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swimming in the waves of love. wait, WHOA! (scary!)

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So i know this is long overdue, and i offer my apoligies (however you spell that word) as its been bothering me everyday that i keep telling myself im gunna write this blog, but even on the most boring days, i cant find the time to write it out. i guess maybe i wasnt floating in the right groove to explain it properly until this morning. who knows. that being said, lets get this scary shit going here =p 

My Awakening Experience (triggered by multiple near-deaths)

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Hello fellow Light Lovers! my name is Steve B, and im new here, this is my first entry, and im coming in with a bang!

i don't quite know where to start this, but once i figure it out, the rest should just flow naturally outta my fingers :)

Allow me please to share some intimate and personal details about my awakening. this might be quite long, but once you start reading it shouldn't take long at all to finish. its a story that flows well, i will do my best to keep it as clear as possible.

This all started in 2007. a near-death experience was what triggered this entire new life.  all my life, i had perfect health, with the exception of allergies, i was allergic to damn near everything lol. also, as far back as i can remember, i didn't believe in aliens, or ufo's, or abductions, i believed in god and that was how i felt about life. there was no religion in my eyes, religion and my experiences of TRYING to be a church-goer, was always redirected due to personal issues that kept leading me away. i was even harassed by my youth group coordinator at church! these were (at the time) unrecognized signs that support my life long decision to not fall into any one religion, as long i believed in a higher power, in my case, i had the christian/baptist belief system.  except i wasn't extremely active about it. i didn't practice prayer, nothing. i believed in God, and thats where it began as well as ended.
thats enough about my history i guess, lets get started with this month of transformations.

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