Sananda: You Are An Aspect of Creator ~ As Channeled Through Fran Zepeda ~ March 4, 2013

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Greetings my dear Soul Beings, keepers of the Christ Consciousness in your very being. I am Sananda at your service, as you are also, to all Beings on Earth and beyond.

It is time to re-orient yourselves into your new Reality, my dear ones. I say re-orient because of course as you know, you are already, as you have always been, magnificent Souls of God Consciousness, of the Divine Consciousness of Creator of All That Is. You are just realizing that identity, and also manifesting that identity, into your Reality more and more as you receive the new energies and re-orient yourselves into what you have always been.

The time is Now to fully orient and experience that essential part of you, dear ones, in everything you do, think and say, for you are the Masters of your Universe, the creators of your Soul’s experiences, as you know already.


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I sense I may know who you are. I suspect you have given me hints.

But I am not certain, by far, as my feelings are always intense.

I constantly reach out to help -but sometimes my perceptions are wrong.

Like now, I am writing a poem - when what we need is a song.

I tried with my pen and ink to draw a picture of us,

But - I do not think my drawing was worth all the fuss.

We were quite deeply engaged, but not quite fully entwined.

The part that I couldn’t connect had to do with the mind.


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