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Help Wanted:Refocusing the blueprints of the 8ridge"

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     If Jesus was alive today in body and present space and time, the Son of the Creator, Loved, Lived and harnessed the power within the Light as the very same way we have been taught to understand... do you think he would be treated the same?
    Building the bridge supported by all religions is a touchy subject for believers and blasphemers of the like.  Best delivered in 'snacks', so we always have something to chew on. Initiating a delicacy revered to be so personal and intimate to the individual, the only way to start is at the bottom, as well as finding common ground for all in order to build the proper trust needed within the leadership structure of the old churches and spiritual leaders.  Then again, if our leaders are who they claim to be, trust is an automatic and we wouldn't have "my religion is better than yours" discussions. Have you ever noticed that it is those that reside on the bottom that are most accepting, open minded and knowledgeable? At one point they may have found themselves forced to the bottom, but in my research and observation I have found the vast majority of "bottom dwellers" choose to remain there.  With ample opportunity to re-surface, yet kindly and Gratefully declining. Why?  
I must say, since I was a little kid, I have noticed a spike in tolerance for one another across the board.  On the surface it is just more people "caring" more about a stranger, an others well-being, and our home on Earth.

“Love: the religion of new, a convincing worldview.”

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A personal perception rooted only in evidence, logic and existential repugnance.  Love and working through the worldviews of today demand a strong faith in truth and its priority to discover it.  Love is often a fluctuating, overflowing emotion constricted by the walls of its own flesh. No matter the challenge; God, the quest to achieve and maintain the ultimate reality, and a strategic and pure discovery and application in ethics will always be available and viable as an optional and objective resource when seeking the truth of the Sole. 

      Since we as humans are wired with an intense set of emotional energy and intelligence, we are forced to address that and take a 360 degree review from inside and outside perspectives, in our journeys to the “Big Picture”.  Love, is the one, Global commonality that nobody can deny, unless the Nile is the only venue our boat chooses to sail.  This was an imperative component to consider when discovering my or anyone’s vibrational frequency to which they resonate.  Love is also the only tangible artifact that has been a constant throughout all of history and global existence of all things.  Yes, we all may have our own eyeballs for viewing but regardless of language, the interpretation of the “feeling” is all translated to the same conclusion.  Thus, perfect evidence to value when forming a flawless worldview. 

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