took frequencies such as this to work with and disseminate the Frequency Vibratory Energies brought to us by this particular Solar Eclipse.

The I AM Keyword phrases for 22, 11, 33, 44 and 333 are:

22 – I Am Spiritual Vision Building Sacred Structure

11 – I AM Truth Illumined through Spiritual Revelation

33 – I AM Compassionate Consciousness in Universal Service

44 – I Am Structured Power & Metamorphosis

333 – I AM the Multi-dimensional Birth Portal

How to watch the November 3 total solar eclipse online (video)

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Composite total solar eclipse Aug. 1999 by Fred Espenak.

There will be a hybrid solar eclipse – part annular, part total, part partial – on Sunday November 3, 2013. To see the annular or total eclipse, you’ll need to be standing within a narrow pathway on Earth’s surface, and, in fact, the best place to be is Africa. But what about those of us who will be clouded out, or who are not in the right place to view the eclipse? No worries … you can watch online via Slooh from Kenya, Gabon, and the Canary Islands.

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