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Calm after the Storm

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Look into the mirror

for fears,

so you aren’t led

down the frightful path

of others.

Soul connection is light

vibration that fills the heart

until it can no longer be contained

and spills over.

May it seek lighthouses

that shine strong during

inclement weather unleashed on

rugged shores.

May it soothe emotions that

lash out and have no bounds.

May it help  

the sleepy collective move

through the mist to find

the morning sun.

On the beach,

I pick up pieces of my soul

that weathered the storm

and like the harbor today,

 all is calm.

Eclipse in Leo August 21 2017

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Said the new moon to the sun,

“Shine truth on the hidden until you don’t.

What deep secrets do you hold?”


Roots run deep under the moon’s shadow

of collective unconscious.

Trust is fleeting and dodges darkness in our world.

We forget that to harm another is to

harm oneself.


The storm awakens many

with dusty reprieves and foggy promises.

In the midst of life decisions of

true value, must I wait again on the rocky shore

vaguely connected?

For my heart is truly a lonely hunter.

Hiding and ready to pounce, it

preys on any quiet love to soothe it.


I still myself.

Between breaths, balance deep inside

begs patience.

For intentions to ripen

and maturity to take hold, it may take time.

There is risk in

harvesting too soon

because the intoxication of duality is too great.


Transformation comes

when everyone is talking

and I can’t hear myself think.  

Thoughts written down fly from my grip.

The wind throws caution and laughs as it blows open

 secret tales of right and wrong.  Stories best left

uncovered.  I am exposed and wear

my heart on my sleeve.


Humility is forced to flee.

Strong and centered for action,

I am invincible until I am not.

Somehow my expanding heart lets go.

I breathe, drink water, ground and

follow my graceful intentions

 by living with connection.


Age is a culmination of my beauty. It is all

my paths woven into a rich diversity of experience.

Either I am a creator or I am not. Although,

my heart whispers that I must be a patient creator.

So I allow this life to flow through me.

As shadow disappears and the circular sun shines,

I breathe out and start again.





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Ahh, just to be alive.

Breathe and ground existence

into this body.

 Where I am is exactly where I ought to be.

What is present in my life

must be serving me, right?


Consciousness within me

expands where I focus. 

So I should pay attention to what

I’m focusing on, right?


Law of attraction harmonizes.

If I push or pull on the lower energies

 they stick to me like glue.

 So the fence sitting is done.


But how do I feel good in this very moment?

Stop ego struggle, unclench fist,

release tension and let go.

Trust that everything will be alright, right?


 Making small course corrections,

I am aware that hopeful questions

 receive hopeful answers.

I frame my thinking in the most positive way

So then my guides can show me more

upbeat point of views, right?


The collective field is reverberating

and flows into an energetic mixture of me and you.

Our grounded light seeks out service

to our collective web.

This heartfelt frequency enters the earth’s field

 for others to tap into. This is

 compassion without judgement, right?



The Woman Who Grew Out of Her Cage

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The cage was comfortable at first.

She tried hard to fit in and comply.

Besides, change is hard.

From the safety of her cage,

she marveled at the sunset as

multicolored rays touched her skin.

At night, she watched shades of the moon

danced across the sky.

Wind caressed the days and brought her

smells of the changing seasons.

Letting nature flow through her

seemed like enough, and for awhile, it was.


But thoughts played in her head

 and circuited through 

bare feet touching the earth.

Then in the morning frost,

she caught reflections of fractals

 before they dripped away.

Suddenly, she could feel light and

spirit in the beating of her heart.

Higher soul energy outweighed  

density keeping her in.

The magnetic grid pulled linear bars apart.

It was no longer her pattern.


Catching wind of simple waves

 intertwined with complex ones, she

 connected with others.

The woman began to dream.

In the design of creation,

 imaginary numbers created spirals

 urging her on.

Discovering the power of her smile,

she shined and others felt

comfort in being around her.  

Even though, the woman felt grown up now,

she jumped up and down like a joyful child.

Wide awake in a new playground, she spun

around.  Looking one last time at her cage,

 she dropped her guard

 and simply walked away.

Stepping Stones

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My feet touch mossy tops above the flow.

Abundance of misty moments,

how do I trust?

Discernment turns unseen stones

into a visible course.

Landing on an edgy surface, breath pauses.

I see bigger, smoother stones

but this is about confidence

and allowing the best match for me.

I play a slip and slide game of opportunities.


Stones bridge conscious and subconscious.

Past dams the present.

It loops, do I stay here?

Intuition jumps boundaries and

holds space of a peaceful eddy.

Trying to balance,

I practice being an observer.

Pulled down by a vortex of gravity, my feet

get stuck on the muddy bottom.    Ouch!

Spiritual baited hooks undermine my confidence.

Deep breath, catch and release: let others off the hook.

Lifted, spirit splashes me into a smile.


Water sounds resonate with my cells

our pulse holds a different signature than technology.

I am here because it provides the greatest service

and it is the best water hole in town.

Steady one foot and then the other,

I step towards neutral.

Water springs gurgle wonder, creativity and joy.

Waiting and wading, a heart-shaped stone appears.

I have arrived, I just know it.





Let's Stick Together

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Let’s stick together

and help each other.

Sovereign souls filled with integrity and courage,

shine brightly even under dark attack.

Insulate them by giving prayers, money,

 verbal and physical support.

Energetically focus to create a better world.


We all play different parts that

depend on agreements and programing.

Is it your truth or just your program?

Your soul knows. . . . your belly knows.

Your path is within,

what you are able to give yourself,

you contribute to others.


Light shines and walls come down.

Let go of feelings of hate judgments and fear.

Do what you need to rid them but until then,

Keep them to yourself. You do not have

To qualify yourself instead create new bonds of forgiveness.

We are in this together.


There is enough.

You are not a victim.

 It is your decision to feel like one.

We are powerful catalyst for positive change so

take a deep responsible breath and be confident,

show your strength.

Life is waiting.

Give your smile, your light energy to our brothers and sisters

who need us right now.

We have to stick together.

Do Be Do Be Do

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Sometimes I be

 like a coward

more motivated by hunger

 than any desire

 to solve inner mysteries.

 But sometimes

I be inspired.  Do what matters.

Sometimes, I be observing

 present time.

 Practice the focus of do.

What about you? You be or do?

Outside body, place, time,

We be flowing, observing,

 responding,  be rising.

We be quantum. Yes we do.

We be feeling 

do what we be thinking,

cause how we be feeling,

 that’s what we do.

I be falling in love

with the abstraction.

So rehearse I do

and rehearsed I be.

 I be and do

the do be do be do.


2014 Copyright: Feel free to share this poem. I would appreciate being credited


Sliding Down the Wormhole or I Scream, You Scream

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It’s a ride where things are not what they seem.

Before you can break out to take it,

you have to know  bars of illusion are there.

Refocus, right now, over and over.

You are creative and they are not.

What would you like this world to be?


The wormhole is confusing, complex and yet, simple.

Are you ready? The slide is a ride; it starts slow.

 There’s a bit of resisting and saying no,

then gaining  powerful momentum by saying yes.

Once aligned, you  observe

earth’s discord  from a higher vibrational view.

Wisdom helps you pick up speed.


Sliding through matrix bumps and point to point

u-turns, it’s most comfortable just being.

And then, acceleration creates spikes of action,

spreading like wildfire releasing life potentials.

We focus on better relationships

with environmental, psychological and economical stability.

  Even though realities are moving fast, we find balance and 

collaborate to solve the problems we have created.

It’s quantum. Activism of the individual leads to action of humanity.


It starts out small but hey, it’s your ride.  As you slide down the

Wormhole, you change. Possibilities are endless

when an open heart transforms the ride.

 Look around . . . . maybe some are riding right alongside you.

Yikes, it’s coming so fast. I scream. You scream.

We all scream, “let’s manifest some ice cream! It’s going to be

quite a ride.”

The Devil's Tears

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Tears wrung from God’s shadow

boils in duality’s cauldron.

Lighter vapors steam up to heaven

while lower drops sizzle.

This painful separation

leaves dense residue

scorched on the bottom.


Bravest Aspect of Source

oversees messy timelines.

Complex murky trails

make us forget who we are but

darkness remembers.

Devil’s tears

understand deepest cuts

spill into uncharted waters

and playing with fire

sears the mortal soul.


Rising from the ashes,

Phoenix awakens within.

Emerging from shadow to light

we feel trepidation

but yet reach out

in simple acts of kindness.

Empathy with passion learned

from earthly experience births

a new frequency.


It pangs original solutions about

integrating fear and love.

We hold expansive space

by noticing goodness

and meaning in our lives.

We are content to BE.


Light bodies watch in awe of

churning human heart to heart.

In this space Devil’s tears and

Angel’s smiles blend

into a magical elixir of








Prayer for the Day...Love & Hope

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Love is the cure for loneliness,

despair and hatred.

I go inward to examine my feelings

in this timeless struggle

of light and dark

As I watch the play on earth unfold,

it is hard to stand back….

seems like so much corruption.


Life after life

I have experienced all emotions of

the spiritual heart.

I intend to win this war by

releasing anger and resentment


the hero within emerges.


A reference point

builds layers of expanding calm.

Exciting spiritual feelings

gives me hope.

I realize there are more expansive feelings

than hope

but for me right now,

I am hopful

that my version of expansive self love

spills over and reaches you.

I give thanks in advance for

knowing that…..

no matter how long ago

or how far away….

I love you

and always will.  


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