“Love: the religion of new, a convincing worldview.”

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A personal perception rooted only in evidence, logic and existential repugnance.  Love and working through the worldviews of today demand a strong faith in truth and its priority to discover it.  Love is often a fluctuating, overflowing emotion constricted by the walls of its own flesh. No matter the challenge; God, the quest to achieve and maintain the ultimate reality, and a strategic and pure discovery and application in ethics will always be available and viable as an optional and objective resource when seeking the truth of the Sole. 

      Since we as humans are wired with an intense set of emotional energy and intelligence, we are forced to address that and take a 360 degree review from inside and outside perspectives, in our journeys to the “Big Picture”.  Love, is the one, Global commonality that nobody can deny, unless the Nile is the only venue our boat chooses to sail.  This was an imperative component to consider when discovering my or anyone’s vibrational frequency to which they resonate.  Love is also the only tangible artifact that has been a constant throughout all of history and global existence of all things.  Yes, we all may have our own eyeballs for viewing but regardless of language, the interpretation of the “feeling” is all translated to the same conclusion.  Thus, perfect evidence to value when forming a flawless worldview. 

     No matter who God is in the eyes of the individual, nor the number of active religions in existence today God serves the same role, with love, across the board as ultimate creator and ruler of all.  That we all know as a constant, even if the non-believer “chooses” to ignore the question of the existence of God and/or; “Who created the earth, the heavens and all else in between?”  When Love is defined as a worldview, faith in God, not religion, are important factors in a fluctuating vortex of all directions.  With roots spanning all over the board, Christian Theism and living a Christ-Like life have always been imagined as a perfect picture within my creation and meaning of what it is to be a man.  As I swim through the waves of life, my views change with the time (or tide rather) however, once I discovered my foundational root system, that will always remain the same.  This can be a challenging topic of discussion in all walks of flight no matter what.  Ultimate reality is in many ways a word that is speculated to have revealed its meaning to few.  I believe that the existence and epistemology of an ultimate reality does exist and is always pulling at our boot straps.  Following, comes in question; “how bad do you want it?” and finally, “what are you willing to do to obtain it?” testing my true ethical practice and swagger, all peg constant guidelines for why I am so passionate to persevere in life and the play on words it embraces successfully.

        Love and the properties surrounding the whole meaning of the word have definitely and will continue to challenge my loyalty in the ability to reach the bottom of a never ending well.  When looking at the tabled worldviews, I can in good conscience state that I place stock in every category.  At first creating challenging dialogue stemming from culture and my upbringing is now just a step in my method of procedure when entering into self-dialogue.  Nevertheless, challenges will always remain evident, it’s the resources utilized to dissect the challenge that is always prominent, throwing us through a constant and endless loop, and occasional psychosis of the senses.  This prompts a one way path “higher learning” and daily humility that has a value that cannot compare to anything retained by Man.   Not to mention my own personal effect and test of existential and artificial repugnance thrusts me into an adventurous ride of lessons to never forget.   With the Love worldview, other components and factors supporting its integrity include an active participation, realization and understanding of Gratitude, Compassion, and Forgiveness, resulting in true Love.  Most of all, “non-judgment” with regard to opinion of a belief or practice that is not of your own, much like a balancing act of “what ifs” and “Yea, anything is possible” way of thought, and approach to altering viewpoints, assumptions and perceptions. 

       “Love: the religion of new and convincing worldview.”  A perfect discovery to what God and the Universe have placed in our path, with infinite depth, offering many options of choice.  This allowing the canvass to paint the picture of your true will and testament, prompting your DNA’s innate ability to recall what our creator planted so deep within us, yet is often looked over and sometimes forgotten.  Remembering the components discussed, carrying a constant “worldview test kit” and opening your heart and mind, allowing the Soul to shine and provide light to any and all things that can and will come to question, in your mind.        




What a beautiful, heart-felt

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What a beautiful, heart-felt thought process! Truly a unifying testament of Oneness that spans many religions and belief systems.

Bless you for sharing this Angelfish~