Stillness within the Eye/I, that I AM

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Stillness within the Eye/I, that I AM
3 December 2010

Channeler: Meredith Murphy
Monday, 29 November, 2010 (posted 3 December, 2010)

I arrive in this moment of expansive stillness, fully present to what is and opening to what could be. I realize that knowing this, orients me to now with an expectancy which is itself fulfilling! This orientation to wonder gives my entire being a alertness and radiance which feels delicious!

SaLuSa ~ 1 December 2010

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SaLuSa  1-December-2010


For many people the festive season approaches, so allow yourselves to indulge in the pleasures that take your attention away from the immediate worries. The collective levels of consciousness that result will help lift you all up and bring about a mood of peace and happiness. Now more than ever we ask that your focus be upon future, which will bring the answers to your problems.


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