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We have been exploring the different possible timelines that humanity has in front of you for the near future, and we have been noticing that there is a trend. The trend is that on most of the timelines that are highly probable for you, there will be a major event involving extra-terrestrials. That event will be caught on camera, and of course, that will lead to speculation that it is made up. There will be many skeptics calling it a hoax. But for those of you who understand how much e.t. presence there is there on Earth and in your skies, you will be fascinated. You will have a renewed sense of hope, and you will be excited about how the event is boding very well for humanity’s future in the coming years.

We will not say exactly what this event will be, but we will say that it’s more than just a sighting of ships. These e.t.s will be helping humans in some way, and you can use your imaginations as to what that could be. There are several scenarios on the different timelines, each with different implications. Suffice it to say these will be very friendly and well-intentioned beings whose acts of kindness will be caught on camera to prepare humanity for friendly contact. There is a segment of the population that needs to know about the benevolent extra-terrestrials and the types of good deeds they do on a regular basis.


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“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very excited about the twists and turns that you all have in front of you. We are talking about the major changes that are coming to all of your systems. And we are very interested in witnessing exactly how you move from the political, economic, educational, and other systems that you have in place now. You are moving towards a time of greater enlightenment, and that means more freedom. It means less oppression and less adversarial relationships with one another. Soon it will be one, unified human collective, instead of right versus left, rich versus poor, and one race versus another race.

There will be less identification with who you have been as your minds and hearts are expanded by your experiences. Most of the limiting beliefs that are held on Earth right now are held because of a limited scope of experience. But just as you have those planned chakra upgrades, you also have other experiences that are going to shift everything about how you view yourselves and your relationship to the rest of humanity, the Earth, and the galaxy. These experiences will come to you in a variety of ways. It will really depend on the individual and what you are ready for, but we are ready to call the next decade of the 20’s as  the decade of awakening.



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We are very happy to be here, connecting with you, as always, and we are particularly thrilled to have this opportunity to share with you our perspective on what you are living right now there on Earth, in regards to the recent upgrades that have occurred in your chakras. Upgrades are a very natural part of your evolution of consciousness, and your evolution of consciousness occurs because you exist. It occurs because you experience your reality, yourself, and others. 

It is a time to look within for what these chakra upgrades were meant to bring to you and what you can now bring to humanity as a result. This is you becoming more of you, and that’s exciting to us. That’s exciting to everyone who is observing and participating in the evolution of the consciousness of humankind.


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And we also want you to know that you can create something brand new, something never before seen on Earth with these energies that are upon you. In fact, you are being invited to do so during these last two months of your calendar year, during this time leading up to your Solstice event. You are the ones who have the capacity to take what is upon you and create with it, and this is a call to all of you to do so.

Sun conjunct Arcturus

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Sun conjunct Arcturus



Sun is conjunct Arcturus this week, and this is introducing new ascended life and living qualities to the expanded consciousness of the human race and its members.


And the Arcturus Corridor is making available many upgrades to the entire planetary ascension process.

Awakening and Illumination : October 2019 to January 2020

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Beloved Family of Light, we have reached a moment that many of you have waited for, and asked for, for many lifetimes.  There is a wave of Cosmic Light approaching your Planet that will activate a "Great Awakening" on the Earth.  Even now, many of you have felt that wave as it began to approach at the September Equinox.  This energy is so intense that it causes physical symptoms in many as your body seeks to integrate and balance.

This rising energy will be felt at the 10:10 Portal on the 10th of October, and it will continue to intensify at the Major 11:11 Star Gate on the 11th of November.  Then it will continue on to the 12:12 on the 12th of December and the 21:12 on the 21st December (Solstice) and will culminate on the 12th of January (1:12:2020), when Saturn and Pluto move into conjunction in the sign of Capricorn.

At each of these important nexus points, more of the New Divine Masculine will be revealed on the Earth.  It will be the Divine Masculine that will lead the way in creating new structures for the New Earth.  This is the role of the Divine Masculine, to create structure for the flow of the Divine Wisdom of Sophia, the Divine Feminine Essence of Wisdom and Light.  It will indeed be a powerful, intense and awe-inspiring shift on many levels.

Waters of fulfillment are ingested by the hu-manity collective

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Waters of fulfillment are ingested by the hu-manity collective


Waters of fulfillment are ingested by the hu-manity collective.

Gatherings of Light increase.

Accelerations of Illumination are experienced throughout the Galaxy.

Many awake to Jesus’ laughter.

Missions are completed.


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