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Prescription Opioids Take a Backseat to Medical Cannabis, Study Shows

by Sabrina Mueller, Awareness Junkie

New research shows that, given the choice, patients will now reach for cannabis over prescription opioids, anti-depressants and sedatives, such as Valium and Xanax.

Canada is one of the first nations to create a federal medical cannabis program. As of August 2016, more than 65,000 patients were receiving products from more than 30 federally-licensed medical cannabis producers.

Collecting Medical Cannabis Data

In order to asses the merit of the new federal program, professors at the University of British Columbia (UBC) and the University of Victory created a survey of 107 questions. These questions pertained to demographics, patterns of use and the cannabis substitution effect.

Two hundred and seventy one patients, all with prescriptions to medical cannabis, responded to the survey. These individuals had a wide range of conditions including chronic pain, metal health and gastrointestinal issues, while also retaining prescriptions for many other drugs.


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All the Fantastic Interweaving

God said:

Just as the sky is spread out before you, so is the world. There is a panorama of Life in the World, and it is all there before you. Take your pick.

You can look up at the full canopy of the sky. In the same sky above, you can see pretty blue sky with white powder-puff clouds. Look at another part of the sky, and you can see dark clouds in a dark sky. You may think:

“Thunderstorm coming.”

Or you might look up at the sky and spot a rainbow, yet, all of this is One Sky, and who can say that only some of God’s Sky is beautiful? If you personally can’t say that thunderclouds are beautiful, can you not say that you are seeing wonders before your eyes? Is a dark sky any less a miracle than a blue clear sky with white embossed clouds?

So is Life, the Life you live, and the Life and Lives you remark on. Remember, I looked at Creation, and I said: “It is good.” I could have said: “This is a fantastic sky. We sure hit the jackpot!”

Oh, the incredible weaving of the world I wove. Everything in place. Every aspect taken care of. Such integration. I could have said: “This is perfect, all the interweaving.”

The same way, a child, admires what his little hands patted together from Play Dough. He looks at what he has made with good feeling. He did well, and Life is good. Look at what he made!

Also say that what you made is good.


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10 Of The Most Powerful All-Natural Antibiotics Known To Man

by Kalee Brown, Collective Evolution

There’s a huge shift right now occurring within the medical industry. More and more people are starting to learn that modern medicine and the pharmaceutical industry have become more concerned with profit than they are with people.

Mark Mattson, Chief of the Laboratory of Neuroscience at the National Institute on Aging, has explained that pharmaceutical companies can’t make money off of healthy people, which is why there is no funding for research. So, it’s not really surprising that drug companies would manufacture pills that have negative side effects, because then they can keep us sick.

Arnold Seymour Relman, a Harvard professor of medicine and former Editor-in-Chief of the New England Medical Journal, has also stated:


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500 Children Missing In DC In 2017 — Sex Trafficking Fears Have Officials Asking FBI For Help

(Matt Agorist, FTP) Washington, D.C. — A total of 501 juveniles have been reported missing in D.C. since the beginning of the year. This startling number has forced the hands of several officials who’ve written a letter to call on special help from the Justice Department in investigating the matter.

The letter, obtained by the Associated Press, asked FBI Director James Comey and Attorney General Jeff Sessions to “devote the resources necessary to determine whether these developments are an anomaly or whether they are indicative of an underlying trend that must be addressed.” It was signed by Congressional Black Caucus Chairman Cedric Richmond (D-La) and Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, who represents D.C. in Congress.

“Ten children of color went missing in our nation’s capital in a period of two weeks and at first garnered very little media attention. That’s deeply disturbing,” Richmond’s letter said.


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Daily Message ~ Sunday March 26, 2017

Dear Ones, it is your surrender, trust, and faith that keeps you in your most abundant state of flow, as well as in a state of open acceptance and allowing. They are the vital keys to all that you wish to experience and create. Simply put, if you choose not to stay in your surrendered faith and flow with your trust, you are choosing to keep yourself separate from the stream of endless support and love that is available to you. Trust is both the anchor and the activator that allows the potentials you never knew were available to make themselves known to you and expand your life in the most miraculous ways. ~Archangel Gabriel



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GFP Newsletter - 3/25/2017

Consciousness is one and can only be one.

It is just like the light. East and West make no difference at all. Geography has no effect as far as consciousness is concerned.


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Study Reveals That This Group Of People Has The Healthiest Hearts In The World

by Brianna Acuesta, True Activist

People living in Western societies, or those living with the luxury of technology, often find it unfathomable that groups of people survived before them without these same advancements. Although phones and computers are recent devices that many people know how to make-do without, people often question how others survived without modern medicine, procedures, food, and much more.

The problem with technology and a rapidly growing population is that while it aids us in everyday transactions, there are actually huge downfalls to becoming so advanced. One area in which this is evident is with people’s health. Though modern medicine boasts a plethora of prescription drugs to help with endless ailments and surgeries that can fix most issues, the alternative side to that is people in the past didn’t have nearly as many issues because their overall health wasn’t always as bad. Yes, their life expectancies were shorter because of disease and different ways of living, but they also didn’t have junk food or sugary drinks they had daily.


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The 8 Most Nutrient Dense Foods on Earth

Jill Ettinger, Guest Writer
Waking Times

We all know which foods we do best to avoid (right?). Despite the alluring appeal of Oreos, Mountain Dew or McAnything, processed foods provide little nutrition and a whole lot of risks. But when it comes to the good stuff—what are the best foods to put into our bodies? While experts all agree we need a variety of foods for a healthy diet, do you know which are the healthiest of the bunch? The answers may surprise and delight you.


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A Day Off

God said:

Do the little things today that may give you a little happiness. Today take a break from making breakthroughs. Today get away from responsibility with My blessing. Take a day off. Today only. Let today be your Sabbath whatever day of the week it is. If you can’t take a day off today, set up another day.

Get out into the fresh air. Sit under the trees. Read a book. Lie in a hammock under the sun. Pick a rose.

Bake something. Eat it while still warm.

Treat yourself in an unexpected way.

If you can do whatever you want today, what might it be? This is what I would like you to do today.

If you feel overwrought, under-do for a while.

Get away from it all today. Assign yourself to taking it easy. Assign yourself to the little joys.

Give yourself some peace.

If you want to lie on your back and look up at the sky, lie on your back and look up at the sky. This is your assignment.

Look at your place in the world in new ways. Today, it’s okay to be lazy. Today there is no denying your right to be at ease today. Easy does it. This is what I ask of you today.

Want to ride your bike? Go ahead. No pressure.

Want to sit at the river’s edge? Do it.

If you happen to be someone who likes to clean closets, go right ahead. Empty space around. Give yourself room. No need to fill space nor time.


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Daily Message ~ Saturday March 25, 2017

Dear Ones, so many of you see being trusting as being foolish but in reality trust is what opens the door to love, to healing, to creation, and expansion. Trust is heart-centred movement, which is at the core of your enlightenment process and how to move with and harness the higher vibrating energies you are now experiencing. It is safe to trust a universe that only loves and supports you, and it is safe to trust yourself to start to navigate your life through the divine intelligence of your heart. ~Archangel Gabriel



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On Its Way

As the waves of the latest ‘upgrade’ your planet has undergone subside, take a few moments to reflect on what you have learned.  Just as animals shed skin or move to larger homes, you have been given the opportunity to increase your light and your skills.  You have released things that has been weighing you down for quite some time and this will increase your ability to manifest what you want, when you want it.   Even though the process may have been exhausting, there is a newer and stronger positive energy arriving even as you read this.  Keep breathing and know that it is on its way. ~ Creator



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GFP Newsletter - 3/24/2017

Anybody who creates crime, anybody who creates misery, anybody who makes people suffer, is a help to the religious leaders, to the organized church.

Jesus was dangerous. Although he had done nothing, he had been saying things which could become dynamite and destroy the whole organized religion: he had to be stopped.


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What You Have Really Been Seeking

God said:

What is your style of living? What is it really? Is it being the Princess and the Pea? Is it being the Hare as in the Aesop fable of the Tortoise and the Hare? Or are you like the Tortoise who is slow and steady? Perhaps it is your style to take your own sweet time? Or, perhaps, can it be your style to point out errors?

Many of My children practice the style of complaining as a way of life. Perhaps you are quick to see a fault wherever it may be. Perhaps you an expert at finding flaws. Perhaps spotting a flaw out there somehow makes you feel better. What exactly is pleasing about finding fault? What? Does it give you a feeling of emperorship?

Wherever your dissatisfaction comes from, you don’t have to honor it. You may be perfectly right, yet what has that got to do with anything? In the world, Beloveds, there is always an opposite.

Why are you looking for perfection outside yourself, or, within yourself? In world terms, you can’t be everything, have everything. You will come to the place where you will appreciate everyone and everything in everyone. In the world, it is not so easy to please or to be pleased. Not even the Great Spiritual Ones pleased everyone by a long shot.

Yet there is good within everyone. There is gold within everyone. If there is gold within you, you are not the only one. Everyone has gold within. You may have to look for it.


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UN Calls For Worldwide Treaty To Phase Out Pesticides & Transition To Sustainable Farming

by Alanna Ketler, Collective Evolution

The debate concerning the safety of chemical pesticides used on food crops for humans and animals alike rages on. Some believe the risk is negligible, and simply washing your produce mitigates any potentially risks these chemical pose, while others argue that plants grown in pesticides absorb the chemicals into their flesh, which means washing the outer skin offers little protection. Many people buy organic produce to avoid this, but others believe the organic label to be little more than a money making ploy.

Regardless of what side of the argument you land on, it has been proven time and time again that chemical pesticides wreak havoc on human health.



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