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Ascended EarthStar Race

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The Ascended EarthStar Race is now becoming creative as the Planetary Ascension Grid is activating, and the Lightbodies of many Starseeds and Lightworkers are receiving their Ascended Master Creation Codes.
Those who are prepared are also receiving their EarthStarNation Ascended Master Creation Codes.
This will continue for several more days.

The ancient history of UFOs and the unclassified document of Oppenheim and Einstein

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This brings us to an unclassified Top Secret document written by Robert Oppenheimer, an American theoretical physicist, and Albert Einstein, a German theoretical physicist, who wrote a joint report on the issue of “Relationship with Inhabitants of Celestial Bodies”.

The six-page document is the first document to use the phrase ‘Extra-terrestrial Biological Entities’ (EBEs). It says the presence of unidentified spacecraft is accepted as de facto by the military - and this is dated June 1947.

The document deals with issues such as: where extra-terrestrials may come from, what the law say about it, what we should do in the event of colonisation and/or integration of peoples, and why they are here.  The document suggests that in the event that EBE's desire to settle here on earth there will be "profound change in traditional concepts" of law and the possible need for a new "Law Among Planetary Peoples."


Dolores Cannon 2-19-14…“We Are Living In The Most Important Time In The History Of The Universe”

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“The Earth is going through a major transformation, one that Dolores’s clients state has never happened before. For the first time, an entire planet is shifting it’s vibration into a new dimensional frequency. Many souls or groups of souls have experienced a shift like this in the past, (i.e., the Mayans) but never has an entire planet shifted at once. Therefore, Dolores explains, the entire Universe has front row seats to one of the grandest shows ever seen. However, help is needed, because man has polluted the planet with a vibration so dense that it threatens the survival of the planet as a whole. Dolores reveals that if the planet blows itself up, it will reverberate throughout the universe affecting and disturbing all beings. Therefore, the call for help was made, and the souls quickly jumped on the wagon to assist.”

President Eisenhower Meets With The Aliens At Holloman AFB .

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Published on Apr 27, 2012

Learn about this shocking story kept from the world for over 50 years from many of the actual people that lived it! This is NOT the incident often spoken about when people talk about Eisenhower meeting the Aliens at Edwards Air Force Base, but a different and far more documented one that happened at Holloman AFB. Lean how U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower met with Aliens in 1955 and how they may have saved us all from a Nuclear Holocost. UFO Researcher and Author ART CAMPBELL tells the amazing story.

Proclamation ‘Zone of Peace’ by 33 Latin America and Caribbean Heads of States & Government

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The Heads of State and Government of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) gathered in Havana, Cuba on 28th and 29th of January, 2014 at the Second Summit, on behalf of their peoples and faithfully interpreting their hopes and aspirations.

Endorse World Disclosure Day™- July 8

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Here people and organizations from every nation are invited to record their support for a World Disclosure Day as a new component within a growing international truth movement.


In this instance Disclosure refers to the formal acknowledgement by world governments of an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race, but could well refer to a long list of concerns the truths of which still lie behind walls of secrecy.  The purpose of World Disclosure Day is to provide a focal point for people and organizations to come together to assert their right to know and demand cosmic truths being withheld from them by their governments.  World Disclosure Day will also help broaden public awareness of the Disclosure process and those organizations advocating for the truth on behalf of all citizens.    In time various relevant events will come to be scheduled on this day.

Healing & Freedom from all old paradigms

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My experience hearing this Divine 9 Music which is based on the Base Nine mathematical system of Nature, including the Fibonacci Series, and Prime Numbers, is that it is immediately healing and freeing of all old paradigms.

Click the audio links on each page for samples....


01 Introduction to Divine 9 Music by Gert Kramer

Published on Jul 5, 2012

Explanation of the principle behind Divine 9 Music as an alternative to current Equal Temperament.

Lilian Ferru in Gesprek met Gert Kramer 'Divine 9 Concert'

Gert Kramer - Creator of the Divine 9 Music - Biography

25 September 2013


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