8/8 Meditation Gift & 14/8 Full Moon Workshop Invitation

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Beloveds, the upcoming Full Moon on 14/15th August in Venus focuses its attention on our need for a deeper and more meaningful love relationship with ourselves, and others, especially those closest to us, and a deeper understanding of who we are.  Therefore in this workshop, we work towards bridging the gap in separation consciousness between who we see ourselves as as humans and we we truly are in the higher realms of Consciousness. You cannot fully love another until you love yourself. To love Oneself one has to know Oneself.

To read more and book your seat in this Full Moon Workshop – PLEASE CLICK HERE.

We use the Diamond Light because it is a very powerful energy and like the diamond gem itself, can cut through anything. This is why we use this powerful light in our energy work. The Diamond Heart energy is also associated with the First Ray, the Sapphire Blue Ray, which governs the throat chakra, one of the most heavily congested chakras in mankind today. The Throat plays a major role in acting as the bridge between the Sacred Heart and Solar Christ Consciousness. The Blue Ray is also associated with the Fire Element. Say no more…

So we wish to focus our attention on giving you, the Individualized Soul, a frequency boost at this great time as we prepare to enter through the Lions gate on 8.8. This gateway as you most likely know is guarded by the Sirian Lionine Twin energy, which acts as the reflections of Yesterday and Tomorrow and who are only permitted to admit Souls who are committed to living in the Now or Present moment.

I asked Michael : Does this mean if someone has not mastered living in the present that they will not gain entry through this Gateway?

No Beloved, it does not. On the contrary, every attempt you make towards your spiritual growth is considered triumphant, and is rewarded with more support from your Spiritual Body – Family of Light.

As our gift to you for the 8.8 Gateway, please download our Pillar of Light meditation HERE. Archangel Michael guides you in this meditation towards Oneness through the Pillar of White Light with the I AM THAT I AM. There is also a healing exercise with the precious electrons. We do hope you enjoy our Gift to you.  The link will remain active for 7 days.

To download your meditation – PLEASE CLICK HERE.

We love and bless you and wish you a most enjoyable month of August.


~ Deborah Faith

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"Love means setting aside walls and fences, unlocking doors and saying YES!"




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