18/2 Full Moon Workshop Invitation

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Beloved Readers,

Next Week on Tuesday its the Full Moon! Before each new Full Moon Workshop Daniela and myself say "Wow this is amazing! How does it get any better than this?", and yet it does! Time and time again.
We have both been bowled over by what is coming through and it's as though the Masters converge on us with new ideas every month!

So this month I've been prompted to share with you this new healing & energy transmission called "Point of Power" and its about establishing a point of resonance or reference with your divinity. Daniela and myself were privileged yesterday to have Archangel Michael and his Ascension Team perform this energy healing and transmission on us and the energy was extremely powerful. We were told that it would take a few days - like 3 or 4 - to integrate and stabilize within our energy matrix. This morning we've both had a few aches, especially in our throat chakra, but we realized that it is to do with the clearing of energy blocks there. Interestingly during the session Daniela was able to experience herself as "All of It", and really saw herself as actually BE-ing the UNIVERSE! I wish I could say the same, but everyone is different. I did feel much clearer though, as if some fog had been swept away from my eyes. The main purpose of the exercise is to reach a frame of reference within which we can experience ourselves as Sovereign Beings.

This really came about when I pointed out to Michael a couple weeks ago that it was all very well knowing in theory we are these great Beings, connected to Infinite Creative Power, but unless we have a frame of reference with which to measure that, we really cannot know it. So Point of Power was born. The idea is that each time you do the exercise and receive the energy transmission, you will feel more and more expanded in your awareness until you can touch it and feel the expansion and greatness of it and the euphoria it creates.

We will also work with the Trinity Lords who will perform a healing on our hearts, because really its all about Love! Love is the ultimate point of power. We will be working with the Lords to raise the electromagnetic grid of Earth.

Any work we do on ourselves is also being projected out into the Collective for the benefit of all Life here on our precious Earth Star.

I do hope you will join Daniela and myself next Monday, the 18th for the Full Moon Workshop.
Please click on the link below. There you will find more info and also a channeled message from Lord Melchizedek.


I've been studying the Christ Letters and they're incredible. They've also been instrumental in bringing me closer to feeling the Christed energy, and Lord Sananda and Lady Nada. These letters are invaluable in their teaching. The channel he chose was prepared for many many years before Lord Sananda felt she was clear enough to receive these words. The human language is very limiting in describing some of his experiences and his word, but if you ask, he will happily and gratefully assist you in knowing their meaning. You can find the letters here: http://www.christsway.co.za/

In the human experience we tend to rely on words to convey our message, but in truth its through feeling and a sense of knowing that is projected through consciousness that we communicate with the Light.

We are so looking forward to this blessed time together with you! Thank you for taking the time to read this newsletter. We love and appreciate you so very much!

Blessed BE Beloveds!

Deborah Faith


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