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~The Integration of Our Soul Self: Caroline Aguiar~

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By Caroline Aguiar

We’ve heard much about the process of integration with ones souls self, and how at this time, different  aspects of our soul, our Higher Selves, are returning to integrate with us so we may continue our ascension with more information about the truth of who we are, and our mission here at this time.

Many people are experiencing re-integration with their Higher Self.  Perhaps this is why we are also experiencing a flood of memories, also known as life reviews, because it’s these life reviews which put two and two together, and enable us to see the correlation between significant life experiences from our past to those which are occurring now.

Many people, myself included, have also experienced a deepening need for solitude, and contemplation.  This is when we quietly go within our heart center in search of balance, and this is where we are able to BE with our True Self.

Selacia ~ Your Past Lives And Relationships In 2014 ~ Importance Of Past Life Seeds ~

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SelaciaBy Selacia

Within you from past lives are the seeds of your current and future relationships. If this sounds like a stretch of the imagination, consider the following.

From the time you were in your mother’s womb, you were being conditioned by the world – learning how to relate to your circumstances, to other people, and even to yourself. Woven between much of this conditioning were seeds from your ancient past.

These seeds, holding potentials of what you could and would become, came with you. They were part of a package of energy encoded in your very DNA. Some are quite beneficial, such as those helping you to be patient with others. Some seeds can hold you back – like those causing you to distrust others without justification.

Seeds from Your Past Lives

Where did these seeds come from? They originated from your past – including your own past lives, ancestral material from your family lineage, and even from the vast evolving mass consciousness of humanity. That last category is really huge, and must be considered part of your past, present, and future potentials.

Eileen Meyer: What Is The Event? A Meeting With Your Maker

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Last night I awoke into a full body-mind-spirit event. It was a total immersion into Oneness, and the Wisdom that IS that ONEness in-formed me, by demonstration, for a few hours that THIS is what “the event” is. I fully expected to wake up in the morning and receive the confirmation that it did, in fact, occur for everyone. So far though, I am beginning to decipher that what I experienced was a preview for what every human being will enter into in our own timing of this intersection, or Meeting with our Maker.

I am not able to share all of the understandings that are integrating now, so I will share what simply bubbles up and out as I write this morning. Let’s be clear, this sharing is a result of my direct experience and then my best attempts to translate it into language.

Understand that I do not use the phrase “the Event” normally, but since I am trying to convey this through language, I am encouraged to use words and phrases that people can identify with. Personally, I dislike using “popular” spiritual words and phrases because it triggers the intellect and its obsession with searching the mind for matching files from the past in order to protect the mind from having to feel any further discomfort with something “new” or “unknown”. Hell, we could call it the big “Poodle Proceeding” for all I care.

Meredith Murphy ~ Mini-Energy Update: Being Conditioned To Fluidity ~ 17 February 2014

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MeredithMurphyby Meredith Murphy


There has been a lot of flux and flow, and continuously increasing intensity to the incoming energies this year.

Realize this: you are being conditioned to fluidity.

You are being supported by these incoming particles of light, to identify with an eternal sense of YOU, instead of the local experiences of each moment.

You’re being impulsed to live beyond prior ideas, paradigms, patterns, beliefs, and the energy is helping us rise up in frequency and perspective.

The target is orienting at a level of perpetualness. To open up and center from the fullness we are, so we can relate to the moment as an experience of expanding awareness and as a reflection of the energy we are. This can empower us with insight, so we might cultivate and refine our energy field and thus what arises as our experience, as we feel inspired.

We’re on a road to living as an empowered, confident, CREATOR. A true expression of who we each are — divine and unlimited.

Archangel Gabriel's Daily Message ~ Sunday February 16, 2014

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By:, 02/16/2014

So many people live their lives in an attempt to please others. They don’t rock the boat, they put everyone else’s wishes above their own, and do everything they can to avoid upsetting others. They try to ensure other people’s happiness through their actions. While we know this comes from a place that seeks love and acceptance, it is doomed to fail. Let us tell you why.

The idea that you can make another person happy is completely faulty. You may temporarily please another, but if they are dependant upon you for their emotional state, they will never find happiness because happiness cannot be found from an external. Happiness must come from within. Because they are looking to an external to make them whole, and that will never, ever work, they will come to resent you for not being able to make them happy. You will find you will have to perform greater and greater feats to try to please them, which will only lead to your own exhaustion and resentment, and ultimate disappointment.

~Change is in the Air~Archangel Raphael: by John Allen

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Hello! It is I, Raphael. I come to you today at a very important time indeed. The energy that now permeates around us at this most beautiful time has much to say to each and every one of you. It brings with it new and exciting change. Much has changed since we have last spoken. This channel is more open for me than he was at first. Change can be very overwhelming and this channel is an example of this. We are more attuned to each others energies now. We will begin with other pressing issues.
The new age is upon you. Embrace this knowing and move forward into what you have chosen. Do not be idle. Value your thoughts and feelings. Realize that they are paving your way into a new world full of possibilities. What waits just around the corner will surprise you leaving many of you in fear. Light workers will be needed to appease the fear that many will have. All of you have been called to into action. What is needed now from all of you are acts of kindness, love, patience, and togetherness. The dark is more or less gone but they have left many scars in their wake. Healing must take place; the healing of a world and all who are connected.

Master Kuthumi via Natalie Glasson: Highs and Lows of Present Ascension

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Depiction of Master KuthumiMaster Kuthumi: Highs and Lows of Present Ascension, channeled by Natalie Glasson, February 15, 2014 at | Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

It is always with and as love that I greet you, experiencing the joy of connection and truth within each of our beings. Love as you know is the greatest tool for any form of reality, whether you are on the Earth or the inner planes, it is love that will support you and act as a tool to wield. It is therefore important I come forth to you greeting you with and as love because it reminds and awakens a deeper space of awareness and truth of love within your being.

If love is the greatest tool to aid and support any existence it is also the greatest shift to occur within your being. Therefore love is not only an energy to be experienced but a quality to be embodied completely and enacted within your reality purely and honestly. There is no moving away from the Creator because in order to heal, to return to oneness and to experience joy there is the need for acceptance of love, realising it is your powerful tool.

~Hilarion's Weekly Message~

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February 16-23, 2014


Beloved Ones,

As the lunar energies bring in added clarity and the greater ability to give love and be love in all its many wondrous facets, remember that you are the ones who have ability to receive and transmit the light that falls down upon the Earth. Even in the midst of challenges, you can transmute the situation by using the energy and vibration of love, for love is the greatest and most powerful force in existence. Each time that you do this, another avenue for the light is established on the Earth. Kindness given in any instance is always met with an equivalent benevolent response. To those who are attuned to the higher frequencies, this immutable law of love is easily identified, observable and in constant operation.

Ida Lawrence: Spirits in the Flesh

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Flickr - Body -  F. C. PhotographyIda Lawrence, Contributor for Waking Times,

People need encouragement: we really do, because we’re in for some changes that we might experience as painful and unjust. We also need information and honesty. Justice can be welcomed… or not. But it will come because it’s natural law… energy goes out, energy comes back around: everything gets resolved perfectly in the end.

We can accept it as mathematics; truth, light of different densities, information, and love, plus grace. Grace: that’s the little fraction in our favor – life favors life. To me it just adds up that way, and it makes sense. So that’s my encouragement… nurture the virtue within and trust in Grace.

Lightness of being: I heard Deepak say we want that. Yes, I do agree to lightness! I meditate; and the benefit is superb. I read articles online and listen to videos: so much info it’s like a consciousness superhighway. I cherish the moments of detachment, pausing in the ‘Now’. Life is a precious evolutionary experience and we’re here… in it! This is our chance to evolve; maybe clean up some past stuff, or help out in the renewal.


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