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You are all loved beyond measure.

As so many channels are telling you, humanity is moving collectively forward very rapidly toward the moment of awakening.  And there are signs of this in many places where loving concern and compassion are arising in discussions about the major issues that need to be practically resolved in order to prevent further, and possibly irreparable, catastrophic damage from being done to the planet, which could cause mass extinctions.  Humanity is at a tipping point, a point at which balance must be restored allowing and encouraging a whole new way of living to be established that honors all life forms.

There is no separation, and to attempt to live as if separation is real, while at the same time refusing to honor all life forms, is truly insane.  Much of humanity now sees this, but there are still many people with power and influence whose sole agenda is to maintain their positions regardless of the cost.  They tend to be the ones on whom the mainstream media focuses a lot of attention because they are powerful and influential.  Nevertheless, the days when people like these could arrogantly enforce their wishes on the subservient masses are over, period!

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Divinely Guided

What does being Divinely guided mean?

It means knowing that there are forces at work creating a beautiful world.

It means listening to your heart, making a choice or decision and feeling good about it.

It means understanding that those around you may not have the same opinions and loving them anyway.

It means that, no matter what happens, you can rest assured that there will always be a better tomorrow waiting for you.

It means that when you choose honesty and integrity over personal gain, that you are truly doing the right thing.

It means loving yourself regardless of your past, knowing that your past is one of the things that made you the person you are today.

It means forgiving (yourself and others) even though the hurt may be too much to bear in the moment.

It is knowing that The Universe is supporting and guiding you through every magical step of your amazing life.

It is embracing the fact that Unconditional Love does exist, and you are a glorious part of it all. ~ Creator

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Daily Message ~ Saturday August 11, 2018

As you get more comfortable with showing up as your authentic self, you become far more consistent to people. The more consistent you are, the more safe you become to others. Everyone has a much better idea what to expect which creates a lovely flow of connection between you and others. This is why doing your own inner work is so important. It allows you to know and show up as your true self, which people can then respond to more authentically. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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To What Do You Attribute Your Good Fortune?

God said:

Beloved, woes occur in life, and so does good fortune. Forsake woes, and focus on your blessings. There are more ways than one you can honestly look at life. You have the freedom to focus on what you see as misfortune. You also have good fortune to look in the eye. Everyone may seemingly be pursued at one time or another by tragic misfortune. Top-notch blessings also fall on everyone. Everyone on Earth has the choice of regrets his whole life long, yet why persist? Blessings fall where they may. Everyone is also blessed.

GFP Newsletter - 8/10/2018

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Live according to your own light. Find your own light within and live according to it without any fear. It is our existence, we are part of it, and whatever existence wants us to be, it has given us potentially. Use it! Actualize it! Never hold back, and never be miserly in living, in loving, in sharing, in singing, in dancing, in anything that you are doing or not doing.


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As time goes on and you move further along in this shift, things that used to bother you are no longer an issue.  The little annoyances of everyday life become inconsequential and easily put aside because, quite frankly, they no longer matter.  When you choose to focus your attention on the beautiful and amazing things on your Earth plane, the negative falls away, leaving you lighter and brighter ever before.  Dearest one…this is what growth and learning is all about!  Releasing lower vibrational energies and ‘moving on’ is exactly what you are meant to do!  Rise above the noise and become the you The Universe has always known you can be. ~ Creator

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Daily Message ~ Friday August 10, 2018

Human beings tend to be very hard on themselves. We would love for you to adopt a new practice – celebrating your successes before you go to sleep at night.

Simply review, when you climb into your bed, the good you did throughout your day. The best you did perhaps was just getting out of bed in the morning and facing the day, but that is still a success and can be celebrated. It might be that you called a friend and offered encouragement to them. You might have shown love to your family. You could have simply held open a door for another, which is simple service in action. Perhaps you meditated with a focus on peace.

There are so many ways you shine your innate goodness that you don’t even recognize! Taking a moment to acknowledge those things is an act of love and gratitude for yourself, and creates a lovely energy of self acceptance to end your day from. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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What Does Freedom Mean?

God said:

Beloved, the way you perceive is modeled from where you sit or from where you stand. You have your own seeing range. You see from your point of view. You may adore something the way it is, or you may have no tolerance for something the way it is depending upon from where you take a look. Cannot life be fair game, or must life be proscribed?

GFP Newsletter - 8/9/2018

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In asking for more you go on missing that which you have.

A meditator neither bothers about the past that is gone, nor bothers about the future that has not come yet. He is focused in the present, and whatever he has, he enjoys it to its full.


ETERNITY IS Just That, Now

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To me, Creation is an amazing thought in possibility and as an experience it's life to the max in simplicity of presence. What is truly present is the all, and the one EYE. Everyone is so concerned with privacy when the whole living universe is conscious of everything, love is the GRACE given by the EYE.

To see the beauty of creation in every way and in everything. Love is just sharing life with what creates creation. I could go stand on a mountain and the all is there too. I am me, simply it's much easier to be simple than live in a world of infighting and ignorance wanting to be in charge. Lol

LOVE got me and LOVE can't let go because LOVE IS Everything so in love I am everything, too.

Logic is love being expressed as PRESENT-Ness. I wonder how long is eternity because that's how long the LIVING MOMENT exists. Well, ETERNITY IS just that, Now. Yep, WE GOT THIS, YOU got This too.
Where else can we be? Lol

Well, the Thought is there delivered with love, grace and present-Ness, Yep enjoy.

Everyone in illusion is truly asleep, unknowing of all they are. Well WAKE the NOW in them, joy is the result, love the experience, lol, they just don't know it yet. I am gonna love watching the transformation with joy and laughter, aren't you? lol

I feel very good about the GFP, we have done our best to stay true to our mission statement as possible in the land of the... Lol, Who's there?

HU + MANITY is mentioned to be the GODS WE ALL ARE, by golly, by jolly, and away WE go.

Santa is sleighing ignorance with a "PRESENT-NESS" A GIFT FROM THE ALL TO THE ALL, as NOW can BE.

Yep, a shift has happened and the now is alive and as present as can be

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A gentle reminder…

Manifestations are happening more and more quickly every day!  Positive or negative; your wish is The Universe’s command.  Amazing and wonderful things are waiting for you so, take a few moments today and really think about what you want.  If manifestation is a lock on a door…what is the key?  It is within you!  With pure love, pure thought and pure intent, anything is possible. ~ Creator

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Daily Message ~ Thursday August 9, 2018

Questions to ask over the next few days: What do I need to move forward with grace and ease? What is my body asking for? What blessings can I celebrate in this Now moment? How much gratitude can I feel for my personal transformation? How can I find comfort and alignment? What would bring me joy? What do I need to give myself permission to do to move forward? What mastery do I have today that I didn’t have last year at this time?

All of these questions are designed to help you navigate the energies of transformation you are now in. These are glorious times, Dear Ones! Finding the wonder in them will help you remember the wonder in you. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

Shelley’s note: Today is the day our Surrender Series starts on One Mind Live! I’m so excited about this collaboration with Naomi Janzen and Stephen Fearnley the incorporates EFT tapping, original music, and meditation, all designed to help you with your surrender practice. Hope you’ll join us! You can sign up here:

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Free to Give

God said:

Beloved, sure, We can sit around and talk things over. For the most part, you and I, We get down to business, which, in this case, means love. We get right on with life. We don’t haggle. We don’t make deals. We don’t barter. We don’t owe each other. Of course, We just are, One to One.

We are up front and don’t make trades, as the world does indeed make deals. We, the One of Us, is inviolate.

GFP Newsletter - 8/8/2018

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You have been poisoned for so long, and you have been taught so many wrong things, that it has become almost a dragging. Rather than being a dance, life has become a dragging from the cradle to the grave. People go on living because, what else to do? They don't commit suicide because if life is so miserable, how can they hope death is going to be better?

So rather than focusing on the art of living, focus on where your life arises, in the very roots from where it gets its juice. Go deep within yourself searching for the roots of your life, and suddenly you will come across what mystics have called enlightenment, awakening, or the experience of the divine. After that experience you are a totally different person.

Then each act will have your totality behind it.


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Keep Being You

During the next wave of this massive shift, many dichotomies will be presenting themselves.  You may in a very good space…feeling good, centered and calm, as if nothing can ‘ruffle your feathers’.  Then, seemingly out of nowhere, chaos will come to visit. (Smiling) This is not mean to throw you off your groove or to distract; instead it is showing you exactly how far you have come in your growth process.  How you choose to act and react to it will also show you what you need to change to continue your path.  If others are presenting themselves to you in this way, please know that you are showing them a different way of being…a lighter and brighter direction for their own growth.  You keep doing you and The Universe will take of the rest. ~ Creator


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