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Daily Message ~ Tuesday October 23, 2018

There is a belief that the universe sends you tests or lessons. This is simply not true. The idea of lessons or tests implies that you are being judged or graded and nothing could be further from the truth. It also suggests that you are powerless in what happens to you, and that is also simply not true.

What you do have are themes that you have chosen to experience throughout your incarnation. They are learning opportunities in particular areas that you are desiring to explore. And the fact that you have chosen them as your specific major of study means that the full potential is there for you to move into a much greater understanding and mastery of them.  You would not choose to focus on an area that you were not ready for or did not have the prerequisites to be successful with.

You are on the planet to evolve in whatever unique direction your soul wishes to explore and expand into this time around. You are sovereign in all the decisions, and delighted to have the opportunity for your own perfectly chosen focused field of study. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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What Can Amaze God?

God said:

Beloved, how many or how few people agree intrinsically with each other as if they were made for each other? From the general view, hardly enough, yet it happens. How peaceful and energizing pure harmony can be when there is lots more of it. Let’s have it!

As it is, what is accomplished from good people who do not always see eye to eye?

This uncanny world of Our making is made of outright genius. The world heaps wonder upon wonder. Hurray for this Universe that sparkles life! Do you follow Me?

GFP Newsletter - 10/22/2018

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When you are living in the mind, in passion, your whole life is power politics. Even your love, even your social service, even your humanitarian works, are nothing but power politics. Deep down, there is a desire to be powerful over others.

The same energy, when the mind is dropped, becomes compassion. And it takes a totally new turn. It is no longer begging; you become an emperor, you start giving. Now you have something -- you had it always, but because of the mind, you were not aware of it.

The mind was functioning like darkness around you, and you were unaware of the light within. The mind was creating an illusion of being a beggar, while all the time you had been an emperor. The mind was creating a dream; in reality you never needed anything.

All had already been given. All that you need, all that you can need, is already the case.


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The Next Step…

Once again, it is time to fasten your seat-belts!  The Universe has planned some big things and they will be coming your way very soon.  This is not something to be afraid of…instead, it is time to welcome it with open arms.  All the information you have been receiving, the skills you have been practicing and the wisdom you have been accumulating will be put to good use.  Allow yourself to know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that this is something you can handle and handle well.

Remember, dear one, you were made for this!  (Smiling) The courage and conviction is in place, all you have to do is tap into it.  The Universe, as always, is offering Unconditional Love and unwavering support as you take the next step in your amazing journey! ~ Creator

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Daily Message ~ Monday October 22, 2018

Your greatest purpose is to embrace being your authentic self. The more you shine in your unique truth, the more you embody the exact traits, abilities, and energy you came onto the planet with to serve both your own path and the whole. The more you allow yourself to shine, the more you expand and the more you draw to you the exact circumstances that support you and your purpose. It all starts with simply acknowledging that being authentically you is not only more than enough, it’s the whole point and then letting that true soul essence lead the way. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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In Your True Light

God said:

Beloved, you do not have to think so much. You are a Being of God. You contribute to the Earth. This is natural. It is yours to do. You aren’t doing anyone a favor. You are a High Being, High Human Being. You uplift the world simply by flying high.

The occasion of Our Love is ongoing. Our love never evaporates. It is Infinite. Our love shines. It shines now.

You are as I AM. You ARE I AM.

GFP Newsletter - 10/21/2018

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Evolution means that the universe has always been there - constantly changing, moving, evolving, creating new forms, better forms. It is evolution that has brought about man and his consciousness.

Evolution is religion for Zarathustra, not creation. And in evolution there is no place for God, at least not as a creator. The only place possible for God, if you love the word, if you want it somehow to be fitted in somewhere, the only possibility is that man's consciousness evolves to its ultimate potential.

That will be the creation of God.



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I have learned that if ya got real LOVE, YA DON'T NEED RELIGION, LOL.



I learned not to be in charge, but always be CONNECTED. It tickles, the charging.


I have been captured by LOVE, THERE IS NO ESCAPE. LTFOL




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Time To Start…

There are things in your past that have made you who you are today.  A person, place or thing came into your life and changed everything from black & white to color in an instant.  Those micro-seconds created beauty where none existed before.

Today, you are being asked to explore your past, to bring those amazing moments into your now.  Use those feelings to create something wonderful for yourself, to embrace what is coming and to learn that, yes, you can experience it again.  There is joy in living and where you are headed now may need that extra boost to keep you moving.  The Universe has given you all the tools you need, now it is time to start using them. ~ Creator

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Daily Message ~ Sunday October 21, 2018

Many of you, in a desire to take back control or keep yourself safe after a situation has hurt you, have taken vows that you will never do something again. It might be, “I will never love again” or “I will never trust again” or “I will never let anyone get too close again” or any other declaration of denial.

We wish for you to examine any of these you may still be carrying. You will have a recognition, a knowingness, or perhaps have a memory surface of a time you have been hurt. Once you are aware of what you may be carrying, we suggest you then ask, “Does this really reflect my current wisdom?” “Does this support or hinder my expansion?” “Does this match who I am today?” “Does this move me toward what I really want or does it keep me stuck in old energy?”

You heal old limiting beliefs with new declarations of self. You might wish to replace, “I will never trust again” with “I trust wisely and with discernment”. You might switch “I will never love again” with “It is safe for me to love and be loved, in fact, that is what I am here to do”. You might change “I will never let anyone get too close again” with “Connection now supports me in all ways and feels wonderful”.

Such separating vows and declarations were created by the knee jerk reactions of your wounded self. Is that part of you qualified to direct your entire incarnation? You are ready to be the wise, healed, and benevolent leader of your life, Dear Ones. Isn’t it time to assume that role? ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Rest in Me

God said:

Beloved of My heart, clear the passageways of your heart. Nothing is to get in the way of the free-flow of Our One beautiful heart. Clear the smallest blocks that get in the way of Infinite clear-seeing and clear-hearing. Let Us realize constant comfort and joy in Our Union. Oneness flows, I accept you wholeheartedly. There is no reason for dismay to cover up the Oneness of Infinity.

Seat yourself comfortably in My heart. Be at ease with Me. Be separate from tension. Do not for one moment overlook Oneness.

GFP Newsletter - 10/20/2018

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Philosophy is nothing but a mind game. It is not the way to find the truth, it is not the way to find love, it is not the way to find beauty; it only goes on making systems of empty words. But they have deceived millions. And they have prevented millions from going in search to find the key to the mysteries of life. Philosophy has never transformed anyone. It gives people swollen heads, but it does not bring a revolution in their life; no metamorphosis happens through it.


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Be Heard

During the next few month there may be situations that will make you question who you are, what direction you are going and how you will get there.  Some may attempt to tear you down, change the way you feel about your place in The Universe or the choices you have made.  Do not be afraid of this!  It is an important step in your learning and growth.  You have chosen to be on your Earth during an amazing time in your history for what you can contribute and add to the conversation.  You can sit silently, whisper into the dark or stand up and say to your world, “I am here and I matter!”  The choice, infinitely, has always been yours. ~ Creator

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Daily Message ~ Saturday October 20, 2018

Meditation serves many purposes. It shows your intention to connect. It is an action to honour yourself. It is a means to receive information or guidance. You might consider it a reset point if you’ve had a challenging day.

What some of you might notice is if the energy is particularly intense, your meditations may become less profound than usual. You might not feel your guides as much, or perhaps you won’t be able to get information as easily as you usually do.  If this happens, please know it is not that you have done anything wrong, nor have your guides forsaken you. The main purpose of such meditations it to help you shift into a new energetic state.

Meditation will always offer you exactly what you need.  Know that however it unfolds it is always profound and divinely perfect. There is never a wasted meditation or one that fails for it always serves you on an energetic level.  The practice will always provide whatever has to take precedence for your wellness and evolution. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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The Lily of Life

God said:

Beloved, regardless of how it may seem to you, your life isn’t dependent upon whether there is rain or shine. The good life doesn’t have to depend any more upon whether your car starts or not or even life itself.

Your life does depend upon how you think about it, however. Upon how you sort out your life depends so much. When you come to see that life has great meaning of itself, you see life according to its true value more deeply than you used to.


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