THE GROUP ~ The New Body Electrics

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~ Re-minders from Home January 15 2011 ~

 The New Body Electrics ~

 15 January 2011
Channeler: Steve Rother

From Steve

I went into this channel with very little direction as to what this was to be. I knew we would most likely talk about the physical body changes and much of that has been up for me lately. I have been having strange problems like killing batteries in remote controls; many human interfaces do not seem to work for me, especially electrical ones. For a person in the Audio Video world this is very challenging. Sometimes the computer works and sometimes it does not, and forget about touchpads!

SaLuSa ~ 14 January 2011

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SaLuSa  14-January-2011


We can talk now of the months to come that are set to raise your levels of consciousness, as so much energy is being beamed to Earth. This is wonderful as it means that even more Light than previously will be grounded, and bring nearer the time when it will empower you to bring the sought after changes into being. It is your collective consciousness as much as anything else that is the key to success. It also means that the Light will be so well established upon Earth, that no amount of dark activities will stop its progress. As we have told you before, there will be many distractions and genuine concern where you are the focus of their attention. However, it is part of their final fling to destroy what has already been put into place. Simply allow it to take its own course knowing that it will only have a minimal affect on your future. The collapse would come anyway, as what has proved unsuitable for you as you head for Ascension, cannot remain.


OTH ~ New Year Message 2011

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New Year's message 2011

 13 January 2011

Oth is channelled by Ellen Rauh

New Year's message 2011

Welcome to all present here, both visible and invisible.

2010 was a turbulent year. It was a year of clearing and sorting out.

Many people have adjusted their truths. Many people have got rid of truths that were imposed on them by the societies in which they live, by their families, religions or philosophies. Many people have freed themselves of obstacles, of frustrations. And for many people this journey has led them to themselves. That was not always easy, because who are you? When you lose your hold onto things, what will be left?

SAUL ~ You are always expressing yourself through your personal energy field

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Humanity’s path to awakening has been long and arduous, but the end of the journey is approaching.  As you observe the chaos and confusion that is occurring on many parts of the planet, be aware that many of you are reaching out a helping hand to those in need, and that this is happening on an unprecedented scale.  By offering help, without judgment or conditions, you are in effect offering, sharing, and extending love, compassion, and healing, and this dramatically alters your individual energy signatures.  In your normal daily lives, earning your living, caring for your families, and paying your bills, your energy signature is calm, ordinary, and unspectacular, in fact quite normal for those living in the illusion without undue stress or anxiety.

Note from Karen Bishop ~ 1*11*11

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Note from Karen Bishop ~ 1*11*11

 12 January 2011  
Channeler: Karen Bishop

Hello everyone!

It has been an interesting few months of twists, turns, trials, and experimentations with the energies in regard to the ascension process, but nonetheless, everything has been designed and implemented in support of the end times, and adjusted in accordance with how things have chosen to unfold….and always, but always in unpredictable ways in recent times, even though the end result will remain the same.

SaLuSa ~ 12 January 2011

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SaLuSa  12-January-2011


You are achieving a wonderful turn around in your lives, from having touched the depths of darkness. The way back to the Light has been a torturous path where you have successfully met challenge after challenge, and proved your ability and intent to stay fixed on your goal to ascend. Somewhere from within you have mustered the strength to rise above the lower vibrations. Now you are firmly established on a new a path, that promises completion within this cycle of duality. For eons of time it is what you have worked for, even if in latter times you have only known it through the promptings of your subconsciousness memories. It has always been the plan for your release from the lower energies that have held you back. Every credit is given to you for having overcome many obstacles, and today you stand tall and are beacons of Light in the darkness.



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Update from Ashtar

I spent some time recently receiving energetic transmissions from Ashtar and those who work with him.

I had this little ‘tickling feeling’ that there was something to convey, so here it is (I haven’t had time to edit it for clarity, but felt the need to publish it immediately.  Thanks for your patience!):

Wonderful.  I Am Ashtar speaking, of the Galactic Command.  There are Four transmissions, or pieces of information, which I would like to convey.

SaLuSa ~ 10 January 2011

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SaLuSa  10-January-2011


Over long periods of time your approach to spirituality has resulted in your belief that you are separated from God. That has meant you have spent innumerable lives seeking here there and everywhere for God. Yet when your consciousness begins to expand you find out that God is both within and without, in fact everything that exists is within the energy God. Therefore you are a part of your Universe's God, and in turn part of All That Is – The Supreme Creator. It is because you have now passed beyond the need to have another soul show you the way, that you have been able to take control of your own journey. The choices made by you now fully reflect your desires, and you become the master of your destiny. Your beliefs are formulated by your own experiences, and you realize that it is you who has created them. Now you are free to go forward without relying on others, and by the same token you can allow them the same freedom.


HILARION ~ Welcome Back Beloved Lightworkers

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January 9 – 16, 2011


Welcome back, Beloved Lightworkers,

Many of you are stepping into your new roles as the Light Emissaries upon the Earth. This is a great responsibility and requires that One has total self mastery on all levels of Being. You are beginning to realize the power that you hold within yourselves, that you have the power to heal or the power to hurt with just a few words. There can be only one choice as you progress and that is to choose the way of Love. Do you see now that wielding power is not for the faint of heart, that true power requires constant self discipline at all times, thus the need for the immense testing that each of you has been going through.

As you continue to experience the power of kundalini rising within you, you are learning about the ways and means of balance. The most important element of this is to ground your energies into the Earth each day and sometimes more often in order to maintain balance and equilibrium. This is a time when your Higher Self is slowly coming into your lower bodies and ‘testing’ the waters, so to speak. If your Higher Self came in all at once, it would most likely burn your circuits very quickly, and so great care is being taken to acclimatize your physical vehicles to the higher energies to make this process more filled with grace and ease. Your Higher Self is a Being of Immense Power.


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