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Establishment of Unification Paradigm complete.

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Gaia Activations are moderated


gaia_energy1Gaia Activations are moderated for a period to allow full integration at acceptable levels for hu-manity.

Sites of Light influx recalibrated and re-aligned for next phase.

Complexities erased.

Phase shifts in progress.

Establishment of Unification Paradigm complete.

Opening the Stargate of the Heart

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Opening the Stargate of the Heart

Stargate of the Heart

Dear Ones,

Within the empowered presence of the Divine, new portals are opening in conjunction with celestial events. One such event occurs on June 21 as the portal of the Solstice opens the Stargate of the Heart. This 2014 Solstice Stargate is connecting the academy of Ascended Masters in company with the Archangels to bring forth a new level of Grace and teachings to the Earth.

All About Damanhur's Singing Plants

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Published on Aug 3, 2013

An incredible look into the world of plant life from Damanhur, a town in the foothills of the Italian Alps in northern Italy. For the last 30 years, Damanhur has been looking for ways to break the plant communication barrier and they did it with music. My family and I were blessed and honored to be allowed to film the incredible results of their work. Thank you Damanhur for welcoming us into your incredible eco-community! Kenia, Lorin and I miss you!

International Cities of Peace

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The power in the International Cities of Peace organization is in the grassroots organizing and individual actions of peacemakers. Two global programs by ICP offer the opportunity for city-to-city collaborations that generate enthusiasm and provide purpose beyond local programming. These efforts provide the potential for a more efficient alternative to the top-down bureaucratic efforts of standard NGOs. After all, it takes a global village...


Planetary Healing

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Jupiter is still in Cancer and there is still an ongoing Planetary Healing throughout the entire life of the planet including the elemental, plant, animal, human, and space life.
There is also a restructuring of the dimensions throughout the planet and of the human lightbody for the transition to a unified universal selfconscious organism of intergalactic and interuniversal dimensions for creating the new Ascended Universal Living Creation system.

This Planetary Healing is inclusive of the spacelife bodies and starlife bodies of people who are incarnated here from extraterrestrial origins.

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Humanity is coming of age - we are no longer children, stumbling in the dark, or following others without question. A consciousness level is emerging that will incorporate not just our families, neighborhood and cities, but races, cultures, countries, pl

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Humanity is coming of age - we are no longer children, stumbling in the dark, or following others without question. A consciousness level is emerging that will incorporate not just our families, neighborhood and cities, but races, cultures, countries, planets, and even our solar system, galaxy and universe.

As we begin to resonate with the higher frequencies of love, compassion and non-judgment, there will be no scene of fear, separation, limitation or disease. We are in the process of healing and releasing all energies and frequencies which no longer serve us and which cannot exist in the Light Body we are building. As we release all the dark crystals (as Lord Michael calls them) we can fill those vacancies with pure crystalline Light substance. These old imbalanced energies hold the memories of pain, suffering and limitation from our ancient past.

Instant Manifestation - Our Divine Right Is Returned

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As we move onto Future Earth, we will have an entirely different type of body. First, we will transform into a different chemical make up. This will be our first pull into the future, as our particles spin faster and faster through the angular rotation of particle spin that rearranges our biology, chemistry and scenery.

This change will happen instantly -- not gradually. The biological transformation of the body, that has been going on within our carbon based structure will be changed into the crystal based eternal life chemical and biological forms. Our Consciousness will be transformed into a higher frequency that merges into the all knowing Source, who creates a brand new idea with each breath.
Our pituitary gland will blossom and open our third eye to gain the spiritual vision of the  Mind of God. When the pituitary blossoms, the Mind of God begins its continuous dream stream between what we desire to create in our dreams to blossom into full manifestation in any of the Instant Manifestation - Our Divine Right Is Returned | In5D.commultidimensional reality fields. The new seventh level man will regain the ability to manifest visible reality through the invisible,


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