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Daily Message ~ Monday May 24, 2021

We’d like to further yesterday’s message about meeting people where they are and navigating the vibrational layers between you and others.

Imagine a two story house with a basement. The basement could be considered 3D. The main floor is 4D. The upstairs is 5D. The attic is where the angels, masters, and higher guides reside. Most people who have not begun their enlightenment journey would be in resonance with the basement. Others who are firmly on their enlightenment journey are spending more and more of their time upstairs.

The people in the basement have some idea that there’s a floor above them. They may even occasionally go up the stairs and explore it a little before the go back to the basement. But they really don’t have much of an awareness of the upstairs or attic because there is too much space between them and that area.

You, on the other hand, remember the basement because that is where you started and you have awareness of both the main floor and the attic from where you are. To meet people in the middle you would go to the main floor and encourage people in the basement to meet you there.

Do you see? It is a layer that you can both access with relative ease and a place where you can see and acknowledge each other. And while there may be some people who aren’t quite ready to come up the stairs to the higher floors of the house, you are all occupying the same building and are equally valued and loved no matter where you are choosing to spend the majority of your time. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Sunday May 23, 2021

As you continue to shift and evolve along your journey, it may create an energetic gap between where you are and where others around you are. This is quite a normal aspect of the shift. This is where your wisdom comes in. If you wish to connect with others who aren’t occupying the same vibrational space as you are, you must meet them where they are.

Different energetic layers open as you move along your enlightenment journey. This is the natural outcome of evolution. What this means is you all have access to energies you have already evolved beyond. You can dip back into them but you would not find it comfortable to stay there.

But people do not have at will access to higher vibrational energies that they have not yet evolved into alignment with. This explains why others can’t understand you or meet you where you are. Simply put, their layer is open to you but yours is not open to them yet.

So we highly recommend if you are wishing to connect with others that you meet them in the middle. With your love and compassion, feel into the highest energetic point they are capable of and connect with them there. There is always a point, if you approach with understanding and openness and a willingness to simply accept people where they are where you can connect.

We suggest using the universal desires for peace, safety, acceptance, and acknowledgement as your common denominators, for those are the points where hearts can open to each other.~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

GFP Newsletter - 5/22/2021

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Feel this peace, absorb that silence. And as you absorb it, it becomes deeper... it starts touching your heart.

There is no movement, but you will feel a dance.

There is no word, but you will feel a song.

It is as if there is nobody, but a tremendous oneness... all personalities gone and only one consciousness, throbbing in synchronicity with each other.


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Daily Message ~ Saturday May 22, 2021

A common current message in the collective lately is don’t be in fear. If you understand fear is a contraction and contrary to your flow, you can see that fear is not a forward moving energy. But simply telling others not to be in fear is not necessarily helpful if they do not have the tools to move beyond that fear. In fact, it can put them into a deeper state of powerlessness because they will know that the fear is not helpful but they will feel even worse about themselves for not being able to shift out of that fear. It puts them into even deeper resistance to themselves and their emotions that are simply seeking acknowledgement and healing.

Fear is simply an activation that occurs when a part of you feels unsafe. Berating yourself or others for that natural feeling will only compound the feeling of the lack of safety. You simply cannot resist anything into healing because healing is a flow and resistance is contrary to flow. So what do you do about fear?

The first thing to do is to ground into your present moment. The vast majority of the time your fear is a projection into the future but the reality is you are fine in your now moment. Using your awareness to notice all the things that are working for you in your present moment takes you out of the energies of the wounds of the past and the unknowns of the future. Breathe. Find the things that are supporting you and feel the safety that exists for you in that moment.

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Daily Message ~ Friday May 21, 2021

Many of you are at a point in the integration of the new energies that you will be starting to experience super accelerated flow. This is due to the fact that you have released much of the old and have been poised and waiting for the wave of transformation to sweep you forward into the new. That wave is now catching many of you and carrying you forward.

Despite the fact that many of you have been in a pregnant pause or a lull phase for what feels like a long period of time and have been waiting for forward movement, this sudden movement can come with its challenges. You may feel excitement/anxiety much like riding a roller coaster. You’ve been in line waiting for your turn so you know you are more than willing for the experience but your reactions can be multifaceted once you get into the energy of the ride.

It can be disconcerting to be in a slower energy of a lull for a period of time and then suddenly have to start thinking on your feet because you’ve entered fast flow. Even though you have spent a lot of time in preparation, it is still swinging the pendulum to the other end of the spectrum and it can take a moment to orient yourself. It is much like needing your full awareness after being suddenly woken up from a long, deep sleep.

GFP Newsletter - 5/20/2021

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You will have to understand one thing: that I don't represent any old tradition, I don't represent any old religion; I don't represent any Gautam Buddha or Mahavira or Mohammed or Jesus or Moses -- I simply represent myself.

And if you can love and trust a stranger who does not belong to any orthodox organization, then with me, meditation will be happening... and soon, without me also it will be happening. It will take a little time. It will take a little time because it needs to grow roots.


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The Patient Parent

You have seen it many times; a parent attempting to direct their young child away from something that has captured their attention. In one instance, the parent imposes their will and the child is taken from the object of his/her brief affection kicking and screaming until something else equally fascinating appears. In the second instance; they talk gently to the child, offering choices and waiting patiently while the child processes the information.

The Universe has been (and will always be) the patient, gentle parent to you. You’ve been gifted free will, the opportunity to choose your path and you will never be denied this experience. ~ Creator

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Daily Message ~ Thursday May 20, 2021

Dear Ones, expansion is how you experience more comfort, presence, and engagement in your life. So many of you find yourselves in an alignment that works for you and feels satisfying and then try to hold onto staying in that energy forever. If you understand the universe works in flow, you can see that won’t work.

When you try to keep things the same, you start resisting the natural unfoldment of your journey. If you really dig in, you will start to get more and more uncomfortable because you are creating a gap between where you are and where your soul is beckoning you to go for your next highest experience. You will be trying to thrive in energies that will have less and less energetic support for you.

We understand it is a natural human tendency to find something you like and want to stay with it, but that is actually based on a belief that good energetic matches are rare. In truth, that energetic match is a starting point, not an end point. By allowing its unfoldment you let it grow and evolve and become so much more.

Trust that if you have found something you love the flow will allow it to become everything it can be and more. By giving things the opportunity expand into their greatest expressions of self you will be a willing dance partner with the universe, firmly rooted in your faith and trust, and willing to be led to the discovery of more than you could ever imagine. It is time to drop the constraints and let your lives get as big and beautiful as they want to be. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Wednesday May 19, 2021

There has been much talk about fear lately. Fear, simply put, is contracting energy. You at your core are beings of love, and as such thrive in expansive energies.

But what we wish for you to understand is that what is fear for one might be expansion for another. For example, jumping out of an airplane might be unthinkable for one person, but the culmination of a dream for another. Interesting how the same activity could make one person panic and another feel so exhilarated and alive!

Whether something feels constrictive or expansive is individual and is how you can tell if something is right for you or not. You are all unique beings with your own soul agendas and personal preferences. Your fear might be another person’s flow, and not only is that perfectly normal, it is wonderful that you all have such freedom of expression.

It is time to honour the free will and innate mastery of each other. It is also time to honour your own free will and settle into the idea that you are the only expert on you. If you stay in your heart, embrace your flow, and follow where your soul is calling you, you can never, ever make a mistake. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


GFP Newsletter - 5/18/2021

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It is possible in this very moment to drop all your prejudices, cleanse your mind. It simply needs absolute decisiveness, ultimate trust, and a love that knows no bounds.

But if it cannot happen this moment, I don't want anybody to become sad and fall into a state of despair. It can happen tomorrow. You can relax, there is no hurry. But please understand the process clearly: Love your body -- against all the religions. Love your mind, refine your mind -- against all the religions.

And I say to you that fight is not the way; love is the way. Love your body, love your mind, and that very love will create the energy, the atmosphere to transcend the mind, to create what I call meditation or the state of no-mind. It will come. It has to come. Nobody has to go from this temple empty-handed.



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