School administrators throw food away, waste tax dollars, let kids go hungry to make parents pay

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Natural News, By: Jonathan Benson, 02/07/2014


(NaturalNews) A Utah elementary school made international headlines recently after it was reported that administrators there starved out about 40 students whose lunch funds were lacking. According to The Salt Lake Tribune (SLT), cafeteria workers at Uintah Elementary School were forced to seize and toss the pizza lunches of dozens of students, offering them instead a small piece of fruit and a carton of milk.


What made the situation worse is the fact that Uintah collects lunch money from students after they walk through the lunch line. This means that the cafeteria workers did not know which students had outstanding balances until they were already standing in front of them with trays full of food. Those students with unsettled account balances were forced to surrender their food, which administrators say had to be thrown away in accordance with the health code.


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Fossilized Bigfoot Head Found, Utah Man Claims

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Epoch Times, 6/24/13, Jack Phillips

GFP Note: This story is posted as Satire for entertainment purposes only. We do not have any scientific proof that this is fossilized remains of Bigfoot. Please use discretion while reading.

A screenshot of a Standard-Examiner newspaper's video shows the purported Bigfoot skull fossil.


A Utah man claims he found the fossilized head of Bigfoot, telling a local newspaper about his finding. “I found a fossilized Bigfoot skull,” said Todd May of Ogden, Utah, according to the Standard-Examiner.

May showed the “fossil” to a reporter at the paper, who described it as a rock that “looks vaguely like a smaller version of one of those Easter Island heads.” It had a pronounced forehead, flat nose, and a “chiseled” jaw and chin, the paper said.

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