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ST.GERMAIN ~ Fukushima, Chemtrails and the Days of Darkness

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Fukushima, Chem Trails and the Days of Darkness
Posted: 17 Mar 2011 06:14 AM PDT
My dear ones. Fukushima will not destroy the atmosphere as many are claiming. There is minor leakage being disbursed and workers will contain the damage to the immediate area. No common disease will be attached to these contaminated, disturbed containers. When the days of darkness descend on the entire planet, no nuclear conditions will be enjoyed, as complete darkness on all continents will delete their abiity to contribute their cancer causing energy to anyone. No drama will ensue, as these reactiors are not going to contribute toward the controllers game.
Make this descent into complete darkness an adventure. Keep candles and oil lamps available. Create dark moment activities (other than watching TV or playing computer games). Spend your daytime hours doing things to make the night a convenient time to rest.
Am I giving this information now because this can occur at any time? Yes, we want this message about getting prepared to be a call to all who will listen. Buy candles, dried and canned edibes, and flashlights for the next change. Dense attitudes do nothing to alter circumstances and can make life very miserable.. Why not be ready to have a nice time instead? Can candles be made a household commodity? Can children have their own flashlights? Not much to ask for a major challenge. Keep extra batteries for the flashlights, as most stores will be out of stock. Get a good can opener and food that can be opened and consumed without cooking.

At a Picnic with God

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HEAVEN #3765
At a Picnic with God,
 March 17, 2011
God said:
Let Us have a picnic today. I have prepared it. I spread out a blanket called Earth, and I placed all manner of wonderful things on this blanket, and I have invited you to come. You do not have to bring anything to Our picnic except for yourself and your willingness. With willingness, you will taste everything, nibble on it, put some back, eat more of one thing than another, and just keep moving along the line of wonderful foods I have prepared for you.
If there are ants at our picnic, well, then, there are ants. We are at a picnic together. Let the ants be. They wanted to come too.
If one food is all gone, there will be something more for you to taste. When you come around again, another tray of your favorite delicacy may be placed before you. Meanwhile, you keep tasting. Some foods surprise you with their deliciousness. Others may be so familiar to you that you overlook their tastiness. And some foods you hastily put down.
All the time, be aware that you are at a picnic I have set before you.
You come as My guest. You bring yourself.

KRYON ~ Message of Hope: Japan

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Message of Hope:Japan
 17 March 2011
Channeler: Lee and Kryon
Lee Carroll is currently in Spain, and gives this message to all from KRYON
March 15, 2011
Greetings dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic service. There is much fear in the air at this time, and I wish to give you this message of hope. In January I told you that the numerology of this year was a four (4).
 This is the GAIA number… all things dealing with the earth. I also reminded you that the weight of the water is being redistributed from the ice on the polar caps to the oceans as the ice continues to melt. This would result in more earthquakes and volcanoes. Here is also a quotation from that channeling:
“Now we say it again. This is not punishment to humanity. The things that are happening on the planet today are not meant as the final step of Gaia in order to kill the civilization of humanity. I say this, for right now this message is on the lips of those who want to startle and scare you and give you fear, that is not what's happening. What is happening on this planet is a shift that will create a planet that's going to last a long time, allowing you what you need …”

Let Go Of Who You Think You Are

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Let Go Of Who You Think You Are

Wednesday, 16 March, 2011 
We live in a world that is a whirlwind of thoughts, fears, expectations, and prayers.  Sometimes it feels as if we are the little dinghies hanging on in the typhoon of life.  Everything seems overwhelming, vast.  We feel powerless and less powerful as we enter each and every new day. Moving forward as a little light trying to shine in a black hole consciousness.

Every morning we wake up to a new day, a new opportunity.  With our first breath and first thought we set up the energies for the entire day.  We can breathe in the vast possibilities of a day filled with miracles and dreams come true, or we can breathe in a day just like yesterday, nothing more, nothing less.

Neal D.Walsch ~ Understanding Japan

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Understanding Japan

a message from Neale Donald Walsch
Tuesday, 15 March, 2011  (posted 17 March, 2011)
Our hearts today go out to all the people of Japan—and to the people of the entire world, in truth, for it is the entire world which is now watching the tenuous developments in Japan almost hour-by-hour, and which is being affected, both directly and indirectly, by it.

The situation in that ravaged country has not been improving. Rather, it almost seems as if it’s been getting worse moment after moment. We pray that the next 12 hours and the day which follows will bring a respite from the bad news that has been flowing from the island nation almost non-stop since the massive 8.9 earthquake struck there on Friday.

CMATON & NEBADONIA ~ Welcome Home at the Finishline

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~Welcome Home at the finish line~
By CM, Nebadonia thru Johan
Mar 16, 2011 - 10:30:36 AM 


Message from CMAton and Nebadonia : Welcome Home at the finish line
Dearly Beloveds,
I AM Christ Michael Aton of Nebadon, and I also speak for Nebadonia at this time,
Together with Nebadonia, WE made a decision to Bless All of You, our truly Beloved Children, together with the incoming Higher Divine Potential bestowed upon You by Source and Our Selves and Your Selves so that a perfect Union between Creation and Us, Your Creators and all of our Creation in Nebadon may Light up this Universe for all to see from far and away.
Mother Earth is ready for birthing her New Self and without further delay, this proces has gone into the delivary status NOW.
You have seen through Japan and other places before what birthpangs are about, but please realise this labor of Gaia will be a difficult and particular hard and painful one. Not to the detriment of This Beloved and Beautiful Soul, since only relief of pressure and polution and negative energy will be the result towards the Most Precious Gem She is about to become, BUT THE CONDITIONS UPON HER SURFACE WILL NOW QUICKLY DETERIORATE.

You, the Human Being

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HEAVEN #3764
 You, the Human Being,
 March 16, 2011
God said:
You are so distracted by your humanness that you slide over your divinity. I would say holiness rather than divinity, but, then, your eyes would glaze over. That's how unbelievable it is to you that you have even an inkblot of holiness anywhere in you. Holiness, for God's sakes, your mind would say, are You kidding? The word spirituality you could believe in somewhat, to some degree. You could believe you have an inkblot of it. You have seen traces of your spirituality, but Heaven's no, not your holiness. Your humanness dances on the screen of your life to such an unholy degree that it takes precedence over -- everything.
Your life is like a beautifully made bed with a colorful bedspread in luscious materials, with tassels and ruffles all over it to catch your eye. Whose eyes are going to go to the marvelous mattress underneath the overall bedspread even though, after all, it is the mattress that supports the whole of you during the night you spend there under the covers? The underlying basis of where you lie down goes unnoticed and mostly unexplored or not even thought of.

SANANDA ~ Heal your Physical Heart and Conscious Mind

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Message From Sananda, March, 2011
Through Rev. Michelle Coutant
"Heal Your Physical Heart And Conscious Mind"
Beloved Ones,
We of the higher realms watch in great joy as each of you step up to the plate, as you go forth each day to create your heart's desires.  We stand with you in the love and the joy of your sacred heart.  It is the love and the joy of the one sacred heart.  With each breath you take, each pulse of your heart, you are pulsing the Cosmic Heartbeat of God.  It is your connection to The All, the connection which serves you well in the physicality of your earthly life.  Your physical body is only a small part of the vastness that is you, it is energy manifested in physical form. Your field is All Creation, it is the field of all possibilities, it is the field of Christ consciousness.  Within this field, there can only be unconditional love, joy, peace and harmony, beauty, abundance, all the qualities, virtues, and attributes of God.  You are the personality of God, in physical expression. 

BLOSSOM ~ 16 March Channeling

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Good afternoon my friends. It seems so long since we chatted, but in the big scheme of things ... not really. A lot has taken place on our planet in that time. I have pondered upon these events and what would be appropriate to discuss with you , and I have come to the conclusion that I shall just see how the conversation flows. In my eyes, in my heart, I know that you know what is best for us to hear at any given time so I shall leave it in your capable hands if I may?

We are thankful for your consideration. In times such as these upon your planet ... there are possibilities that can occur and as to whether or not they do .... can not be controlled by us and nor indeed would we desire to do so. However may we state , that unless there is to be a peaceful outcome to all that your Earth is having to endure in these present circumstances ... we feel that we have no choice but to intervene at a juncture that we see fitting. There are rules and regulations that must be abided by throughout the Universe. This Universe that we all frequent . There is of course free choice ... free will ... and yet there are boundaries that simply cannot be crossed. When they are ... how would we address this ... the Creator sees to it that such matters are dealt with in a manner that is fair and just.

So are you saying that certain boundaries have been crossed?

We are. That which is known upon your planet, so much of which you consider to be borderline is far from the legitimacy of our call.

In my naivety, I do not really understand that last statement. Could you break it down for me please?


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