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Following link to link to link this one found disturbing information. Not necessary to post the disturbing information here. Please send love/light/STRENGTH/POWER to all beings of any age, species, line who are still suffering from abuse by others.


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FACEBOOK: Common Passion Concordance Call: The Day of The Seed


They also have a website but I cannot right now find the URL

Scheduled Mayan meditations - free to participate but requires registration


"Mayan saying: For 500 years we have hidden our true faces in order to resist, and kept silent the better to remember. The wind will carry our words
As our ancestors say: The wind will disappear It moves on, but always returns.


Yes they are still with us, enjoy


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knew a man called michael finnegan

out the door and then come in again

got a splinter in his chin again

poor old michael finnegan begin again

If interested may read on

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Truckin’ to Treason: The Hot Air of Secession

Secession activity in Pennsylvania, mildly interesting appearance for those who like to watch such things


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A pixie was recovering from major surgery and in her moments of wakefulness was scouring the internet for interesting sites. When she found this place of love parties she thought she had found a place to party. Being an aging hippie, the pixie began to party as hippies do. Not realizing that this is a serious site. Although to hippies the party is very important. When the pixie realized that this is a serious site she freaked out. She tried to tell people who she was but she miscommunicated. The pixie will not do this anymore. The pixie will not return.

In the place of the pixie will appear the august goddess of no place and no time. We will from this time on regard this as our workplace.



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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Economy/Business News Alert

Can drug research still be trusted?  (of course not...)

Arguably the most prestigious medical journal in the world, the New England Journal of Medicine regularly features articles over which pharmaceutical companies and their employees can exert significant influence, a Washington Post investigation has found.
Over a year-long period ending in August, about two-thirds of the articles on new drugs published in the Journal were co-written by employees of the companies that made the drugs, a Post analysis has found.
The Journal's reliance on industry research, despite notable examples of potentially lethal bias, reflects the ability of pharmaceutical companies to shape science and influence what doctors prescribe for their patients.
Read more at:

ASTREIA'S NOTE: I've know this for many many years, having used statistical and policy analysis in assessing health care issues. If you have such interests, please read the whole article. Otherwise I will quote below and after that summarize in my own words what happens - and how they got away with it.

God help me politics in the dining room!!! NO no no!!!!!

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My dinner was infested with a discussion on politics. I can't stand it. I tried to leave. They told me to sit down. I sat down. WHY did I sit down? They went on and on talking about horrible thingsand I felt so hot I took my wig off at the table and I said PLEASE! I cannot talk politics! I cannot stand this!!!!!

Finally someone came by and began talking about the wonderful thanksgiving with dancing and singing and I saw my chance to leave and I ran out of the dining room, went to the front desk and asked the staff to pray for me. I ran into one of my dinner ladies in the elevator and I was not going to get in the elevator with her but she promised she would not talk politics anymore. I went up to my room and starting crying violently, my body hurt all over and I began to wheeze in asthma again, happens so rarely but it happened tonight. They CAME TO MY ROOM trying to apologize and tried to explain why this talk about politics was so important and I shouted at them, "Can't you see that this hurts me? Now you have told me of people who died that I didn't even know about and I feel helpless, they are dead and I COULD NOT PROTECT THEM and they said well, war just happens and we can't control it and I said NO!!!!! We have to change human nature! We all have to love, we all have to want peace, we have to talk about peace and not war, we have to give up on war because when we kill people we are also killing the planet! And I asked them to declare peace on earth and they said they would do it privately and I said PLEASE do it publicly so that it will inspire others to have hope and they both refused to declare peace on earth pubicly, I do not understand why.

We have a search engine!!!!!

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I didn't realize that we had a search engine till today. Wow!

All those blogs I posted when I was so confused and then took down and then tried to remember what I had said are all still here! I think I have just found the true location of the Akashic Records (they are not, as my friend in high school once told me, "down main street by the dog n suds...)



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