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An Ever-Blooming Rose

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HEAVEN #3756
 An Ever-Blooming Rose,
 March 8, 2011
God said:
Flowers are meant to blossom, and you are meant to blossom the same. So then, blossom.
How simple is life when you remember that you are a flower that grows to the sun and blooms. It is a simple task. It is not complicated.
A flower blooms because it is natural to bloom, and it is natural for a flower to give pleasure to all who see it. And it is natural for you to take pleasure in flowers. Is not your heart grateful to the flowers that bloom before your very eyes?
Flowers radiate their love without fanfare. And so must you. So must you be a flower that fulfills its purpose. Even when you don't know your purpose, you can bloom. In fact, I will tell you, there is not a moment that you are not in process of blossoming. Do not ever think that you must stunt your growth for the sake of you-know-not-what.
My children are not so easily named as flowers are. A rose is a rose. It is a flower, and its declension is rose.

ST.GERMAIN ~ Courageous Communication

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Courageous Communication
Posted: 07 Mar 2011 04:42 AM PST
Channeling these messages is leading healing to many. Brave souls will do things that are not approved by the general consensus, and these messages do create concern. Making a difference is the most important consideration for a channel. Are messages that tell you nothing doing this?
Courage must grow to become one who dissents. Not to dissent, when mental differences can do damage to a relationship, is actually being negative towards the one lacking courage. Negative thoughts arise to defend the lack of courage, and nothing gets done that can turn things around. All that is needed to save the relationship is to change the communication so that it does not offend. Pointing to differences does not attack anyone. Giving an example of how a disturbance was created (and how it is maintained) calls attention to what needs to be attended to.. All differences do not disturb. When a disturbance has been noticed, it can be nicely dealt with, as long as no negative energy accompany's that communcation.
Please notice the energy in your communication. No message needs to offend. Disagreeing with an article or an attitude can be done without negative energy. Acting as though an opinion is a fact is what makes people take offense. Can the difference be talked about as merely an opinion? When this preceeds the delivery of a message, there is no cause for negativity to be returned as a reaction.

THE ASCENDED MASTERS ~ Being of Service, Part 1

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Being of Service, Part 1,

 by the Ascended Masters

Channelled through Natalie Glasson-07/03/11                                                 

            Most beloved and treasured souls on the Earth, we honour you now, we honour all that you are and all that is the Creator within you. We bow to you for your devotion, your dedication and the darkness you are walking through to become light once more. We understand that the walk that you are taking now through the lessons of the Earth maybe hard and painful, there maybe times when you feel so alone or unable to continue but please know that we love you so much. We, the Ascended Masters know every step of the walk home that you are making and we love completely with every step you take. We know you as our friend and will never abandon you or any other on the Earth, we are here to cradle you when you are down and to rejoice with you when good fortune manifests.

Bless You, World,

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HEAVEN #3755
 Bless You, World ,
 March 7, 2011
God said:
Imagine that you stand at a mountain peak, and you seemingly see a vista of the whole world. Look down on the world with love. Imagine that you are I, God, and bless the world. Open your arms wide and say: Bless you, world. I bless all the hills and dales and flowers and people and all growing things. I bless the people in every country of the world. I bless the rivers and lakes. I bless everyone and everything everywhere. I leave out no continent. I leave out no galaxy. I include all.
Blessings are meant to be all-inclusive. There are to be no blessings for one and not another. All are to be blessed. All are to be blessed by all.
May all the children on Earth be healthy, wealthy, and wise. May all the children on Earth be blessed by you. If the world is your family, make it so. Make it so no one is left out. Care for all with your heart. You do not go around to fix everything. You simply care for all in your heart. Your heart has room for all. Your heart has no room for stinginess.
If you pray, pray beyond your territory. Pray beyond your horizon.

ASHTAR's Previeuw for 3-8-11 (11-11) Call

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Ashtar's Preview of 3-8-11 (11-11) Teleconference
"Greetings, Beloved Family!  As always, we shall have much to report when next we gather!*  We are focusing intently on the World's voices, as all of Mother Gaia's kingdoms are speaking out for Peace, Freedom and Abundance.
"You are, of course, aware of the human aspect of what I am saying.  Make no mistake about this - It is the human kingdom which, in raising such passionate voice, is leading the way forward into the long-awaited changes!  All of the other kingdoms, and Mother Gaia herself, are responding, each in their own way, to this human momentum.
"The crystals are awakening, or activating, at an intensified speed, because their wait is over.  The plants and animals who will be ascending are evolving, although not as intensely as you humans, because they are already in peaceful knowledge of their destination.   And you humans are experiencing varying phases of preparations for your part in the Great Ascension!
"We are very 'tuned in' to you and your experiences, and we have great compassion for the challenges you may be facing.  Some of you are in deep financial lack, others are struggling with disharmonious relationships, yet others are having painful physical traumas.  Be joyful - You are now in the timeflow (March) which is bringing you such empowering energies, even more so than before, that you can claim your Mastery with more ease than ever!!!


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March 6-13, 2011



Beloved Ones,

There will be a greater influx of Cosmic energies flowing and spiraling down into the atmosphere of the Earth in the coming week or two and as these energies begin to assimilate within the auric fields of Humanity, there will be a period of adjustment to these higher frequencies within Humanity. This will take many forms in outer expression in the coming months as these energies begin to create changes in perception, attitudes and thoughts and many limiting concepts will simply fall away as though they never existed. Much will begin to change in the way Humanity interacts with each other and there will be a greater harmony and cooperation between all peoples as the Earth moves into a greater vibratory rate.

SAUL ~ God has ensured your Awakening

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As you are all well aware, change of an unparalleled nature is sweeping across the planet.  It is an essential aspect of humanity’s awakening process that has been designed and implemented by divine Intent to ensure that every human becomes aware of God’s Will that they awaken into Reality.  This is not some insane idea thought up by people who find Earth life unacceptable, and who are attempting to shelter themselves in denial about the true state of the planet and her human inhabitants, by inventing an imaginary scenario in which they will be dramatically rescued in some as yet unrevealed fashion.  The Insane Idea is that your illusory environment is real and that there is no supreme and infinitely loving Being Who cares for you and intends that you awaken into the joy of true existence.


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