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Monday, April 30, 2012

Things to Be Aware Of

My dear ones. Today will be the last message that mentions diet. Many of you are enjoying the gift of mana now. Are you managing well with it? Yes? Of course. I would not advise anything that could not keep you healthy. Those who have not begun the fresh food diet are missing an amazing experience.

Beware of the negative messages that come to you from friends, neighbors, family, etc. All are the gift of testing your commitment for following your own truth. Freedom from outside influences will be important in the next days, as many calls to ascend will be negated by those not abe to commit to ascension on their own.

FREEDOM PROJECT: NORWAY ~ The entire top leadership of the Justice Department with Secretary Morten Ruud resigned Friday 27.4.12...

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The entire top leadership of the Justice Department takes
Secretary Morten Ruud resigned Friday

GOING OFF: Departmentsråd Morten Ruud in the Justice Ministry announced Friday that he goes off. Now, assistant Secretary Hans Olav Ostgaard the same. Here's Ruud photographed at their temporary office at the Police Academy after 22 July. 


Photo: Robert Oak
Published 27/04/12 - 10:08, edited 04/27/12 - 16:25 (AP)
By Alf Bjarne Johnsen and Anne Stine Saether
  GÅR AV: Departmentsråd Morten Ruud i Justisdepartementet varslet fredag at han går av. Nå gjør assisterende departementsråd Hans Olav Østgaard det samme. Her er Ruud fotografert på sitt midlertidige kontor på Politihøgskolen etter 22. juli. Foto: Robert Eik
(AP) The entire top leadership of the Justice Ministry has sought dismissal.Also assistant secretary Hans Olav Ostgaard goes off before the summer.

This was confirmed by Justice Minister Grete Faremo (AP) to AP this afternoon.

This morning it was announced that the administrative CEO, Secretary Morten Ruud is the day that Secretary of the Justice Ministry, and that the former Hub Manager Tor Saglie take over temporarily.

- Both have sought honorably discharged. I take note of the job cuts, says Defence Minister.



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