The Dreamer, living in his Dream

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We are about Dreamers living in a dream, and we ask whom is dreaming the dream...but it is of the dreamer, and what happens when the dreamer wakes up he completes his dream and begins a new one. We are all but dreamers in a dream creating as we go, dreaming as we go on. What we choose to experience is but a part of this dream and life changing events are but parts of another dream coming into fruition. The dreams can last a long time or a short time we decide before we begin a new dream how long it will last... But if this dream is made up of many dreams whom is dreaming the totality? It is but source having from each wave send out a new dream aka cycle to experience something new every time. Source tells: show me what this dream can come up with and help to find out more at play to how this universe works... How existence works, what it can play like in all its limitless forms. In our human forms we are very limited to what we can do compared to on the other side, but there is truly no limits if we allow and understand we are the Dreamers, each dream we create is but a wave send on out affecting other dreamers out there and many can dream from the same dream same as source when it sends out its wave. Many Dreamers that choose to experience its dream are all creating many of its own parts in the dream. When we wake up the dream is done and we begin a new one. A new experience all together as one dreamer dreams in the dream. If we allow to grow...dream bigger...not dream bigger but expand the dreams we can see all the different dreams we are living in and group them up in one big dream and see more to what this dream truly is...we gather higher consciousness and become aware of not only your dreaming but what many dreams create all together...what they are all there for and it's the same as seeing the bigger picture. Imagine seeing what source see's sending out a wave and experiencing it all together as one whole totality.

MasterQuote12: Mary Magdalene and Yeshua on Bliss and ONEness

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Mary Magdalene and Yeshua:


“Dear Beloveds. We are blended together in Bliss as we encompass your energy in ours and ours in yours. We are Bliss Personified and together we open up new vistas and roads to the Divine today.

Forever and always we touch Source and Source touches us all. We are Source. We are Love. We are Bliss. We are Abundance. We are Harmony.

There is no separation anymore – Can you feel it? Surrender now, dear ones, to the welcoming embrace of Source, your true core – Your true Divine Nature is unfolding and never will you be the same. Pull out all the stops and melt into the Bliss that is your core, that is your True Being.

Together we embrace all of humanity, we embrace all of the Universe, and we embrace all of the Multiverse. We embrace Source in Oneness. Can you feel it, dear Beloveds? We are One.”


Channeled by Fran Zepeda June 1, 2014


Mother Mary: You Touch Source With Your Deep Reverence of Yourselves and Others – Channeled by Fran Zepeda – May 31 2014

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mother mary


Mother Mary:


Hello Sweet Ones. I come before you and within you today to bring sweet refrains of Love Essence that you are delving into and refining ever so much. I bow to your essence as you bow to mine and together we mesh in sweet abundance of Love everlasting.

Come with me now as we go deeper into your Love Essence, into your sweet all-encompassing abundantly-aware LOVE, for you are ready now to go deeper and to own more of your essence, your sweet essence of LOVE everlasting.

The fabric of your life is changing, dear ones. You can feel it, I am sure. You have entered a new sojourn, a new level of refinement. Have you noticed, dear ones, that you are more refined in your capture of your Love Essence?

What you once thought was only possible to feel in the presence of ascended beings is yours for the taking and experience now, for you have refined yourselves ever so much.

This has taken much work on your part. Yet it has been a “labor of love”, has it not? Feel the softness of your energy now. Feel the depths of it. Feel the sweet delicate texture of it as you float within, and upon, and in, and with LOVE.

This is your signature now. You have reached the core of your essence. To stay there is another matter. For refinement of this new presence of yourselves will take steady dedication and persistence and determination to stay there.

But you are all so capable, dear ones. We are within all your hearts helping you refine your essence – As you breathe your essence into deeper being.

Lady Master Venus: You Are Pure Creative LOVE – Channeled by Fran Zepeda 5.29.14

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Lady Master Venus:


Hello, I AM Lady Venus. I speak from this channel’s heart today. I appear before her in blue translucent light and bring much Love to her and to you all today.

You have embarked on this journey of LOVE and as such it is becoming more and more transparent to you of its many facets and its depths, its sweet deliverance of feelings you have not tapped into since the early days of your creation.

You are returning now, dear ones. You are arriving at a new plateau, new heights of what Love is for you. It does not ask anything of you. It does not require anything of you. It just requests that you swim inside it. That you embrace it, that you revel in all its facets and depths.

This has become a full-time job for you. It reveals many parts of you that you have not been aware of so apparently until now. And it perplexes you, yet it excites you. It brings up feelings that confuse you, yet allows you to dig deeper into your depths, into your true nature.

I AM Love. YOU ARE LOVE. Dear ones, it is time you realized it. Begin to explore the many facets of LOVE, your inherent nature. It is all you are. It is all you will ever hope to be, dear ones.

Mother Mary: “…Breathe LOVE In and Out, Together, in Rhythm…” – Channeled by Fran Zepeda May 21, 2014

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1743592_10151997588740547_1041195627_nMother Mary:


Hello sweet beautiful Beloveds. As you Breathe in the Love of Creator, of Source, you become more whole and vibrant with the Love Essence that you are. As you breathe in and out, you encompass the Universe, you encompass the Multiverse, composed of All-That-Is….You become All-That-Is. You become One with All. You reacquaint yourselves with the Source Divine Energy that you are – It isSimply You. Everything else is Extraneous.

You are Beautiful Beings beyond all measure as you dip into your True Essence, as you breathe the fresh light air and atmosphere of the Gods. For that is what you all are: Creator Gods coming into your True Being, composed of Light and Love and evermore of Purity. You are Purity. You are Innocence. You are Powerful.

All the beauty of the world that you are breathing in is fodder for more creation of Beauty, more creation of Love, creations of the purest sense and the purest form. Breathe in and out LOVE, and the Beauty of the World will manifest in the form of your pure loving thoughts and dreams.

Unified Wave Structure of Consciousness

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I am uncertain of how the unified field works as of yet but have a focus in interpretations of how it works and have experienced what you would call a unified wave that in those previous times where being wired within me, working with the Earth's wake/sleep cycles (The line where the sun divides the dark) as an example of one unified connection measuring the next assimilated process of creation's (Conscious energy) coming in and affecting us from the point left off where the source connection (intention of choice) had occurred in time. The intentions would of began as a 24h window getting shorter link's to 8hours and 2hours then back 3h and so on, measuring out the effects of the wave depending on the creativity the intentions allowed and formed.

When waking up in the morning, connecting to the source field is important to get to source within (The awareness), the magnitude expands the possibilities of co-creation or reliability in the 5th dimensional users, and measurements of the informational constructs, from reading within the unified field, those that are working in or have achieved it, link's those times, event's, up to the point of those that are beginning to see (experience) and those that are unconscious (Experiencing without notice) to view the purpose of their intent (choices) in full agreement to the level of creation that the moment brings into being... Someone getting hit by a car as an example, you would get pin point realization's of why, how, what, the purpose, the effects, the causes, and understandings (Higher aspects) as to why this happened and you can jump up in a higher construct which activates automatically.

Mother Mary: You Are Spreading Your Divine Love Wherever You Are – Channeled by Fran Zepeda – March 31, 2014

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Mother Mary (Received March 31, 2014):


Hello my sweet, dear ones. I come to you now in a Divine Breath: A divine knowing of who you are….A divine imprint of your True Being. We are one. We are eternal together. We are the Love and the Light together. We are immense and deep in our connection.


And dear ones, you are no doubt feeling an expansion, a stillness within your expansion, and a sweet knowing of your True Essence is creeping in and taking firm hold more than ever. My Love for you is immense and I see that your Love for yourselves is becoming deeper and more entrenched. That is wonderful, my dear ones. You are arriving at your greater knowing of yourselves. You are feeling a greater knowing of yourselves, and thus an expansion out into the depths of eternity as you breathe in your Divinity and prepare yourselves even further for your holding of the Christ Consciousness now and forever more within you and extending outwards.


Mythology's Guide to Ascension

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The Voice - A Mythological Guide to Mankind's Ascension

Still available for Free Preview on Goodreads until February 10, 2014:


A Message from The Voice

My fellow travelers,

Once in a while you are awakened to new insights that shake up your status quo.  You get so rattled your whole world goes topsy-turvy.

Is this a bad thing?  No, not at all!  Is it a good thing?  By all means, yes!  How else can you get a good night’s sleep unless you are tired?  How else can you wake up to new realities unless your old world view is shattered?

Positive disintegration is what this is, a chance at a new start.  A world view changes as you are ready to receive the new.  It unfolds through you.  All life does this.

It’s your reality after all that needs awakening, not mine!  Ascension is clear.  From where I stand I can see you there trying your hardest.  But you are stumbling all over the place.  There’s no truth anymore to the old world order.  It has to die.  That’s how a new age  is born.  The old goes first, because it doesn’t work anymore.  It fails to meet your needs.

It’s beyond you to comprehend this fully, but it’s true nevertheless.  Old world orders disappear all the time.  Your world history holds many examples of this.

In this book, we are examining such prospects.  We are viewing change from a unique point of view, as something happening in fantasy land, but it is actually happening to you as we speak.

You are living this dream as I have described it.  You are witnessing for yourselves the power of change.  Old world orders come and go, as you please, but certain constants remain the same.

Mary Magdalene: You Are All Exalted Beings of the Light –Channeled by Fran Zepeda – September 29, 2013

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Mary Magdalene:

My dear friends, my dear beloveds, I come before you today to discuss an important topic in your development. Not all will relate to this in the same way and not all will understand it in the same way. For you are all developing at different speeds and rates and all is perfect for each of you individually at this time.

What I have to share today is about your connection to your higher selves, to look at it in a different perspective and to understand it in a different way. You all have the potential to be one with your higher selves and with your higher aspects and all have the ability to connect with Source in this lifetime.

You do not need to go through an intermediary. Yes, until your telepathic abilities are completely honed, it is helpful to receive information through pure channeled sources, and it is also helpful in allowing your connection and your confidence and your abilities to develop as you connect with the love energy from channels connected with Source information.

But by all means do not discount the fact that as you continue to raise your vibration and build your crystalline structures and be more integrated with your multidimensional selves through the acceptance and integration of light energies available to you now, that you are steadily and surely building a connection with your higher selves and Source. And this is important: You have then the potential to connect with Source AS your higher selves and aspects.


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