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The force field of Love is truly beyond the powers of your mind to imagine

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02/19/2014 by John Smallman


Here in the spiritual realms, as we watch over you most lovingly and compassionately, we are very well aware of your anxiety and impatience as time rolls on with no apparent sign of humanity’s awakening.  Remember it will be sudden, unexpected – even though you are expecting it – and your joy and wonder will overwhelm you as it happens.  And, of course, that moment, the moment for it to happen, is drawing ever closer, so continue to hold your Light on high as you have been doing and know that all is perfectly and divinely taken care of.

The field of Love enveloping you has been constantly intensifying this year, and there was an enormous energy boost to it on the 14th of February as many of you are well aware.  Love is the answer to every situation, every issue, every problem, and It has been quietly and gently infiltrating every culture, race, religion, nation, in fact everywhere that people live on the planet; it is unstoppable and inescapable.

~All Souls will Ascend if this is What they Chose: Caroline Aguiar~

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By Caroline Aguiar

As I continue my life path, the phrase, “Life is the School of Learning” has become more significant for me with each passing day. This is particularly true now that my life has changed completely, and I’m physically connected to the Spiritual Realms.

Perhaps when we were in high school, we might remember History, or Geometry class where we either struggled, or sailed through the weekly lesson, but upon completing that lesson, we were asked to either write a summary, or take a test, to verify we had learned, and understood.

If we received a good grade, then we could move on to the next concept, and if not, then we continued with the same until finally, we got it right.

I feel like this is what I’m doing now, and I’ll bet many of you reading this are also feeling the same way.  After each lesson, or concept I’m presented with, part of my school work is to write a general summary about what I’ve learned to which I’m carefully graded on too.

~I'm Buzzing!!! LOL!~

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Did something happen last night?  Before falling asleep when my body was still, I began vibrating like crazy!  And this high pitch frequency sound in my head became SO loud that nothing could mask the sound.  My first thought was that something major was happening to Mother Earth.  Was there a shift or CME??  I woke up once during the night and my body was still buzzing!  I'm trying to do my job today but the sound in my head and the vibration of my body is very distracting...  any thoughts??

Archangel Uriel via Jennifer Hoffman: Asking Questions, Seeking Answers

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By: Jennifer Hoffman, 02/16/2014


This is the Archangel Uriel channeled message for February 17, 2014

In your lifetimes you follow the path of the seeker, asking questions whose answers you hope will give you the peace, comfort and solace of what you remember from your spiritual home. But your life can feel like an endless quest as you ask questions that are not answered because you have to learn that you already have the answer to any question you  may ask. The answer is already there, waiting for you to ask the question. This represents  your search for empowerment and enlightenment. When you ask a question because you want to know that you will be answered, you are in fear and seeking connection and acknowledgement. The answer to every question is within you and can be answered, depending on why you are asking the question. All of your answers are within you, no matter what question you ask.

Archangel Gabriel’s Daily Message ~ Wednesday February 19, 2014

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By:, 02/19/2014

Trying to create a brand new future for yourself built upon the old outmoded energies of the past amounts to trying to tap dance on quicksand, Dear Ones. Your new creations and your foundations must support each other in order to allow you to move forward, in the new energies, in a solid and sustainable way. ~Archangel Gabriel

The Creator Writings ~ Transition

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By: Jennifer Farley, 02/19/2014


It is time to build your ‘house’ – a place where you can exist in your bliss and peace. Fill it with family, friends and love. The Transition is upon you. ~ Creator

The Oracle Report for Wednesday, February 19, 2014

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By:, 02/19/2014


Disseminating Moon Phase: share, communicate, express, feedback


Moon: Libra/Scorpio


Ruling Mahavidya: Matangi


Wise owls understand that as the day progresses and the Moon moves closer and closer to Mars, the energy will become more pressured.  Mars is virtually at a standstill as it prepares to move backward a week and a half from now.  From a stationary position, Mars is churning the energy like a hurricane at sea, building up force.


Be at peace ~ Message from my Higher Self and SaLuSa ~ Multidimensional Ocean 18 Feb. 2014

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1932355_10152014947259023_26823166_nDear ones, we encourage you once again to go within and take stock of your inner state. This is a rather difficult thing to do, as one must face the energies within, as well as the tension built up within. This often translates as muscular tension, mental unrest, emotional rollercoaster and a general sense of fatigue.

We encourage you to do things slower than you usually would, to sleep longer, and to eat healthy, natural foods in order to replenish your body with the energy that it needs. The additional and longer cold in the northern hemisphere is adding on stress and muscular tension in your lives. Make sure not to neglect your body, to give it plenty of exercise and plenty of gentle loving care.

Do not be afraid of probing your own inner tensions, manifesting through your body as muscular tension and sore points in your body. The first step in liberating yourself from this toll is noticing these energies and releasing these negative spots by just acknowledging them. No need to “do” anything, just probing them is enough to send a nervous signal to your brain to let go.

Are you handing over your energy to those around you?

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There is much talk and discussion about “energy vampires” and this blog is written to show you that there is in TRUTH no such thing.  Yes YOU can be persuaded to give you energy over to those around you but they cannot take from you without your permission.  The old 3d earth created reality TEACHES at ALL moments that the world is full of “darkness” and this is deliberate, for in order to provoke and manifest fear WITHIN you, it must trigger said fear, it is to be noted that at ALL times the choice of whether to allow this triggering or detach from it rests with YOU.  Having said this you cannot detach from something that you cannot see and this is precisely why this teaching is so prevalent within the old 3d created earth reality.

At all moments within the old 3d earth paradigms you are TAUGHT that life is something that happens “to” you, this is highly distorted for you CREATE your human life experience from moment to moment using the frequencies that you have anchored at cellular level within your human vehicle.  In the outer waking world the TEACHING of “responsibility” is triggered over and over, coffee too hot? then sue the company who did not put the caution on the cup, there are endless lists of ways that you are TAUGHT over and over to place responsibility for all that occurs in the outer waking world at the feet of those around you.

Vicky Anderson ~ Aura ~ The Human Energy Body

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The Awakening Website  February 17 2014

GoldLotusIn the year 1930, an English physician named Dr. Edward Bach, gave up his lucrative medical practice in London to devote the rest of his life to finding what he believed to be a system of ‘energy medicine’.

Dr. Bach’s research eventually led him to develop a process with which he could extract the electro-magnetic pattern of a flower while it was in bloom. He discovered that, like the plant from which they spring forth, flowers have a vibrational component. But, because the flower is a plant’s crowning achievement, its essence carries its highest vibrational frequency.

Unlike homeopathic medicine, which works directly on the physical body, the electro-magnetic frequency patterns of Energy Medicine work on consciousness. Our consciousness uses these properties to stimulate our physical body. And the higher our consciousness is raised, the purer our mind, body and Spirit become.[i]


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